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A topic by Joqlepecheur created Aug 10, 2016 Views: 209 Replies: 8
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Please leave your comments !

"Sand and Rust" was a one-year project, working on it almost every day after work and week-ends.

I recently finished this game and liked it enough to get all the data and every(?) ending. It didn't take as long to complete as a dead world's dream, but I think the level design was stronger overall and the optional challenge riddles were great. I'm not sure if you plan to update this game at all in the future, but I did encounter a lag issue inside the larger airship in the fourth area where there would be a considerable amount of slowdown while the flamethrowers were active.


Hello, thank you for the comment.

Game is shorter than DWD, but I ended up putting more work to allow player to get upgrades in any order.

There a 3 types of endings:

  • classic endings (2 choices)
  • rebel endings (1 "bad", 1 "good")
  • weird alien ending

Although I am currently working on other projects, I will make sure to have a look within the month and try to correct the issue. If I remember correctly you were the one to raise the lag issue in DWD and the game ended up being better after the fix so thank you for letting me know :)


Hi Seeric,

I have uploaded a new version, would you perhaps be willing to go to the area with slowdowns ? Hopefully, it should at least be a little better.

I also fixed a small typo.

Could you also try talking to the "butler" and "rebel" bots ? (Enter)

I made a new save file in the 'unstable' version and the lag seems to be gone in that one area. I tested it with all three robots and I made my way to the end of it without noticing any issues.

I also talked to the robots, assuming you mean the one on the cliff and the one which refers to itself as a 'calculator bot' and it worked fine (though there is a typo where the calculator bot says 'equiped' instead of 'equipped'). My only issue with them is that you can only talk to them by pressing Enter, but I had been interacting with the terminals, teleporters, and the Explorer Mind by pressing up so I didn't even realize that you could actually talk to them until now. Would it be possible to allow players to interact with them by pressing up as well as Enter?


Thanks a lot for the feedback and the extra effort to use all robots.

Yes, I plan on having "up" work as well, I wouldn't want new players to miss the extra context. I will correct typo as well now that I am aware of it, I guess within the week.


I added up arrow and corrected the typo in latest.

I completed the game and got all the data and endings. Really liked it. Thanks for taking you're time to make it and shearing it.


Congrats, it is no easy feat !