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Norton claims that it detected a virus in game files but it's prabobly just a false positive.

Windows 7, after starting turned screen black and it stayed that way until I restarted computer. Ctrl+Alt+Del didn't help. It's probably something to do with resolution.

It crashes if I use it on windows 7 with classic theme.

Thank's for the update.

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When I run the level "ORDER 1" is ignored. Am I doing somthing worng or is this a bug? Similar problem with order to wait being ignored happend on a different level. It seems to be related to the time asociated with order.

I faced the same problem when trying to download app so maybe whole website was flagged by Norton as website with malicious downloads or something. So you probably shouldn't worry about it.

Norton was stooping my download of the game claiming that it's a malicious download. I resolved the issue by disabling Norton Firefox plugin. I don't know if it's important but i though it would be good to mention it.

I found difficulty of the 3rd level alright. Completing it before it was changed was more satisfying although it took a lot of tries.

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Are unfinished levels really unfinished?

Stomacc have digested 101 times. Good game.

I completed the game and got all the data and endings. Really liked it. Thanks for taking you're time to make it and shearing it.