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I liked it a lot. Thanks!

Thank's for the comic. I liked the cool colours and graphics.

I appreciate you making this game. 馃檪

Thanks for this expiriance.

It's a nice reafirmation of good things.

Thank You,

I realy like the art on the cards. I havent played the game tho,

Good Lock,

I figured this out you can't swith characters after you moved them. In other TRPGs you usually can swith them if you didint commit to the move, attacked or used end turn button.

For some reason swithing haracters dosen't work. O/P dose nothing.

Besides that I very much enjoy playing, it's a nice change from all the other games.

It's a nice game. I think it would look cool with normal maped sprites and dynamic lighting. Maby random course generator too.

I like the art and the mood, though,

I think something is brocke in the latest build. I can't talk to alien looking at sunset. I walked in circles every were and can't find way to progress.

I found gameplay and graphics to be really "satisfaying", Thank you.

I look foward to hint website, as I'm stock for now, but for the time bing I enjoy being stock, makes game more mysterious. Thanks for update.

There is bug that with controller enabled you still need to use mouse click to get though start screen.


Thanks for finally releasing somthing it was years science youre last game and I forgot you exist if not for email with update from itch...

I liked it. Ending was a bit disturbing though.

ROGO communityPosted in Problem

I managed to find a fix for the problem, it apparently was caused by some windows fault? that didn't allow the program to access temp directory. It is fixed by creating a new user account and runing game form it. Well maby it's not really a fix but a work around?

It seems to be a rare case so no one should have that problem in the future.

Thanks for support,

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From this what I red on internet I conclude that problem is most likely coused by Norton Antivirus, i tried disabling it but it didin't help. I don't wont to uninstall it but hopefully this bit of information can help anyone expiriancing the same problem. Steam version expiriances the same problem.

ROGO communityPosted in Problem

I run 64 bit version of windows, I think I faced similar problem once before so it might be somthing wrong on my side. I think I had this problem with game maker game so if ROGO was made with game maker it might be a clue. 

I emailed you for a steam key.

Take care,

ROGO communityPosted in Problem
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Windows 7, game never run, I tried runing it from desktop instead of location installed it to and got a bit diffrent error message:

Thanks for the quick replay.

ROGO communityCreated a new topic Problem

I encounter the following problem when I try to run the game.

Norton claims that it detected a virus in game files but it's prabobly just a false positive.

Windows 7, after starting turned screen black and it stayed that way until I restarted computer. Ctrl+Alt+Del didn't help. It's probably something to do with resolution.

It crashes if I use it on windows 7 with classic theme.

Thank's for the update.

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When I run the level "ORDER 1" is ignored. Am I doing somthing worng or is this a bug? Similar problem with order to wait being ignored happend on a different level. It seems to be related to the time asociated with order.

I faced the same problem when trying to download app so maybe whole website was flagged by Norton as website with malicious downloads or something. So you probably shouldn't worry about it.

Cool Headed communityCreated a new topic Download Problem

Norton was stooping my download of the game claiming that it's a malicious download. I resolved the issue by disabling Norton Firefox plugin. I don't know if it's important but i though it would be good to mention it.

I found difficulty of the 3rd level alright. Completing it before it was changed was more satisfying although it took a lot of tries.

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Are unfinished levels really unfinished?

Stomacc have digested 101 times. Good game.

I completed the game and got all the data and endings. Really liked it. Thanks for taking you're time to make it and shearing it.