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Demo change Log, bug reports

A topic by Joqlepecheur created Apr 16, 2017 Views: 174 Replies: 2
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Developer (7 edits)

edit: old demo changes have been noted here, post is no longer up to date. However if you notice a bug, this is a good place to share it :)

2018-05-13 Demo:

  • plenty of minor bugs corrected
  • new interface
  • process optimisations
  • 3 new levels (giving a sneak peak of dwellers dimension)
  • achievements (lots can be unlocked in demo)
  • new music in world 2
  • small bots added in overworlds to improve sense of progression
  • and more...

2018-02-25 Demo:

  • corrected a bug with cinematics (it could open a level in some instances)
  • temporary key numpad9 enabled to go back to first room if player already has saved games from a previous version
  • some name changes and text corrections
  • minor level adjustments

2018-02-10 Demo:

  • corrected completion times for last and secret cave levels
  • changed music track for cave and outdoors
  • comestic changes (new blocs added in a few levels to replace plain stone)
  • optimisation of breakable stone, some sprites added

2017-05-03 Demo:

  • cosmetic additions to the 3 outdoor levels available

2017-04-17 Demo:

  • can now skip cinematics
  • in last world 1 level, secret is now apparent (scanner will be needed in final release)

2017-04-16 Demo:

  • added simulation feature to make tweaking orders interesting:
    • unlocked in level 6
    • world map upgrade icon
    • available in give order phase in left upper corner
    • speed x2, no collision with foes but elevators and moving objects accelerated as well
  • in level 1, replaced all tutorial text by flashing boxes
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When I run the level "ORDER 1" is ignored. Am I doing somthing worng or is this a bug? Similar problem with order to wait being ignored happend on a different level. It seems to be related to the time asociated with order.



It is not a bug, but it is indeed a tricky part of the melee bots to understand.
When a melee bot is in front of a foe or a box, wait or move, it will auto-attack. Run the same exact order you did and here is what happens:

  • boxer moves for 3 sec (and is now in range of the box)
  • while it is waiting, it is attacking the box
  • box is destroyed, bot becomes in range of the laser tower that shoots
  • it can survive the first shot, so you will notice that by the time box is destroyed you are still in the 10 seconds wait range, it will wait for the shots to come

For instance if you move 2 or 2.5 seconds you are not in melee range of the box, and bot will wait without attacking. To sum things up, WAIT order does not mean you don't attack, just that you don't move forward.

By the way, this is one of the first "hard" levels ;)