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Since this is a thread with 'other questions' I guess I'll just ask my question here instead of starting an entirely new topic for it.

How does the passive trait Critical Recovery work for enemies who have it? Is it just a random proc chance once they get hit below the health percentage threshold or am I missing something? I've been doing a Ruin difficulty run of the game and every enemy Sage seems to have it (as well as some monsters). These healers are inevitably the last to die in a fight because even if I hit them with something that does ~20 damage in a single hit they usually just bounce back to more than they had before I hit them (depending on their max health) and the effect seems to be able to trigger multiple times per round. Generally, it seems to come down to getting in 2 'lucky' hits in a row where the passive doesn't activate to finally finish them off.

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The intended behavior is that Critical Recovery procs 100% of the time if the hit leaves them in critical condition (25% HP). Originally, there was no way to prevent that. The intended counter was to only use high-damage attacks to finish them.

However, given that small, separate hits are extremely common in Alvora due to weapon augments, in v1.03 I've patched it so that Critical passives only fire if the target is not disabled/stunned/asleep/etc.

In the future, if I can figure out a good way to implement it code-wise I'd also like to make it so that Critical passives can only activate 1x per attack.