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fun game

I coded an update to fix the issue of eggs giving to much health but I can't submit it until after the rating period ends


It feels like a text adventure game but with audio instead of text. Good job!

AWESOME IDEA!!! You should learn how to do procedural generation, make it go on forever! Track and save the distance the player travels and implement a highscore system! Then add in some enemies, collectibles, attacks, maybe some bosses, and program in dying, and you've got yourself a full game! Also do gamepad support. Don't let this idea go to waste!!!

That was cute and charming and fun. Could you make it to where WASD is move and press J for jump and click to do an attack and K to start a dialogue, it would make the controls better plus I would never accidentally start up dialogues. Also adjust the hitbox on the hammer to be more generous. 


This is cursed in a good way.

I loved it! You should make it even more like asteroids by having the player in the middle of the screen and giving him full control over his movement, as well as having enemies spawn in from the corners, each of which should have it's own special movement patterns and behavior! 

I liked it when I hit the chickens

Fun idea but you need to add a difficulty progression too it, mainly by having more dudes who throw stuff at you spawn in. 


The w key wouldn't let me go up and I don't like using arrow keys, but other than that fun idea. here's mine if anyone wants to play it I'll rate yours

I liked jumping around and shooting at things it was fast and fun


Pretty fun game, but a couple of suggestions. Make it to where holding down the left mouse button makes the ship accelerate, not the spacebar, and make it to where I can press escape to pause an unpause it, not this weird having to hold down escape to keep it paused. 

YOOOO ANOTHER CONSTRUCT 3 USER! That's cool. Also I like the simple graphics and gameplay. I just wish you could use wasd to move and maybe spacebar and j key as jump keys instead. 

wow it's 1:30 ish pm where I am

Here's mine

after you're done leave a comment below my game and I'll check out yours

I love this game, you should expand on it with more levels, more platforming challenges, more enemies, and more survival minigames to switch back and forth between. This has loads of potential. 

I love this game, you should expand on it with more levels, more platforming challenges, more enemies, and more survival minigames to switch back and forth between. This has loads of potential. 

I liked the music and graphics, but sword seemed kinda glitchy like it wasn't consistently destroying enemies

THIS GAME IS SO HECTIC!!! I just wish that I could do the actions with the left mouse instead of the space bar. 

Hey, I made a game in a grocery store too! I like your take on it, the driving the basket and crashing into things is surprisingly fun. The ragdoll physics are hilarious!

Very impressive for a game made in a week, good job! 

I love the idea of this game, the graphics and soundtrack are cute, and the gameplay is fun. I might make on suggestion though. The leaf blower should always follow the mouse, whether or not the left mouse button is down. Then, the leaf blower should come on and blow as long as the left mouse button is down, then it should turn itself on immediately when the player lets go. This will make it simpler to control, allowing my left hand to focus on just movement, not movement and managing the status of the leaf blower. 

I loved the slow-mo button, that saved my skin a couple of times. 

I liked this game. I just whish the idea was expanded.  You could maybe run faster with shift, fight other shoppers over items, have an ability to do a roll dodge, and of course, more levels. Great job, you should develop it into a full game! 

Cool idea, I was caught off guard when I had to start thinking about which letters I had left to shoot. Great Game!

To get ammo, walk up to a shelf. The little transparent red area around the shelf should disappear, as well as the icon on the shelf.  I will add a tutorial level if I make this a full game for platforms like steam. Thanks for the constructive criticism!

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I did a grocery store game too.  I like your take on it as well, and I had fun with this game. Make this a full on horror game for steam! 

Loling at the concept. Pretty chaotic and fun. 

I look forward to seeing what this project turns into!

I made a game in a grocery store too

I liked the idea and the atari style graphics. 

Good graphics and soundtrack, and pretty good variety of enemies. 

Once I figured out that grey is warning shots it became more fun.

I think I smell game of the year!