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it is remake done with the XNA framework

the aesthetic is fantastic! very addictive.

Fun entry!  the music was great, and I really appreciated that there was more than one song. As for the game play, it was really cool that some of the lasers missed the atom core entirely so in order to get a higher score you want to recognize those when they happen and not waste your limited resources on them.  Adds a lot of skill to the game.  well done. 

Really fun and good looking entry.  controls were super responsive. Secrets were a lot of fun to find. 

Great entry!  Really loved the art.  The audio was awesome and fit really well, the blue level song was my favorite.  I really liked the animations on the attack, and it was sweet that it doubled as an air dash. Tight controls.  The ladders reminded me of the nes mega man games. Some real tight platforming sections that felt great to get through, like dodging enemies while traversing ladders.  My constructive criticism is it would be nice if I could air dash backwards, had to set up which direction I was moving before I jumped / got boosted, which is still cool in its own right.   Great work, really cohesive game. 

love your pixel art style, definitely a vibe. the narrative system was neat.  I enjoyed throwing their poos out on the lawn. great entry. 

Great first game Anar! the graphics were really cool. The last level was my favorite because the level design encouraged me to make skill shots using the bow while flying through the air against the enemies on platforms.  My advice to improve on this kind of game in the future would be for the enemies to have less health, but for there to be many more of them <3 Mishra

Fun mechanic.  hectic. Love the windows theme. 

really fun, reminds me of the flash classic slime volley ball, but with a clever twist and made juicier.

i became so powerful that by merely throwing things I was able to fly.  Very fun, graphics were excellent.  How do you know neil degrasse tyson? ;)

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fun game!  i got to 215 seconds after some tries. probably will try to beat that tomorrow.

Awesome work!  Really useful companion to bfxr. I'm having a lot of fun getting really trippy sounds out of this thing.

hey it worked through the launcher, thanks!

Solid writing, well done! Wish I had my dmg with me!

Are ya winning, son?

Nice little game!

I enjoyed this.  Thank you!  I built a lot of blacksmiths. 

That certainly explains why I don't see more GM:S games having Mac builds. Thanks for the explanation!

You mention a MacOS build, but there isn't a download for it.