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Great job! The one second movement was super unique and you used it very creatively.

Wall jumping is a bit frustrating to control. Amazing work though, looks really good! 

Amazing job! Best game I've played yet. I found myself yelling out my next action while alone in my room just so I would remember what to look for. Very well done, 5 stars all around!

Good work! There seems to be a bug when I spam barriers though. A whole bunch will stay out but the bouncing one will glide right through

Maybe I'm just terrible, but I was not able to make it more than half way. I think this game would be super fun if the physics were a bit more intuitive and forgiving. I found that if my poor narwhal tilted more than 10 degrees to either side I was inevitabley doomed. Great work!

Well made. The balls feel a bit slow, maybe decreasing the friction could make the shots feel more impactful. 

I can't seem to survive more than 2 seconds lol. Would greatly benefit from some sort of controls explanation

Very I funny game. Interesting take on the theme, lol. I can now say I am a master of touch typing 1. Good job!

Very nice game. For me it quickly devolved into just stopping at every floor instead of coming up with a unique strategy. I think the game would benefit from some incentive for fewest stops. Also if the passengers kept their numbers displayed I think there would be more opportunity for strategy. Good job!