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No Map, No Plan is about a hapless thief (or thieves) attempting a heist with no idea of what they're getting into or how they're going to get out. Thanks for providing the lightning bolt of mechanical inspiration that got it going!

"Every game within World Ending Game is tailored to [evoke an emotional response] in a specific way, letting you draw out a variety of such responses to your liking as the group picks and chooses both the games to play and what to do with them."

 - Follow the link for the full CHG review!

Awesome, thanks!

Looking at your 'all by' page, it lists this as $4, but it doesn't seem to be available for purchase or download...

Here is the Cannibal Halfling Gaming actual play and review, where I used other roleplaying game books to source my title and book ideas!

Drpping in seeking approval for the Sci-Fi Is The Best bundle, which Pass the Remote was submitted to. Launches in about 13 hours and Twitter has been eating messages.

Picturing Yeenoghu as the other side of the meme gives me a special kind of joy.

A CHG actual play review!

"It’s a decidedly creepy game with a distinct lean towards the eldritch and squamous, gamified enough to keep things interesting, and (thanks to said mechanics and to the variety) possessed of a good amount of replayability – it will nearly be impossible to tell exactly the same story twice even if you wanted to."

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There is no set theme, but there is a little 2d6 prompt generator here.

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Thank you! Got some immediate steps lined up:

1) Guidance for GMs on setting mission difficulty/length, with trackers. 2) Two example missions per mission type. 3) Some examples for things like what the Enemy is and what kind of goals the Fleet could be traveling towards.

Back Again from the Broken Land "will give you longing to see Rose Cotton again, smoking with a friend on the shattered walls of Isengard, a king saying that you bow to no-one, a wound that drives you to sail west, and other ‘great stories… the ones that really mattered.’ That makes it a great game, indeed."

You can read the full Cannibal Halfling Gaming review here.

"With a pocket-zine and a deck of cards, A Tale Before You Go can help you whip up a story in quick order, with some evocative setting bits and a straightforward story mechanic. Now that I’m trying to sum it up (and since the story can be told orally as easily as written down): if you’re needing a story for bedtime with the kids, keep this game at hand." 

You can read the Cannibal Halfling Gaming actual play review here.

"A Requiem for Horizon Prophecy Online: The Final Four takes you on a nostalgia trip that you actually didn’t take the first time around, and it pulls it off very well." You can read the full CHG actual play and review here:

Thank you! Example missions and some examples-of-play are definitely on the top of the list for taking the game to a more polished finish.

Funnily enough, the repairs getting removed is part of the rules as intended… but not, in this case, as interpreted! Making a note to look into better wording for a v1.1 update. Thanks, and thanks very much  for giving the game a try.

P.S. I’ve actually never really read a Carta game or the SRD in-depth, but now I think I have to!


(Thank you!)

Wiiiiiiinging iiiiiiiiiiit!

The phrase 'stern chase' keeps popping into my head. There are a few ideas under that umbrella though. It could be a group trying to escape from behind enemy lines as their pursuers close in, or a ship (sea or space) trying to ourtun some pursuit or reach some objective before it's too late.

Either way, the Pressure clock mechanic from Band of Blades is hovering nearby. Whether or not there will also be a time clock will depend on what premise I go with. If there's an objective other than "Stay Ahead of Pursuers", that could be where it pops in.

Just posted a short actual play and review as part of Solitaire Storytelling!

Sharing here because reviews are only creator-facing for some reason:

Thank you for the kind words!

There's a link in the PDF, but as of this comment it's a dead end - updates on the Kickstarter say the soundtrack is coming later this year, and to try using the Artefact soundtrack for now. Gave that a shot, and it worked pretty well (although the track names don't go 1:1 with the Bucket time periods, so check the actual lengths of the tracks).

Right now it looks like I'll have a 1-2 player card-based game about a pilot stuck aboard their wrecked mecha after the final battle, systems failing and hoping for rescue, done on time. Granted when I say 'done' it won't be all fancy, a beta test version basically that will see some revisions and maybe some additions and definitely overall appearance improvements, but still!

The one I’m eyeballing the most is the Emotional Mecha Jam.

yeah, it would definitely be appreciated! I just changed the Quill link to the dtrpg page, where you can get it for PWYW.

Hey Levi!

Long shot given the time that's passed, but if you're still looking for a partner I've played through a few campaigns worth of Exalted and would be really interested in trying to tackle that setting through another angle. Let me know @RGM79Ace on the Twitters if you're up for it, and if the likely has occurred and you already have a project up and running, no problem and good luck!

- Seamus

Well, I was part of the design team for TRANSIT: The Spaceship RPG, a PbtA game of Artifical Intelligences controlling starships and exploring the galaxy and their own existence. Obviously you should buy a copy, but if you want to respond to it for the jam give me a ping and I can send a PDF your way.

I played For The Queen recently, and that struck a chord. A very interesting storytelling experience, with an ending set not-quite in stone.

Oh, and speaking of story games pretty much any of the games in Seven Wonders would be interesting, although I'm partial to Heroes of the Hearth and Before the Storm. 

Hey everyone!

My name is Seamus Conneely, writer over at CHG and sporadic game designer. Favorite animal . . . probably dogs. 

This kind of design scene is completely new to me, so I'm not really sure what games I'd like to respond to . . . but reading through the above, Exalted comes to mind, and the Emotional Mecha Jam was very impressive. I'll try to think up a few more and post them in the Things to Be Inspired By topic!