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Finding Friends Sticky

A topic by Natalie Libre created Sep 22, 2019 Views: 474 Replies: 21
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If you want to find somebody to work with, this is your chance.

Respond to this post with:

  • Your name
  • Your favorite animal (optional)
  • Some games you're interested in responding to

I guess I'll start.

I'm Natalie Libre! I rather like bears. Such a simple animal.

Some games I'd love to respond to:

--Riley Rethal's "Best Day Ever!"

--"(Charlie Loves) The Spring & The Fall"

--Paul Czege's "Bacchanal"

--E.E. Coli's "Fatimah's Busy Day"


If you're still looking for a co-designer, I'd be up for it.

Would be very happy to work with you on one of the things you listed, or will post a proper intro below with my own suggestions. :)


I already have a partner, but if you can't find anybody I'd be more than willing to work with you as well!

I'm pretty sure there are folks who don't have groups yet, though, so check around first.


Cool cool. Not sure where to look, but will have a poke around.


I'm Levi Kornelsen!

I like cats up close, raccoons over there, and porcupines at a yet greater minimum safe distance. 

Games I'd like to respond to would include...  Hm. 

Mostly older stuff comes to mind?

~ The Primal Order
~ Aria
~ Any of the White Wolf games, though I've done response games for several already.  Wraith, god.

Of the new Itchy content, Anna Landing's Steading was my first buy and still makes me really happy; I would love to riff out around that.


Hey Levi!

Long shot given the time that's passed, but if you're still looking for a partner I've played through a few campaigns worth of Exalted and would be really interested in trying to tackle that setting through another angle. Let me know @RGM79Ace on the Twitters if you're up for it, and if the likely has occurred and you already have a project up and running, no problem and good luck!

- Seamus

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Hello all! Despite what my username may lead you to believe, I am not the famous Nintendo Wario. In fact, my name is Peter.  I have fuck-all in terms of game design experience, though i'm looking to change that.

My favorite animal is every frog/toad.

I have no clue what games i want to respond to! But that can (and will) change! 


Hi i am ivannuari

i love cat. all type of cats.

i am interested 3d games like overcooked and link:legend of zelda

I'm Dan Maruschak.

I don't know if I have a favorite animal. Cats, I guess?

I haven't been able to think of any games I want to respond to yet.


Hi all!! I'm Ben! I'm a big fan of lots of different kinds of animals, but right now I'm excited about octopuses and cephalopods. 

I'd be really interested in exploring almost anything, but I've got The Heart on my mind. For itch stuff I've loved recently, An Annihilation Fangame by Geostationary is extremely cool!! And I missed out on the Emotional Mecha Jam, so I'd be way into that space too. Is anyone still looking for a duet partner?

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Hi Ben!! My name's Palimrya, and I'd be happy to partner with you for the jam if you're interested.

I'm a novice designer (but an avid roleplayer and a seasoned writer of poetry and short fiction), and the only game I've designed is my entry for this year's 200-word RPG Challenge. (Here's my current draft if you'd like to take a look:

It sounds like we might be a great fit for collaboration. I've likewise been really excited about The Heart lately (I'm about to start running a Spire campaign!), and I've been wishing I'd taken part in the Emotional Mecha Jam too. So much built-in emotional scaffolding and symbolism to draw from there. I also happen to love cephalopods — I just gave myself a haircut with two rattails I'm calling "squid tentacles". lmao

I haven't designed enough games to have developed habits or a vocabulary, but some hallmarks of my writing more generally are: vivid and highly sensual or textural diction, weird gross sci-fi aesthetics, earnest emotionality and vulnerability, poem-like concision, and hope in the face of hardship.

I took a brief look at your itch page; I'm really impressed by the elegance of the True Story move in the screenshot, and I fucking love that Slime Time Television exists and want to play it immediately. No pressure, but I'd be excited to collaborate!


I'd love to collab!! can I dm you on twitter?

Yeah this seems like my jam for another project I'm working on, based on the Michael Shea story Demiurge. If you're interested, DM me @udernation.


Hey everyone!

My name is Seamus Conneely, writer over at CHG and sporadic game designer. Favorite animal . . . probably dogs. 

This kind of design scene is completely new to me, so I'm not really sure what games I'd like to respond to . . . but reading through the above, Exalted comes to mind, and the Emotional Mecha Jam was very impressive. I'll try to think up a few more and post them in the Things to Be Inspired By topic!


I'm Josh Fox. I probably need to create my own account instead of using the Black Armada one.

Anyway: fave animal as of this moment is OTTER, partly because it seems like it would be fun to be one, and partly because it's the name of my son's class in school.

I'd be interested in responding to Legacy: Life Among the Ruins or Hollowpoint (is it ok that these isn't an itch game?), or better yet something you suggest.


Should have said I'm UK-based! Time-zone sync would probably be an advantage, though not essential.


Hi Josh, I'm Jay. Also UK based (North London). My favorite animals are dogs because, well, they're dogs. I'd be excited to collaborate with you on something if you're interested, I had a look at your work and it's really impressive.  

I recently submitted a 200 Word RPG you can check out to see what I've been working on ( and there's a TroikaJam background in my profile.

I'd also be interested in responding to Legacy, or here's some alternatives; Bacchanal, A Quiet Year, Kult, Freemarket, Red Markets, Durance (I'm v new to the itch scene myself and also open to exploring here for inspiration).


Hey Jay!

Thanks for replying. Your 200 word game looks great - I like political stuff.

I think The Quiet Year has some similar themes to Legacy, so maybe we could do that?

No idea how best to get started with this... email convo maybe? I'm josh (at) vapourspace (dot) net.




Awesome, I'll shoot you an email with my thoughts as soon as possible :)


Yay! Looking forward to it.

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My name is udernation.

My fav animal is a particular hypothetical chocolate cavoodle named Mr Gregory Gruffleson.

And I need to consider what game I want to respond to, but

BUT what has been floating in my heart the last month or so is a game about dancing, fencing, or kung fu, or rather the intersection of all of these things, as a form of communication. This kind of aligns with WARRIOR POET, but I'm not sure if that communicates in the same way that I want it to.

THE OTHER floating in my head (I have some text and thought, but I've scrapped it already once), is a game about consumption and union, inspired by the short story Demiurge by Michael Shea. I don't know a game here, but in its current form it's a sonnet-exchange-play-by-post game that I was thinking of submitting to the Spirit's Eve or Gentle Ghost jam. But I don't mind, really., if it's interesting to you. I don't have a game that I am aware explores that particular space either.

If these concepts have meaning for you, I have not yet coalesced any, but I want this game, and I need help in letting it come to be.