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Just uploaded this.

That seems like a reasonable request. Give us a couple of days as we're on a Christmas break at the moment, but this should be doable.

This is a lovely set up on TTS. How was the block tower experience on that?

Ah excellent stuff. Have you seen the update we posted about fulfilment etc earlier? 

Hi Balint, thanks for getting in touch. We can't help with the error specifically, but let's not worry about that. Ping an email with your shipping address over to If you can use the same email you use on Itch so it's easy for us to match, that'd be superb and we'll have it ready as soon as we start to ship books.

Shall do. We'll be collecting any missed ones when we're starting to pack and ship, should be a few days yet. Just keep an eye on the email you used to purchase. 

Hi. I think this method of contact works just fine. Once we get to fulfilment we'll be checking that what people have paid matches up with where their address is (or even if they provided an address!) and contacting them to sort out any issues. If you're happy to wait until then just keep an eye on your inbox. Thanks for reaching out!

I didn't already? I meant to! I'll fix that tomorrow. 

Hey! This is awesome and it'll be cool if you can make it happen. 

I don't think worries about piracy will be significant, but you can always check in with people before you play their game anyway. 

I think a spoiler warning would be nice, but you're right that seeing an actual play won't render the game unplayable. 

As for more than one game in a session, I thi k it could be done, but one would be sufficient. I'd suggest you try and pick two games that have complimentary themes if you want to do more than one. 

I'm happy to send you a complimentary copy of either of my games (The Sealed Library / Fake Guru, Real Vice). You won't see the Sealed Library in the jam because it's one of two games thst came before the jam. 

No worries. Once you've got the time and your game is in progress, feel free to DM me on Twitter if you need help. I'm planning some updates to the SRD and it's useful to me to speak to others developing for it. 

Yeah, that's fine. The SRD will still exist after the jam so you'll always be able to make games with the system. If you don't get it in the jam before the deadline, let me know when you do release it and I'll add it to the collection of all Wretched & Alone games I know about. 

Yeah, I agree comparing it to dread has utility. I mean, the jenga tower simulates rising tension in both and that's pretty central to the mechanics so it's going to be something people pick up on.

Oof, this is a good question. I see the argument for it, yes. However, I think a lot of people who look at that tag would feel misled.


So in the Wretched and the Sealed Library the face cards don't have specific functions, just the kings. They're always had, and having all 4 ends the game. 

Starting with the ace of hearts revealed is optional as per those games' instructions, I should make that clearer in the SRD (I'll add it to the list for 2.0).

If you don't start with the ace of hearts revealed, you don't start the token countdown until you reveal it. 

The other aces do give bonuses, but I didn't specify those in the SRD to allow people to work with their theme for what makes sense. The three I've used though are makikg 5s and 6s successes, removing a king from okay, and being able to skip a block pull. I'd look at what others have done with that for ideas though. 

Does that make it clearer? 

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Morning folks,

We are overjoyed to say that this jam has picked up far more momentum and far more submissions than we ever hoped for that. That was true before the Itch bundle brought tons more eyeballs onto some W&A games, and we think it's likely we'll see more interest coming on the back of that. Which is great.

We did always hope we could make W&A into a proper thing, with a good stable of games and a healthy scene of making new content. We do have some post-jam plans of how we might keep it up, but it's still too soon to really talk about them, and world politics have put a lot of stuff into reassessment.

We do feel there is a principle from the *Dream here we'd like to discuss before the jam ends. That is valuing your work (principle 5).

We've recently increased prices for the four W&A games we've currently got available, and we'd like to encourage everyone else to do similar. Based on everything we can tell, you are more likely to reach a point of paying yourself 10c/word or more from Itch work if you price higher.

It is notable that Chris and I have had success from bundles that offer a good discount, but this only worked because we started at a higher price and gave a good deal for the bundle. We'd definitely encourage everyone involved to consider co-op bundles with other creators from the jam, especially if there is another game you think yours would sit well with.

Obviously your games are yours to sell as you please, but some of the games produced for this jam are unbelievably cheap for the quality and talent on display in them and we'd dearly love for you all to be compensated properly for the work you put in.

We'll hopefully have more to talk about with post-jam plans soon, but we're unlikely to do so while politics is rightly demanding more of people's attention.

Much love, and keep safe during these uncertain times.

Matt & Chris

I don't recall the precise number for probability of winning (and Twitter chat doesn't have search) but your simulation is kind of in line with our expectations. We didn't put anything on probability into the SRD, but perhaps we could.

It's also worth noting that there some W&A games that have toyed with making things easier and creating more winnable experiences as there are definitely experiences that make sense within W&A that have more positive outcomes.

We do already have some plans for a 2.0 SRD that addresses a few things about the current version, but those plans haven't been able to move forward quite as quickly as we would have liked.

I think that's a good idea, so long as it's super clear that's what it is.

At this point, I'm planning not to try and complete another jam entry and focus my jam-related efforts on helping people in the jam finish stuff up so please let me know if you want some input/a sounding board etc. 

That's quite the range of themes! I think I'm most into Changeling. Thst surprised me becuase I've generally been most up for the games that push the boundaries of the W&A themes and mechanics the most, but here it's the closest take on the SRD. 

What do you think you'll get done in time? 

I just cannot get over how astonishingly lovely this game looks.

Glad to see such a rapid response from some of the folks who've made games with the SRD. Chris and I are already working on a solution and I'll be pushing out an update to the SRD when we can. Although we're keen to do it soon, we also want to get it right.

Hi folks,

Just had a quick discussion with Chris about this and thought it might be useful to have some suggested tags for folks submitting their games to the jam.

I just launched my game with the following.



Happy to take suggestions on this one too. What did you tag your games with?

Thansk for the spot. I'll get on it. 

Well, we've used 30 pulls as our average pulls/tower fall.

You do d6 pulls at the start. 

D6 average is 3.5, so 8-10 pulls per tower, minus one for setup is 7-9 days. 

Definitely feel free to change the time period though. Someone else is doing it as months I think! 

Great to have you on board and doing something different with game design. Looking forward to seeing how you make the map work.

Love love love this! 

And I agree, I'm so pleased at the scope of the ideas that people are working  on, I think we're going to have a really varied set of games comes out of this. Far more varied than Chris and I dreamed of ourselves. 

I'm glad to see someone floating a 2 player version! I've had a discussion with Chris about a 2 player game using W&A, but it's an idea that won't see the light of day for a while. 

In fact, I think I like this idea the most of all. It reminds me of Firewatch in a loose sense, but the supernatural layer makes it something else. 

I think I'm most excited by Paranoir and Ploughshares to Swords. Both of those are really evocative ideas for me and they toy with what the jam is about really nicely.

Perhaps as a solution to this you could make one of the suits of the oracle 'investigating my colleagues' fate'. Have two versions of it, one that contains a solid conclusion, one that only hints. The player can choose which type they want when beginning.

Another route would be to have a conclusion, but it's revealed by a single specific card or combo of cards that means it is technically in there, but you are unlikely to find it?

Ooh, I like the futuristic theme here. I rarely go that way in my design ideas. Not sure why, but it really fits here.

Ooh, this is a NICE theme. Do you plan on revealing or hinting at what happened to the other keepers? I'm not sure whether it should become at all clear. Are you planning on hinting at it, spelling it out, or making the player invent it? Or something else?

I think we got a cheapish jenga tower in Malaysia from some Chinese toy shop, or maybe it Tesco? There's cheap ones on Lazada for like RM15 too.

I think the revenge films one is the one I'm excited about. Which perspective do you play from?

Wow, four games is incredible.

I'm into Ransom Note especially. I guess that has three outcomes. Get caught, kill the hostage and go on the run, and get the money?

This is a really cool theme, way outside of anything I'd considered and that's half the point of a jam!

I'm really keen to read more games that use tarot as resolution. I have a couple of decks knocking around that I've never really made full use of and would like to. I've never quite got through using it differently to a standard deck of playing cards.

I think Itch is a good platform because you can release a game that is in development and update it later. So, if you can get to a completeish stage, you could definitely still submit it for the jam.

I think the theme is executable. In fact, I think it's really interesting actually, a smart choice.

I think there are difficult themes there, but nothing that shouldn't be included. I think providing a note to warn about potential triggers is sufficient to help people decide if they play the game, or to inform how they play it.

Hello again,

We just wanted to really explicitly spell something out. We want this jam to be accessible to everyone who wants to take part because they think solo journaling and jenga sounds cool. We don't want buying something to be a barrier, especially during hard times like this where a lot of people are struggling.

To that end, we've both made additional Community Copies of both The Sealed Library and The Wretched available. They're always fee for anyone who needs one, no questions asked, but here we've made an extra copy available for each jam participant.

We also really want people who are new designers to join the jam and publish their first game . If you are someone, or you know someone who isn't sure about participating, please help yourself to Community Copies, and come ask us questions. We will be glad to help. Games are for everyone. Game design is for everyone.

Links to go and claim your Community Copies if you need to:

Hi folks,

I thought I'd get the jam going by sharing my game idea for the jam, and encouraging you to do the same. If anyone wants to bounce ideas around more privately, you can DM me on Twitter too @iammattsanders. I know Chris (@pangalactic) is up for the same.

I'm planning on writing a game tentatively titled Fake Guru, Real Vice. You play a millionaire self help guru who has everything, but is totally trapped by all their dirty secrets and vices. They're beginning to lose control of that and the experience is seeing how long you can keep those secrets under wraps and what eventual end befalls you.

I think it's a game that'll need some heavy content warnings because I'm obviously opening a Pandora's box of dangerous themes with this and one of the challenges in writing it will be handling the content right. I'm definitely excited about exploring the idea of someone who isn't physically alone, but is surrounded only by sycophants and leeches and has to confront the enormity of all the dodgy things they've done. After the first two games were about someone who was actually alone I wanted to take things in a different direction.

Hi all,

About a week ago I released Have You Heard About the Beast? It's my first product on Itch as a platform. It's a simple game for your DnD (or any fantasy RPG really) to play as a way of creating a rumour about a beast that lives nearby, and then you can go off and kill it for treasure. It's great for oneshots or convention games and is easy to run online via Discord or something too.

It's normally $5, but I've got it on sale at $2.50 to try and get some coppers in the coffers to hiring an editor etc for my next two games.

There's also Community Copies available for anyone who can't afford to buy the game, and I make more available at a ratio of 3 CCs per paid sale.

Please go check it out.