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Hey Hey, I am looking to join experienced developer that are working with Unreal Engine!

Hey Hey, are you still looking to join a team for the jam? Me (Sound Designer) and my programmer teammate are looking to for a 3D artist like you.  

Hey Michael, add me on discord so we can chat more about the jam. Two-Moons#7999

I am a full time sound designer and I can also give some basic help in BP.


Cool game, nice art. The game would be a lot better with better audio, you have very nice art style, but the audio doesn't fit the picture.

Creative mechanic. I would love to have more space and more movement freedom. Well done.

Fun game and really addictive! I love the little story before playing. Also the sound of the frog attack have noise tail that need to be clean.

Wow I really like the style of the game, the graphics and the sound really fit each other. Also fun to play!

Thanks! I played your game and it was also very impressive.

Thanks a lot for playing our game! Wowieeee

I survive 5:33! Really fun game and it fit the theme well. The down side is that it gets laggy when there are too mush enemy and coin.

I win! Your game is really on the topic that is a big plus for your rating. Also, the music is not looping.

Cool game, I really like the pingouin voice!

Cool concept, the movement is well done.

Nice one for your first game!

Nice mechanique and good use of the theme!

Best music ever, I like the creativity of the game!

The music is good, but the confidence bar is a bit confusing.

The music fit really well whit the goofy art, I like it!

The music was good!