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I created an orchestral piece that writes the tale of a civilisation long forgotten!

If you need music that is expressive, emotional and tells a story, consider hiring me!

I was asked to make a 6 frame run cycle for a recent commission, check it out!
If you need dynamic, impactful and smooth animations for your game, consider hiring me!

I recently finished some commissioned sprites for a character, check it out!

Here's a recent piece that I created, it was heavily inspired by Life is Strange's ost and Post-Rock music!

Hi there everyone, I'm Scythuz! You might already know me for my music and sound design work, I'm now branching out into doing pixel art too. Hiring me means bringing vibrancy to your game, whether that means recreating an existing style or creating something completely new.

I will be charging an introductory price of $10 per hour for all of the services on offer in this shop, please bear in mind that you will (with very few exceptions) need to pay a minimum of $10 regardless of how small the work is. Making sure to order the right amount will be important if you want to get the best value for your money.

Since the work will be done on an hourly basis, prices will depend on: size, detail, the amount of colours used and complexity. For example, a 16x16 monochrome sprite is going to cost a lot less than a 48x48 sprite. If you are unsure about anything, just ask.

Here are some examples of what I can do, please feel free to send me a message if there's a type of asset you want that isn't listed here, I might still be able to do it. 




Large Weapon Sprites:

Monster Sprites:

Various recent works:

All payments will be made via paypal, in US Dollars or Pound Sterling.
References are highly encouraged!
You will be expected to have permission for any edits or recreations you want me to do for you.
I reserve the right to refuse any commission I am not comfortable with.

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Hello, I'm Scythuz and I am a professional freelancer who specialises in music and sound effects and ambience design. I have been working as one for roughly 5 years and have worked on games in various engines from RPG Maker & Gamemaker to Unity & the Unreal Engine. I've worked on everything from small game jam entries to fully fledged steam releases with over 100k copies sold.

If you want to bring your game's audio to life, I'm your guy. I will take on pretty much any type of reasonable work within the above fields and you can hear some of my work right here!

Music Portfolio:

Sound Design Portfolio:

Past commissions/projects:

Please check out my soundcloud sets page to see the projects that I am currently allowed to share work for, feel free to ask for examples in specific styles.

If you like what you hear, please consider hiring me!

My prices are as follows:

$15 per hour for all music, sound design and audio related work.

OR alternatively:

$30 per minute for music. Revision charges will apply, please detail what you want properly and provide references that closely match what you want.

Example hourly pricings:

Most simple pieces of 2 minutes long music will usually take 3 to 5 hours, that's just $45 to $75 per track. More complex themes, or themes longer than 2 minutes will cost more due to taking longer to create.

Sound design work takes a lot less time, it's not unusual to see me do 5-15 sounds in an hour. Menu sounds are even quicker than this.

Budgeting, inquiries and free sample tracks

If you're not sure whether you can afford me or not, or simply want to compare my prices to other people more easily, please feel free to approach me with a budget, track list and specific style in mind (youtube links are great for this). Work can be spread out over many months or taken on all at once.

I will happily help with any inquiries you might have and I may even have time to give you a short sample track snippet. Be aware that this would be an incomplete track of a short length (less than a minute) and only serves to give you a taste of what it's like to work with me, how good a fit I will be for your game and a way to gauge pricing more accurately if there is uncertainty.

Thanks for checking me out, I look forward to working with you!  :)

Hey thanks for playing!  I think I definitely could have improved upon attacking and I would have liked to have added a proper tutorial too, I'm not really a fan of doing information dumps like I did but I just didn't have enough time sadly.  I did add a visual and sound indicator for when an enemy takes damage but it probably would have been better to make the slash stand out more and maybe make the sprite flicker or go red, or something along those lines.

No problem, I hope I wasn't too critical and that the feedback will be helpful for you!  I'm not sure how the boss retry bug happened at all, I wasn't actively trying to break the game like I would in a full testing session, it was just a normal initial playthrough.

Thanks Ziggy!

I'm just going to give my thoughts as I play, sorry if this post is a bit disorganised!  This game is very charming and I think the art is really cute.  I also really liked the music.  It wasn't a huge deal but I couldn't pick my resolution (1080p) out from the list, more options for that would be great if possible.  I think you should have the bullet wave be telegraphed a bit better, whilst it does use predictable timing, having a visual and/or audio telegraph would help.  

The controls feel a bit floaty but they do the job nicely anyway.  It can get a bit annoying hearing "jump" everytime I jump, I'd rather just have a standard jumping sound than a voice line.  It's a very mild inconvenience but there's some kind of camera problem going on where it keeps stuttering behind when sudden movements are made like a direction change or jump.  

The shield jumping is really cool, I like it a lot.  There's a part where the camera zooms out for a big shield jump section that I have two problems with: first of all it zooms out way too much and is very jarring, the second problem is that the player can go off screen to the left or right, making it hard to see where you are.

I love the idea of different forms, one little suggestion I'd have would be to have some particle effects matching the element the princess is using, just to differentiate them better.  I think the difficulty ramps up a bit too quickly for a first level here, you're expected to combine both forms before you really get the chance to get used to the wind form, also the gaps you're meant to dash between the spikes with are too small imo.

I feel like the level design is a bit too open, it's cool to have a lot of optional things to collect but I was never really sure which way I should go as there a big differences in difficulty between each path, some visual signposting would help a lot, though I also think having the levels be a bit more linear would streamline the design and make it more cohesive.

The boss fight has the fire hit me before I can see it, I would recommend having better telegraphs here too.  Unfortunately I had to stop the game here because the boss fight wouldn't start on my 2nd attempt and I was continually taking damage and dying when there was nothing on screen.  I wonder if the fire hitboxes are still there from my first attempt but are invisible? 

Overall it was pretty good.  The theme was nice, the dialogue was funny, the art was very cute, the music was good and the unique game mechanics were good.  It just needs bug fixes, quality of life improvements and I really think it would benefit from smaller scale level designs.  3 out of 5.

Hey thanks a lot for the detailed review, I really appreciate it!  You've given me some very helpful pointers here and I definitely agree that the game could use an extra twist on the established formula.  I do want to add additional sub-weapons other than just the shurikens and I think that'll help a bit, but, I think I'll need to come up with a gimmick or feature that changes the core gameplay more dramatically if I really want to stand out.  Maybe not something as crazy as the Messenger's 8 bit to 16 bit time travelling, but definitely something that gives the game a unique selling point and makes it stand out more.  Once again, thanks for the review!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!  Sorry if the speed is not to your taste, one of the biggest problems I had with the games that mine is inspired by is that they're too slow for me, it probably also doesn't help that I play a lot of Sonic either haha.

Thanks!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Oh wow, that's the first time anyone has actually pointed that out, sorry!  The keyboard control for jumping is space, I'm surprised that I overlooked that even if it was done at the last minute.  

Borderless window is disabled in my startup options on gamemaker and the game is set to go fullscreen when it starts, I even made it force a display reset and force fullscreen again with initialisation code to fix a refresh rate bug, so I'm not sure why it's doing that. I'll have to look into it, maybe starting it in a x2 or larger window would have been a better choice.

I also grew up with Sonic, which is probably why the game is so fast!  It'd be really cool to make the game more speed friendly whilst keeping the ninja platforming and combat intact.

Thanks for playing Maki, I hope you didn't die tooo much!  When you move forward while standing or crouching you perform a dash attack based on that stance, the problem here is I think that the hitbox object is being destroyed a little bit before the dashing attack ends, as a result of that you get these rare instances where the invincibility frames are ending too early and making you take damage.  I've been told there are instances where it happens with the normal attacks too so I'll need to look into it.  

Also, I apologise for the short length, I had a very tough time creating everything by myself so in the end I decided to try and prioritise quality over quantity, the good news is that making more levels will be a lot easier now that the core mechanics and systems are in place!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!