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I like the guy and the idea with the instrument (does it have a purpose?), but I couldn't do enough to actually rate the game. Keep at it!

It looks promising - the way the story started, the general look, and the idea with the perspective change. I did have to start a few times over though, because my character kept getting stuck, or ended up somewhere offscreen. So I eventually gave up.

Loved the lighthearted chatter, very enjoyable! I did get a little confused at times who's saying what, as the captions and the character image updates seemed out of sync sometimes - or maybe I just got it wrong.

I like the scifi setup, and the retrospective screens. To me, two turns in the story stand out: the twist at the beginning, where apparently Will's "comrades" attempt to blow him up with the ship, and the unexpected encounter with his brother. The stretches of violence aren't really my cup of tea, though.

Great job! Very atmospheric, really liked how the player gets drawn into the world immediately. Visual and sound design fit the mood, and I loved the writing. Giving the player suggestions where to go next felt good to me, I like to be told what to do to advance the story :) Not too sure about the choices - they enliven the dialog, but are there consequences? Oh, and the "quit" button opened the gallery instead.

Thank you so much, this is all I wanted to achieve with this prologue! I did go into far more worldbuilding than originally intended already, so there's ample potential for more spinoffs in "Amy's world". We'll see :)

Thank you for trying it out! Didn't get to more than set the tone for the music this week, but planning to build on it.

Thanks for playing and feedback :) If  I ever do something like this again with longer levels, I'll keep savepoints in mind!

Too late to rate for the jam, but wanted to give it a shot anyway. Loved the idea of being a tiny ghost roaming around a big world cleaning up after him. Short and sweet! I wonder if pressing 'e' is actually necessary, wouldn't it be enough to just trigger the action on collide?

Thanks so much for playing! Would have been interesting to see your interpretation of the subject. Maybe next time!

Ooh, I love hearing the word "addicting", isn't that what we all strive for? :D The materials not being easily identified is the most common feedback I get, that would take some serious redesign. You almost got to the end - after stage 9 ! Thanks for playing my game!

Thank you! This was the first time I added music, and it did really help to set the mood.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! I so wanted to bring more variety to the later stages, but time ran out :) I'm planning to build a bigger game off this prototype, though.

Interesting, so I apparently formed a wrong theory about the selection mechanics while clicking around wildly. Tells you something about the brain, I guess :)

My favorite game of this jam so far! I loved the graphics, characters, dialogue, mechanics. I had some trouble in the beginning about how this is supposed to work, but was able to figure it out. My only pain point is - I played through to the end, i.e. with the last "correct" badge the end cut scene played. But I STILL don't understand what had happened to the ghost. It was all really, really good and now I feel really, really stupid. I might have to have another go.

Great job for 4 days! Simple and fun. I felt dumbfounded at first until I discovered I *also* have to use the mouse to place units :D

Amazingly slick presentation, well done! Especially for a jam, this feels very complete. Some criticism: Even though I love that raster effect, it's making it a bit hard to see things in the distance. Playing with the keyboard, I found it hard to steer with enough precision.

Fun! Really liked the presentation, the music is very fitting, too. Overall nice pacing, gameplay felt fluid. As others have noted, better player feedback would be great. I lost some time clicking back and forth when I apparently hadn't succeeded in selecting a defense at the bottom. Sometimes items stayed black, even when I had enough currency again (selecting them still worked, though). And better feedback on hitting enemies would be great. But still, fantastic job, congrats!

Great game! Loved the pacing and overall feel.  Very well done! Everything has already been mentioned here, but things that occurred to me, too: the growth circles idea is great, but I didn't get what they're good for at first. The ranged sword made most of the level too easy. (I died in the boss fight though, have to try again.) Also, after picking up too many "walk speed" powerups, it became really hard to control :)

Aah, you almost made it! Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome job! Loved the art style, music and storytelling. The puzzles were all excellent, not too hard but enough of a challenge. I only would have wished for more precise controls, there is some inertia I found a little unnerving.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

Awesome, standing ovations over here :) Great cinematic qualities and background story. I was pretty confused about the battles at first, who is firing on who and why that enemy ship exploded without me doing anything specific.

I see, thanks for the feedback!

Loved this one, most addictive submission I've seen so far.  The mechanics are nice, I like how you can use the player to steer the ball when it's boucing around. Had issues getting into fullscreen at all in firefox, but it worked in Edge. Nice contrast with the pixel art style and the smooth particle effects. Sound would be great, as others have mentioned :)

Thank you, glad you liked it! The parts are just spawned randomly, so you often have to wait a lot. I'd have wanted to make sure things appear for certain after some time, but didn't get to that before the deadline. Hm, not being able to "possess" another body is new to me. Do you mean, nothing compatible (a small blue creature) showed up, or you just couldn't take it over?

Ok, I need to play Spore, it seems :D The collection mechanism definitely needs a better design, completely agree. It's at times even hard for myself to see why I can't pick something up.

I am a little embarassed to admit, but I never played spore. Probably should. Glad you liked the mechanics, I tried at least to make sure it felt smooth :)

I agree, the collectibles are hard to identify. I tried my best, but ultimately didn't have time for another pass on the art assets. Thanks for playing!

Thank you! I agree, there's a lot of balancing and tweaking to be done, most of it is just randomness. But I have to say, I'm just glad people generally are able to make sense of the mechanics at all :)

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback! There's really a lot of stuff that is just random and can lead to mishaps like dying instantly or having to wait forever. Not enough time for tweaking and balancing... the other creatures don't do anything specific, other than potentially eating you. In an extended version, I would want to give them different behaviors, and have lots more variety.

Thanks everyone! I did ask Zesix, and he said new platform builds are fine. Maybe that helps someone else here.

I just asked, it's fine :)

That sounds neat, like a different plane of existence when you're dead. And then there's another plane when you die in there. Or something.

Hey, I'm new to the platform and wasn't aware that one can nicely launch a browser game directly from the page. Would it be OK to add a WebGL build of my game even now? It's the exact same game, and people wouldn't have to download the installer. But I don't want to get disqualified now.

Couldn't launch this either :/

That's interesting, I wasn't aware that WebGL builds could be played directly on the pages, so I built a windows executable. Wonder if it would be OK to add a WebGL build now, after the submission deadline?

Had a fun time solving the puzzles! It was clear enough to me that I'd have to die to remove the skull-signed elements, but realizing that "sunlight" was a deadly laser took me some time. I wonder if these interesting mechanics could be packaged into a story that makes the interaction more obvious? I mean, it fits the jam theme perfectly, but why would player death change the environment?

Is this playable at all? I tried to pick up an orb, but none of the objects in the environment seemed to do anything.