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Thanks! Yes that's basically the end!

Thank you Oliver!

Either double click on the downloaded package or use the git package from

I've added a 32bit build

It looks like it could be a problem related to zip overwriting the permissions, I used tar instead for the mac build, let me know if that worked

Weird, I've added a build that's M1 only, please tell me if that works

It's 5 lights in total! For the beach one, there is a few rocks that go in the water you can walk on.

The pond is not too deep, you can walk to it!

Thanks, if you stay immobile for longer (past the point where the screen is full) you can then walk for longer.

Just take your time!

Thanks a lot! Actually I sprinkled a few hidden statues here and there, nothing collectible but still.
Also, have you find the ghost?

I think stopping the player was necessary to enforce the message, also if you stayed more without moving you could then move for longer.
Yes it's a post process on a low resolution render.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

It runs at thousands of fps on my computer so I don't really think performance is an issue.
Also if you don't see the theme I think you really missed the point.


Thanks, it's a post process based on a low resolution render.

Thank you!


I would have preferred tile based movement but other than that the gameplay was super fun and the game really well executed, good job!

Hey, if you are using the transparent window modifier you should always be building to test your project otherwise it will result in strange behaviour as Unity as a whole will be modified.

Right click on the icon and  click close window.

Desktopia community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Use this topic to give feature  suggestions.

Hey, the idea was that figuring out was also part of the experience as I spread clues here and there (both inside and outside the game).
The fact that you can not even do alt-f4 was also a mean to make you feel trapped within the game with no idea how to escape.

So spoiler :

To finish a level you have to make the smiles reach a square on the ground hidden in the level.
To make them move you have to attract them by activating one of the cross on the ground, it will always go to the closer one.

I guess playing as a severed arm is pretty original !

I loved the very unique gameplay and art style, it kinda reminded my of some gba games.
In the other hand, had some trouble with the controls as I felt like the ball was at bit too heavy and floaty but that's an easy fix for a post jam version and did not really take anything away from this great entry !