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What's the feel on post-jam updates? My submission desperately needs updates and I would really like to update...

Nice idea.

I really like the concept of this... Just too bad it did not work too well

Cool game... Tested my patients :P but really cool.

Thanks a million man. I am working on a post-jam version as it is, but these ideas, awesome

Love the puzzles behide this. Well done.

Very smoothly done :)

Well done! Was quite brilliant to see this.

Nice colors and cool concept... 

Seems like it was a fun dev experienment? Good work.

Remember, you can try the web version here :
Missed the deadline for this build by a few minutes.

It was fun, well done.

Came for the tanks... Stayed for the colors :P Really cool.

This is got to be the funnest game on this jam that I have seen. Great job.

Cute concept.... Not for my  brain tho :P

Color. Looked like a good fun project to work on. Congrats

Liked what you did with the whole "space" effect

Looked nice... Interesting...

Very interesting approach to puzzles...

Brilliantly executed.

Hehehe, worth the 3 hours of stress ;)

Lol cute. Good work.

Cute, inspirational of what can be done. Love to see if you take it future and make more out of this.

I liked the music. I think it suits the game! However the stage wasn't rotating and the rest of the rotations didn't really have an impact on the outcome of the game. Other than that, very good fun!

Unfortunately I saw no rotation, however the game itself is nice and cute. Good job on the retro style!

Looks interesting and good... and complex... Which is good... Good luck.

Nice game.... was fun flying around... Was just a little hard with only 4 bombs :P

Quite cleaver idea... Pulled it off well...

Good game...

Cute... Did not really hit the spot for me, but I bet the development was real fun. A's for doing tho...

Loved it, was pretty cool. Very very nice. I had some good laughs playing this.

Was interesting.... Needs some tweaking... But then again I aint really a golf fun... Nice tho.

Nope... 1.12... Cool tho... Interesting...

Quite neat, liked it. The colors were a little hard to see. 

Currently on 1000 with time and $4500 credits and an unbeatable setup :D

Going to let it play for a few hours and see if it crashes :D

Pretty clever what you manage to achieve.

Pretty damn good, quite liked this :)

Dying to see what I will get :D

Like the idea.... can really make a fun game.

Lol, got scared when I saw the face, but he was nice atleast :P
Interesting concept :)