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To whom?
If you mean the developers, join the Discord under here:

I would love to play this game with my Brother, but it is again Windows only?!

Are there problems with the Linux and Mac Builds?

Try this one:

Whenever you have troubles with Pixelorama you can always ask on the Discord Server, there we can hear your calls for help faster ;), the main developer is also more active there.

And if you have found a bug or something different that needs to get fixed, you can always open an issue on Github:

Could you try the latest 0.8-dev version?

Here is the link for web:

For downloads:

(If the downloads are greyed out you have to sign into Github)

You can see the current state of the Turkish language support here:

You are also able to contribute translations.

I totally agree with both of these issues, I which I could have improved over a lot of time, but I had a small time window. 

It is out of your control what the outcome of the dice score is :) 

Great, that you came that far! You could have pressed 'R' to teleport to the last spawnpoint when you were falling (Just a tip ;) )

I'm glad you liked it. And about the bats which were blocking you, you can press 'R' to teleport to the last campfire!

Yes, polishing isn't really my thing (that's why most of my games lack on it). But I'm very glad you liked the controls!

Linux and OSX version would be neat

Sweet short little game, I loved it!

It would be nice if you could provide a Linux and OSX version, thanks

Thanks for the feedback, John! I'm glad you liked the movement and the secrets. That's what I mainly focused on. I updated the game and now the bass isn't that loud anymore ;)

Thanks, for the feedback, I considered to let the double jump reset but scraped it, but I think because I still have time I'll implement it. The visual feedback when hit I also consider doing. And the ambience I should probably turn down, yes.

It is, but I like the goose how it is right now, just so cute

There is in fact explanation at the itch page. An there stands: That you can reactivate blocks with the right mouse button

Thanks for the feedback! I really would've loved to play your game but I am a linux user, so I can't play it.

You can reactivate block with the right mouse button if you have a bug collected

This game is really charming! I had to smile all the time. And then there was the genre change which was incredible funny! Loved it!

I think this game would be very enjoyable to play if there weren't the collisionboxes out of hell. It got really frustrating when I touched one pixel of an object. I also think it's unnecessary to let the walls kill you if you touch them. It also happened a few times to me that when I got into the goal I accidentally pressed R and schwupsdiwupsch I was back at the beginning. I think this game could be very much fun if it wasn't that frustrating.

Interesting look and interesting game. The way the bugs are used is very creative but often causes that you get stuck -- very frustrating. But overall very good game

Lovely game

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Thank you very much for rating our game! I agree that the controls weren't explained that well, time was short. And respawning is no problem. Just press R

Thanks for the feedback! It is possible to re-power this one block with the right mouse button ;).

The game looks amazing.

But sadly I am a linux user, is there a way you can export to linux?

20 :). The 0 in the font looks like a 8 I know

I don't know i you used it, but the dash is exactly for that!

All Wildcard were used! Explanation:

Copy that Floppy: There's a floppy disk

Wing it: The islands and the goal are randomized.

Phantom Sequel: The story is about something you did before that game

So I played it on android and got to say the visuals are incredible. The art really really looks great. The mechanics are also really cool I just have problems with timing the jumps on my phone. But all in all great game!

Could you make the rar files to zip files? Thanks

I am very interested in your offer. Your music should be perfect for my game. So please DM me per Discord(Schweini#9402) then I will give you more info. When you don't have Discord we could also use Reddit, Instagram or any other Messenger that we both could use.

Sunday I'll fix that. Sorry for that but I am far away from my Pc right now 

I'd been scrolling throught the posts and many were about: "I can't open the game, I have to use WinZip or so but I do not wanna!" 

Use 7-Zip pls.

It's the same as WinZip but FREE and OPENSOURCE.

Hope that helps

Use 7-ZIP

Could you be more precise what's wrong?

WinZip is a programm which unzips packages like .zip but you have to pay money to use it. Use 7-ZIP which is opensource to unzip the .zip folder.

I just tried it and it works perfect!