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I am very interested in your offer. Your music should be perfect for my game. So please DM me per Discord(Schweini#9402) then I will give you more info. When you don't have Discord we could also use Reddit, Instagram or any other Messenger that we both could use.

Sunday I'll fix that. Sorry for that but I am far away from my Pc right now 

I'd been scrolling throught the posts and many were about: "I can't open the game, I have to use WinZip or so but I do not wanna!" 

Use 7-Zip pls.

It's the same as WinZip but FREE and OPENSOURCE.

Hope that helps

Use 7-ZIP

Could you be more precise what's wrong?

WinZip is a programm which unzips packages like .zip but you have to pay money to use it. Use 7-ZIP which is opensource to unzip the .zip folder.

I just tried it and it works perfect!

I played the demo today at Game City and I have a question: Is it possible to port the Game to Linux and Mac? I'm using Linux and I'm really interested in the game! 

A Linux version would also be great..

That hurts. :|

Godot is for me the better Unity alternative. It has a very strong 2D Engine, but a weak 3D engine. For now Unity is the better 3D engine. But with Godot 4.0. that will (hopefully) change!

Yup. I'll use it

I'm a user of the Godot Game Engine. So if I would win, the prices would bring me nothing. What would happen then with the price?  Would the runner-up get it (if he uses Unity)?

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After my holidays I will improve the game a bit. Until then I'm not able to do smth. with Godot. Thanks for the feedback!

I'm not sure if it works now: I added the .pck file from the windows export to the folder, but I think it should work.