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That's just because of the way Blackthornprod paints, I think.

Oh my god it's a game made in Processing! :O That' so cool! :D

Oh yeah, the game... It's awesome! A very unique way to tell a story and well executed.

Thanks, I'll try my best! ;D

Very unique method of controlling the character!

I myself didn't enjoy the game itself very much though, as it's essentialy just luck if you make it or not.

Do appreaciate the working android-build though, because many other games labled "Android" don't seem work.

Had some problems with the buttons not working, but that's probably the fault of my phone.

A Tetris Maker is a cool idea, but it's just way to easy as Iron Pro mentioned earlier. Yes, the controls are a little sloppy too, but I think buttons at the bottom would indeed solve that problem. Although just improving the swiping controls woud probably be the better option

Thanks for the kind words, man! Really appreciate it!

Completly agree with you on that first part!😅 But looking up tutorials for how to make a game like this one? I don't know, but I feel like that's kind of the point of game jams. Trying stuff out, and gathering experience.

Also please keep in mind that "Only One Night" was written in plain Java without a game engine. That's probably a bad excuse...😅

Anyways, thanks for your feedback!

Oh, cool! I'm excited to see more of them! :D

Very cool concept! Only wish you had created more levels.