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Haha, thanks! :D

Cool idea and fun game, although it took me a bit to get the hang of the mechanic :D

Cool idea and nice execution! :D

Wow! Going into this game I did not expect it to be loaded with so much humor and charm, but boy, was I wrong! :D

I absolutely loved the story and the art as well as sound design! Well done! :D

Thank you for your feedback! :D

Everything in the city looks very much alike. I was  thinking about fixing this by giving the environment some color (which I skipped because of time during the jam) and see how that looks. A minimap might also be a good idea.

I noticed during developement that I myself was just spaming the shoot button (because why wouldn't you?) but didn't get around to fixing that. I'm also not quite sure how one would go about doing that. Maybe the gun could roughly rotate in the direction of the mouse? I'll have to experiment with that. :P

Thanks for playing! :D

Thank you! :D

Very cool mechanic and great art and sound design!

The only thing I would add is some sort of indicator which fields a spell is going to attack.

Very fun game! :D

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I'm guessing you're referring to the American memes... Yes. Yes I have been.

Nice idea, but I'd recommend you improve on the controls. They don't feel very intuitive. Maybe just using a and d instead of the right arrow keys could've made a difference.

Love the music though! :D

I very much like this game and think that this could become a neat little minigame with some polish! :D

The sound design is great, the concept is (eventhough simple) fun and the graphics are good too! Maybe add some some screen shake for that extra juice and don't allow enemy tanks to spawn right next to you not giving the player any chance to defend themselves.

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Yep, I need to start spending more time on design and making sure there's actually something to do instead of just coding 24/7 haha

Thanks for playing! :D

Thanks! I really just chose the art style because I knew I wouldn't be able to create anything better (not only due to time constraints haha), but I actually kind of like it so I will probably do some more stuff with it in the future! :D

Wow, thanks a lot for all that feedback! :D

I completly agree with all the points you made, so let me elaborate:

  • Yes, there isn't much strategy involved in shooting and in hindsight a city with narrow streets in which you can't really walk around enemies probably wasn't the best fit for a mechanic like this. I wanted to improve on the aim, but couldn't because of time constraints.
  • I'm surprised you like the big bullet ability, as it is very glitchy, but thank you! The same goes for the "lock direction" one as well - it was supossed to lock your aim for a few seconds so it would stop rotating and you could shoot in one direction. Sadly the button seems to be broken and I didn't have time to fix it.
  • More enemies would've been really cool, but again, time was an issue.

Thanks for playing! :D

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In that case, I'll try again! ;D


Yaaay, I did it!

Thanks! :D

Very cool concept! Had to give up at level three though (guess I'm not that great at multi-tasking o.O).

Fun game! :)

I was also gonna say - better input and larger hitboxes for the "chargers".

This game is suprisingly fun and original! Took me a bit to get the hang of it, but after that it was really engaging!

My only complaint is the level generation, which can be kind of weird at times (long passages of nothing, enemies spawning seemingly in oneanother). That could've used some work, or maybe you could've just used premade leves.

Other than that, great game! :D

Nice art and sound design, but sadly I have no idea what you're supposed to do.

A quick tutorial, maybe even on this page could've helped this game a lot.

Tried my best, thank you! :D

Thank you! :D

Haha, that's how it was meant to be played! ;D

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I absolutely love the graphics and the audio of this game! I'll forgive them for not being made during the jam. ;D

The game itself can feel a little slow at times because of Bob's walking speed and some passages that are longer than they needed to be. I was also scared that I would get frustrated after dying many times, but the game is luckily short enough so that didn't happen. ;D Overall a fun experience.

Absolutely love the music and art, it fits the game so well! :D

Also a very clever concept, although it took me a while to get it. Sometimes the employes take a bit long to do their task, or maybe they just got stuck, but otherwise a very fun experience!

(My highscore is 700 btw, can anyone beat it? ;D)

Interesting and weird idea, I like it! :D

Probably won't change anything about that fly minigame for you, but if you haven't seen the rest of the game that makes sense lol.

Also thanks for testing if it works on mac, forgot to mention that earlier.

Damn, I knew I made that minigame to hard...

But honestly, that's already way better of a review than I expected! Thank you so much! :D

Oh, and if you can keep a secret, if you completed the houses in the intended order (top 2 ones first), there really wasn't much game left anyways.😅 (Altough you did miss out on the in my opinion better soundtrack😉)

I have no easy way to test if it works on mac, but shouldn't jar files work everywhere? That's at least what Java promises. Could you try it out for me, please? ;)

If it doesn't work and I get a build for mac running, why would I need to upload it to somewhere else?

That's just because of the way Blackthornprod paints, I think.

Oh my god it's a game made in Processing! :O That' so cool! :D

Oh yeah, the game... It's awesome! A very unique way to tell a story and well executed.

Thanks, I'll try my best! ;D

Very unique method of controlling the character!

I myself didn't enjoy the game itself very much though, as it's essentialy just luck if you make it or not.

Do appreaciate the working android-build though, because many other games labled "Android" don't seem work.

Had some problems with the buttons not working, but that's probably the fault of my phone.

A Tetris Maker is a cool idea, but it's just way to easy as Iron Pro mentioned earlier. Yes, the controls are a little sloppy too, but I think buttons at the bottom would indeed solve that problem. Although just improving the swiping controls woud probably be the better option

Thanks for the kind words, man! Really appreciate it!

Completly agree with you on that first part!😅 But looking up tutorials for how to make a game like this one? I don't know, but I feel like that's kind of the point of game jams. Trying stuff out, and gathering experience.

Also please keep in mind that "Only One Night" was written in plain Java without a game engine. That's probably a bad excuse...😅

Anyways, thanks for your feedback!

Oh, cool! I'm excited to see more of them! :D

Very cool concept! Only wish you had created more levels.