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Already very fun and polished. :)

That's what I meant - pressing X on keyboard didn't work for me

This is so damn juicy omg I love it. I think my only criticism at first blush is the character is hard to see. Maybe some kinda outline or something would help?

For some reason X button to start didn't work. I'm in Firefox. Maybe the plugin wasn't installed?

I like the music but I can't seem to figure out where the beat is? It's a little ambiguous. I think it'd help to have better visual indication as to when to press.

This game is very cool. I think this is worth refining. It's way too hard for me as it currently is but the concept is really neato.

I've never used Twine before but I might be able to lend a hand with troubleshooting if I could see the source content. I'm used to spinning up on new tools and troubleshooting games in a professional capacity. You can reach out to me directly if that's of interest. Same username on Twitter.

I was able to repro with a substantially different path. One correction: I chose Wu on both playthroughs, but it looks my path/options changed due decisions that predate that. This time I had the softcore option, but did not have the option to sneak in or take evidence. I still ended up on the same dead end.
I also found a minor conversation loop that I didn't notice before in my first conversation with Fang.
I'm really astonished by the narrative complexity and think this is really special, so I hope highlighting flaws isn't too much of a downer.

IIRC I sided with the Wen, I think I collected evidence, and I snuck in. Sorry that my memory isn't the best. I'm in the middle of a parallel playthrough and will see if I can reproduce it. :)
Side-question: Is the game intended to be played in one sitting, or are you supposed to be able to close it and continue it later?

In case I sent you on a wild goose chase with "空白" I think what I was actually reading was an empty text node. I forgot my browser was Japanese and since some of the game has Chinese characters I mistook them (since they're valid in both languages). Oops? Haha.

The last sentence before the missing link is "You dash for the streets outside ."
I can see some hidden text in the page source "空白" but it looks like a conditional expression is hiding it and there's no alternative. Not sure if there's a way I can tweak it so I don't lose my progress.

Love it, though I've run into a few issues, particularly with saving and in some cases hitting a dead end. I want to chew on this slowly but it seems my browser doesn't properly maintain progress? Anytime I reload it it starts over. :(

Very well-done. It captures the same joy I got from the original. The level of polish really shows. :)

I think the real question is "what am I finishing". In my case, I was finishing a feature submission to an open source game engine for review. That's not the same as a finished feature, but it is finished in the sense of completing what I set out to do during the month. Though I do get your point, and I think that's the real intent of the jam. It's what we should strive for, but different people have different goals, and the keyword for me in Finally Finish Something was the "Something" part.

Personal take:

  • Let's do these more often. Someone in discord mentioned every 6 months. I think that might be a nice experiment over the next year.
  • Time limit was perfect for me, so no complaints. I have personal retrospectives for how I used it, but no criticisms of the time limit itself.
  • I didn't use Twitter, though I did use it on Twitch. I recall a friend misinterpreted FFS as "For ****s Sake" which I found humorous, though I'm guessing that wasn't the intent. :P
  • As far as voting goes, I'll openly admit that I didn't do any of that. It wasn't about ratings or feedback for me. I wasn't looking for feedback, so I felt no obligation to reciprocate. I suspect many others were similar in this way - this jam is about the very personal matter of FINALLY FINISHING SOMETHING. Showcasing is a side-effect. Still, I feel kinda bad about doing nothing, but on a more practical note I had (and still have) other time-sensitive matters to attend to.
  • Collaboration wasn't really a factor for me. In my case it was personal goal, so the interpersonal support/encouragement was sufficient. :)
  • Vibe was good on discord, though the forum vibe felt less inviting for some reason. Can't place my finger on why.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll be sure to make it friendlier to multiple resolutions. In addition to the text displayed, you can change the window and frustum size in the INI file. I ought to have noted that, but I didn't even think to.

Man I haven't played one of these in ages. Hope to try it out!

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I'm working on an open source game engine contribution: data-oriented text styling with a custom markup language! It's been in the works for a big part of last year, but for a sufficient number of reasons (such as significant upstream changes) I decided to totally re-architect the underpinnings while keeping the overall design/interface and do a chunk every day to complete it on time. Normally I wouldn't want to re-work something like this when it's "so close" but it's actually blowing by quickly since I surgically extract a lot of the old code and know exactly what I'm doing this time around. I only work on it while Twitch streaming to document my process and give the game engine some more public exposure. I'm having a lot of fun with it. :D
The game engine
My channel where you can view recent recordings or watch it live

My public fork/branch

Not so sparkly and interesting to look at yet since I'm still wrapping up the data model and parser, but it'll get there. Check them out if you feel so inclined.