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Personal take:

  • Let's do these more often. Someone in discord mentioned every 6 months. I think that might be a nice experiment over the next year.
  • Time limit was perfect for me, so no complaints. I have personal retrospectives for how I used it, but no criticisms of the time limit itself.
  • I didn't use Twitter, though I did use it on Twitch. I recall a friend misinterpreted FFS as "For ****s Sake" which I found humorous, though I'm guessing that wasn't the intent. :P
  • As far as voting goes, I'll openly admit that I didn't do any of that. It wasn't about ratings or feedback for me. I wasn't looking for feedback, so I felt no obligation to reciprocate. I suspect many others were similar in this way - this jam is about the very personal matter of FINALLY FINISHING SOMETHING. Showcasing is a side-effect. Still, I feel kinda bad about doing nothing, but on a more practical note I had (and still have) other time-sensitive matters to attend to.
  • Collaboration wasn't really a factor for me. In my case it was personal goal, so the interpersonal support/encouragement was sufficient. :)
  • Vibe was good on discord, though the forum vibe felt less inviting for some reason. Can't place my finger on why.