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Thanks so much Zombie! No need to throw money. lol Earlier this month I got the project greenlit with my boss. Will make a formal announcement hopefully next month with some updates. Just be you and share your thoughts and experiences. All I generally ask for. :)

Stay in touch!  :D

Thanks for playing and the suggestion. I don't know why that had gotten past me especially in regard to those streaming for viewers unaware of the warning. 

Thanks! Is it possible you can go through a couple of the steps that let to that issue? 

Hey Asdoty, sorry this was your experience when th the demo. This is the first time hearing about such an issue. 

If you have time, can you list out the steps as explicitly as possible to reproduce this? Thanks!

I don't plan on creating sexual content for the sake of it (let alone for attention) in my personal work. But I've been twirling the idea with other developers on starting a separate company for such endeavors. Especially since I DO one to make the old prototype a proper game. I can't promise anything of the sort soon though, but I'm glad to hear there is some interest for me to return it.

Yeah, I usually have to resort to alternate measures to record. I’d like to do whatever I can to make screen recording work as fluid as possible, so this helps a lot. Thanks again!

Hey Dragon. Finally got back home from Vacation. Is it possible I can get a rundown of your system specs? I would like to run the debug on the similar specs.

Thanks DE for the in-depth response. 

Regarding the lag, the mouse movement might be an issue with me limiting the cursor to the pixel ratio and not the screen size, so it may appear laggy, but might feel sluggish. This might have been an  oversight since responsiveness over aesthetics might dictate if I roll that back. I’ll prob add it as a settings option and default it to off.

The rest of the critiques I can definitely agree with. When the threat becomes real when the player explores the mines, the heart rate mechanic will become more apparent. Both emotional and functional as a mechanic.

Pacing between mundane and story will be balance more over time as I get to see more responses to the demo. Aside from patches, I hope to see you play the future demos as production continues.

Thanks again! 

Thanks! I really appreciate it. Def stay in touch on Twitter. :)

So, I got to say, congrats on what you did here. I came here after watching CJUGames playthrough of the Founder's Edition. While watching the playthrough, I realized how much we share ideologically in regards to game design decisions and progression techniques. You brought a massive grin to my face. What a pleasant f#$@ed up game. It was an addicting and engaging experience with excellent diegetic UI, impressive visuals, good optimization, perfect soundscape and audio.

You have me invested. It may not be much, but I did throw a bit more money your way. I'll be waiting for the next update to play it myself. I WILL FIND the time to play it. Keep up the amazing work. 

Finally got a chance to play this since I heard about it over on the facebook adventure gamers group...holy cow am I impressed with what you did in AGS. I have to say it was one of the most impressive uses of the engine. Not even Wadjet Studios come close even with their latest game. 

Such an intriguing concept and parts hit so hard to home. Beautiful work. I look forward to seeing what else comes from this. :)

I'm hoping thats the reason its locked behind a password. Not some backlash with people that cant chill. I've seen some of the comments on some of the tweets about the game and made me want to make up my own mind on it.

So many comments hating on the game despite the recommendations...and now i'm here unable to even play the game due to an error. :(

Darn, I heard so much about it and its what got my attention peaked for this compilation....which led me to find some AMAZING demos of games I never saw coming. Still, its the only game I didn't get running out of all the games.

Most definitely. I'm hoping to have a guide a month after I release the final version. :)

Thanks Kraiyan! :) Yeah, dithering was something i've never worked with "dithering" before, so it was a fun learning process to get dirty with a new concept. lol Hope you'll enjoy the next release :)

I've always looked up to Obra Dinn Lucas Pope before Obra Dinn when that game was in production. The look and feel was ripe with giving retro aesthetics a new life in a new medium. Definitely something I wanted to experiment with for the first time in my indie career. Glad you liked it! The new shader system comes closer to the aesthetic than the demo.

Will be showing off new screenshots in tomorrow's first post-gamejam announcement. Def stay in touch and stick around. :)

By the way, love your avatar. Huge TPN fan. :)

I'm considering figuring out a html5 browser version after the game jam voting is done. It's not that hardware intense, so  I think it would be a fun idea for those like you. I'll make an announcement on it if it's possible. :)

Thanks! Hope to hear more from you in the future. :)

Yeah, I'm not a fan of jumpscares myself, thats why I tone them down audio wise. If something gets you, it should always be something built up on, than just random dude that pops out of nowhere. I'm super happy you enjoyed it. I can't wait for you to play the full version in the future. Definitely stay in touch! :)

I always go into a project thinking there is music then I realize...the environment and tone sells it more most of the time.  I knew the room tone ambience would help a lot here. Thanks for playing! <3

Really appreciated Fedusiv! Hope you enjoy the future full release. :)

Mooseman. Funny, I've been thinking about your comment and I decided to search Feducia on youtube. Funny enough a random youtuber dealing with hunting, has a bunch of videos with deer horns plastered on their thumbnails. Weird coincedence. XD

Nonetheless, this entity is but one of five entities with meaningful representations through their visages.

Hope you come back in the future for the Full Release!

Take care. <3

Thanks for playing and video! Hope you come back and play the full game in the future. <3

Thanks Berry for giving the demo a try. Glad the unnerving atmosphere hit its mark. Since there isn't any direct player urgency in the demo, I wouldn't be surprised some won't be feeling it's scary in gaming context. I hope the full game will be able to give that much needed urgency though, so I look forward to having you test future builds and give me feedback. I'll definitely being opening up closed testing to gauge what works and what doesn't.

I want to dig into that text break part though. Do you mean when a sentence preemptively breaks like in your video where the "I" sits alone as the sentence carried on? Like you'd rather after a sentence ends, the following sentence will sit on its own line? Or do you mean you'd rather hyphenate words that wrap so it flows like a block.

The rest of your critiques I can say are definitely already planned, so hopefully you'll be happy with the goals of the end product.

THANK YOU for the critiques. I'm really appreciative of it. :) Stay in touch! You can definitely reach out to me over on twitter if its easier over comments.

I'm sorry. lol Glad you liked it. Definitely stay in touch! :D Hope you like the things in store for the future full release. :)

Thanks Mahdi!

Glad the heartbeat system worked well. It'll be elaborated on a lot more in the full game. Glad you enjoyed! :)

Thanks, i'll consider adding another function to detect a click during transition so it skips it altogether. :)

Thanks for the suggestions. I can definitely get behind all of that and I think I can push a bit more on how things can be more animated and interactive. I love interactivity so I think  I can make that work in the grand scheme of things. Definitely more audio, tho the reason why I didn't include any music was to prevent taking too much time on scoring it, but that will definitely be something to come at least when I start releasing alpha/beta builds leading up to the full release.

Glad to have you on board. :)

Agreed, and yes you are correct, a lot of the story revolves on your connection with the husband which is explored through each scenario. Looking forward to seeing what you think with the full game. :)

Thank you. There's a special place for classic adventures in my heart. It'll evolve long after the Jam, but i'm glad key points in the game was a highlight for you. Stay in touch. :)

Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it as much as I loved working on it. There's so much to work with, but if I stick to the design doc for once and spare time considered,  I should be able to get a full release out in the next two months, or early access at the very least. Stay in touch! :)

Thank you for your kind words. I hope to get one last update to the game before I start working on the full version. Looking forward to hearing what you think then. :)

Yup, learned the same thing back in college. Pretty much the same concept applied to UX. Though not much applied to my game as what I learned was the system in which the controller works with the camera network and how it handles scene based functions. Which was something I've never managed to do before in any of my projects.

Pretty much a new way of handling scene camera management, text parsing with pretty text, and level scripting in a way that doesn't require making MANY child instances to create a story flow with all actors. Gave me a new understanding of rapid prototyping and really will help with future Jams.

Here's the demo for my romantic horror submission, Feducia.

Aside from a few 3d assets and sounds, everything was done by me. From shader and mood creation, UI systems like fancy text generation and narrative. No premade assets among those I made within the span of the jam.

Here's the demo for my romantic horror submission, Feducia.

Aside from a few 3d assets and sounds, everything was done by me. From shader and mood creation, UI systems like fancy text generation and narrative. No premade assets among those I made within the span of the jam.

Here's the demo for my romantic horror submission, Feducia.

Aside from a few 3d assets and sounds, everything was done by me. From shader and mood creation, UI systems like fancy text generation and narrative. No premade assets among those I made within the span of the jam.