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IMPORTANT, IF YOU KEEP LOSING AFTER ONE LETTER, IT IS CASE SENSITIVE. Haha, took me too long to realize that. Lots of fun, and to be honest, my typing skills notably improved XD

I grew up in the Mavis Beacon days, the days when the best video game I had on my pc was something involving typing words correctly to, I dunno, keep penguins on an iceberg I think it was?

This was a funny return to that, allbeit much less forgiving. Obviously this is leaning much more on the "game" aspect of a typing game, considering the addition of accessories and humorous "lore", so it makes sense that it's a little tougher than whatever Beacon would do.

I didn't get a chance to finish it, I imagine getting over the mountain is possible, I made the mistake of restarting to try out the passwords, not realizing if I did that I'd lose my progress (I'll blame myself for that, that seems obvious in retrospect) 

Other than that, it was lots of fun! Can't wait to try and finish it again! Thanks for the laughs!



So much fun! I'm not sure if there's necessarily an ending, but it seems like I at least haven't gotten the highest score yet, and I look forward to playing again to try for it!

The art is really well done, and I love the story. A D&D group who's eyes were a bit bigger than their wisdom checks trying to take on a boss at level 1 is hilarious, and I've been the healer in those sorts of sessions XD

My only real complaint if one could even call it that is the obvious one; drawing with a mouse is uncomfortable. I played a similar game in the past and I found the cure is to use my drawing tablet instead of my mouse, but I wanted to give it my absolute best before changing hardware.

What I learned is that this is a tough game, haha. I had a theory of maybe letting 2 people die so I could focus on the one, but it seems that having multiple is more helpful to spread out the problems. The god will make an attack at intervals to whomever is around, so the moment you lose one, you are just about doomed. Which is D&D basically.

I had a lot of fun with this, and I'm getting myself up to another try with my tablet soon, maybe I'll be at least slightly better! Thank you for making this!

This is so much fun, gave me plenty of laughs and giggles, and makes me want to learn more about toast cats. The graphics are very well done, very clean and polished, and everything handles exactly as you feel it should.

You know, the way you expect bread and a cat to move autonomously to each other, and then how they would handle feels right in my experience.

Thank you for this title! Can't wait to play the full version!

Very calming! I played it once on my channel and a few times on my own, a very delightful little puzzle game that's helped me de-stress a couple times after work!

Lots of fun! Very original idea! I've played it a few more times since recording for my channel and have gotten slightly better, but dodging those viruses is still the death of me everytime X)

The only thing I noticed is that in the starting tutorial it mentioned files that I shouldn't delete (system files) and I haven't run into those yet in the gameplay. I would've assumed it came up more often, but maybe I just haven't progressed enough to hit them haha.

Very fun game, thank you for making it!

Definitely a challenge by the end, but I can say, it was satisfying to walk through the final door!

So first and foremost, love the look of it. My tiny candle body is adorable. Well done on having a "dark atmosphere" that gets even darker when I lose my candle head, yet at no point did I ever struggle to see what was going on on screen. There was only one point where I couldn't quite see what was keeping me from progressing, and it's because I was still learning about triggering doors and missed that I closed one in front of me, so not bad, it was still in the learning stages. This game had a great ramp up to the challenging levels, only occasionally asking for pixel-perfect jumps and precision throws.

That being said....that final level XD

I'm not gonna lie, if I wasn't recording, there's a chance I would've given up. That was the longest time I've spent playing just one level since I started my channel. No part of it was too difficult, up until the final moving platforms. Every part before I could get roughly on the first run, or at least within the first few tries, and by the time I had gotten to the final platforms I was pretty good at the rest.

The only complaint I have about the final level (and honestly the whole game) when you come around the bend over the final platforms, just before triggering them, you can ride over the top to get a glimpse of the challenge below and see the 3 spikes on tracks. I wish somehow you could better see the next 3 as well just to better plan for it. The head throw mechanic is good, but a little tough to maneuver with, especially since you have to hold the throw button. This is the only puzzle I really felt like you had to memorize a sequence, as opposed to being skilled enough to pull it off the first time. Any other one you can quickly figure out the puzzle and run it, this one (unless I did it wrong, totally possible) needed you to fail forward enough times that you saw the next wave of moving spikes to then plan out how to deal with them next, which wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take another minute to get back to that spot to try again each time you fail.

Truly that's my only real complaint though, the other challenging bits I felt were tough but felt great to finally get them, and it wasn't too bad having to restart for them as they were close to the start. Maybe a more official end screen would be nice, but even just that end text was victory enough for me to be honest, haha.

Very fun title, OcO, can't wait to look around at some of your other games in the future!!

Oh my goodness, I'm in love with this game!

So currently I'm playing the gamejam version, as I was curious to see what had won (congrats by the way guys!!) and as soon as I get my next paycheck I'll be coming right back here to get the full version! This game is awesome! Way to make an incredible twist on chess while still keeping it strategy based!

Unless I'm missing it somewhere, I've yet to find a tutorial on the game for the rules, so I've just been sort of feeling it out. By now I think I've got them all down (I've been playing for hours since I recorded the video) and every little twist has been such a wonderful delight. Skip ahead to 6:35 to see my overreaction to learning how the soul cards work XD

I cannot wait to get the full version! Also as I'm posting this comment found out that MODS EXIST FOR THIS, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? *Takes several deep breathes

I won't be playing other games for a while it would seem

Thanks for letting me know about this one! Had a great time wandering about and causing some mischief!!

Truly beautiful! Still working my way up the tree now!

Visually, this game is already impressive. The gameplay is just the right amount of challenging so far, but I've now gotten up to the spiderweb and I feel like I'm having trouble with the lightning attack? I'm still trying to figure it out but it doesn't seem as effective as I'd think it'd be, or I'm just not maneuvering enough to attack without taking damage.

Can't wait to see what's at the top of this tree!!

So I'm a little confused by the ranking system on the dare page, I'm seeing different results around but on one of the pages you ranked #1, so....congratulations I think!?

Had a lot of fun trying this out, really took me back to my flash-game days! Felt like one of the idle resource games I'd play in a hidden tab in the computer lab during class, haha.

Great interpretation of the theme, and great graphics for it! Not sure how we got an island in the sky or what we did that made it start falling, but boy do I want to save it!

My only complaint is I didn't put together that I can soft-lock the game by accidentally hiring on too many people and not having room to hire a miner, and there's no way to hand a pick axe to someone already here, or a parachute for that matter.

Again, very well done, and a possible congratulations for your place in the contest! Hope you did well!

I honestly love how even in such a dark-sounding challenge, you two still make such an adorable mini game.

Played a few games from this challenge and was really excited to see you had entered! The game is really fun, beautifully drawn, and honestly quite the challenge. Never would I imagine that keeping a group of baby bears awake could be so troublesome. Well done!!

I love a good youtuber that gives themself a game challenge!

I love to find quirky games like this, and I had such a great time in this "faux IO" title! I'm honestly amazed that these weren't other players; the amount of work to create the AI's in different gameplay styles was brilliant!

Had an occasional bug that seemed I was no longer dealing damage? It wasn't making the punch noise anymore and if I tried beating up an AFK guy they'd never die. Not super sure?

Hoping that that's a glitch on my end cause I'd love to see what all the options in the shop are like at some point! Thanks BadGameDev! Very well done!

Really enjoyed the humor in this one. This is about the same level of urgency I tend to give my reactor when it's glowing and steaming

I know there's pretty minimal art in this game, but this is a really well designed little room! Everything I need to interact with is clear, but it's still got a messy vibe to it. Pipes and wires lay about, but I still got a shelf for my little rubber duck, and a sweet post-it doodle!

Again, the humor is delightful hearing these two banter back and forth. It feels like there's some years of friendship in there.

There was a strange glitch that seemed to prevent me from seeing the final message, even on a second playthrough (played windows version) but I was able to find it in another playthrough to add it in. Other than that, fun little game!

They grow up so fast, haha.

I just love that I'm needing more shipmates and I just casually swing by an orphanage. That's still making me giggle.

I'm not normally one for endless style games, but really did get a kick out of this one! The itch randomizer sent me here I believe and I'm very glad it did! The graphics looked great and I had a wonderful time knocking out other ships.

Curious if your shipmate count ever goes up? Cause part of me just wants to have a full ship of babies wandering around. It's playing out so well in my head XD

I feel like this is a new skill I need to hone.

Had a really great time trying this! The mechanic did a great job of slowly ramping up so it never felt too complicated or tough. Still not fully sure though how I accomplished some of these where I swear I hit a wall but it still launched me, but I'll take it!

Graphics look great, my goodness the music took me by surprise and I loved it! I did beat the main game while I was recording, but thinking I want to try some of the bonuses on a stream sometime! Took a look at the first one and I feel like I'm gonna need a stream to beat them with how hard they seem X)

XD I genuinely had to make a cup of tea and rest my throat after this!

I was planning to chill out with some friends and play games online after and had to completely call it off. I'm sure I was being a bit of a quiet wuss and stumbling around in the dark more than I should've, I was just so worried about calling attention to myself!

This was so much fun, just slightly disorienting for me. Thought the graphics were fun and fitting, and the game mechanic, OH THE GAME MECHANIC, it's the reason to tell all your friends over a cup of ginger and lemon chamomile

I've actually said to multiple people: "finally I have a game that lets me use my mouth as an inventory." Think I sold a few people to try it after with that line alone X)

Oh my goodness I loved this! Took a while but I finally hit my numbers!!!

I didn't know what to expect coming into this! I mean, space...toasters? I'm so glad I checked it out cause it led to so much hilarity.

The humor in this game is delightful, and the mechanic isn't too difficult, as long as you aren't doing something crazy like playing this while also studying for classes, making you feel like memorizing an arrow sequence + specific jazz hands for only a minute will make your brain explode....

Anyhoot, I ended up playing the game as a live stream, took around 40ish minutes to hit my sales numbers, and I got a 94% on my chapter test, so everything turned out pretty good in the end!

My only complaint, in the longer stream that I did I seemed to potentially get soft-locked and nearly wasn't able to beat the game, but figured out that the dangerous spaces could sometimes be an abandoned shop with a free item, and if you trade a shop you can make them restock something that you might need. A few times I got to tough spots where it seemed like hope was lost, the only thing was, I only messed up once. Like, I was expecting that if I danced wrong at a few planets, but for just one the game became nearly unbeatable because I couldn't purchase anything I actually needed, partially because the stores didn't stock them and by the time they did, I would be out of things to trade to get them. Curious if there's any protections against stuff like that from happening?

Other than that, this was such a fun game and I'm so glad I tried it. Thank you for such a wonderful time!!

Big thanks to the creator for reaching out and telling me about this one! Been playing it in my off hours now and then, it's been a delight!

So I had first played this before the tutorial was added, and I enjoy coming into things blind...this was one of the many times that that didn't work out for me XD

The tetris aspect of this game made absolute sense. Build a full line using blocks, line clears, rinse, repeat. My only issue came from the Yahtzee aspect of the game. Now I have played Yahtzee previously, it's just been a while so it took me some time to fully remember the rules; once I got it down though, this became a really great challenge!

Planning out the lines is crazy tough and a skill I'm still working on. However that is also a Yahtzee trait, the "I don't want this but it's all I've got to work with" rolls are pretty common, so this is a fun twist that at least gives you some extra agency over it. The drop speed is really nice and slow so as to give you just enough time to panic, calm yourself, and then find the right spot for the numbers each time. I'm just grateful you didn't also take the "increase drop speed as the game goes on" aspect from Tetris as well, haha!

Thank you again for telling me about this! Sorry it took so long to give my review!

I keep coming back to this in my free-time. Still can't get enough of these little buzzers so I've decided for the heck of it to even try speed-running it now. I'm still working on my strategy X)

Actually, when you feed her it lets you have one more bee in play. You can go from 5 to 7 bees this way. Took me a bit to figure it out too ;)

Alright, I'm actually really proud I managed to figure it out eventually without looking it up!

I had just come off of a kick of others watching scary/unlabelled tapes, and then itch throws this game in my face and I just HAD to play it! The puzzle was really cool, and the clips were so eerie! I give this so much credit for creating some a scary vibe whilst never having a single jumpscare!

I don't know why my phone didn't like the QR code for some reason, in the next episode I actually went through and recreated it in photoshop by hand to try and figure out what it was leading me to. I guess at that point I probably should've just looked it up, haha. Can't wait to see what else you have in store!!

Very curious about the tape footage, if it was recorded specifically for this game, was it actually old footage found somewhere and cut together with music (except the secret tape......hopefully...)

And now I'm craving sushi, lol

This was shockingly challenging but a total blast! Played this after playing two other games (hilariously titled out of control as well, it was here I realized they were all for a game jam) and this might've been my favorite of the three. The platforming felt great, the control/mirror mechanic was a lot of fun to mess around with, albeit slightly headache inducing for some of the tougher levels (the hall of mirrors sushi grab namely, haha)

This was so much fun! I can't wait to see what comes next!

Easily the best "Clean-em-up" I've ever played, hands down!

I forgot to post before when I first played this months back, but I've played a few more times since off camera and I can safely say I'm still no good at this genre of game X)

That being said, there was never a dull moment in this. The art is truly wonderful to look at, the animation is flawless, the mechanics are easy to grasp (just hard for me, haha) and no matter how many times I've lost I've kept trying to come back for more. This has been SO much fun to play, and I can't wait to check out some of your other titles!

This is such a fun and unique way to show the summoning for a great beast. Loved the gameplay once I figured it out. 

So the gameplay at first was a little confusing, but after one or two plays I got the hang of it, and now it's a really fun rush I do every now and then in my downtime. 

I've got someone in my home who is a real Lovecraft fan girl so this was a fun one to try out and show her. The graphics are so great, and the difficulty level is absolutely perfect for the ritual. 

I've played some d&d in my day, and this feels very similar to some puzzles and skill checks I've had to do for roleplays, so much that I'm showing it to my usual DM to use as a tool for someone who needs to cast a similar ritual X) 

Thank you for the fun time!

OH my gosh I had goosebumps! I played this before checking the description so had no clue what I was getting into!

I had played another game of the same name (hilariously, it was in the same contest as this) and mistakenly advertised this game in the description. Once I had realized it I considered it serendipity and decided to okay this too. And boy howdy, I'm sooo glad I made that typo! 

I remember these old chatbots from class and occasionally you would get a response that seemed slightly too real, and this was playing on the 6th grade fear so well!

I feel like I didn't get to do too much with my replies as I didn't have a basic "yes or no" that I could copy and paste, but that just means I had to get more clever with my replies. 

I cannot wait for this project to continue!

Haha, this was shockingly complicated for me. It's not until something like this do you realize how standard "WASD" is for movement. 

I've been playing baba is you recently so I think itch promoted this one to me from that. This was very fun, and while I definitely see the inspiration, this still felt very unique as it's own puzzle game.

It's just the right amount of difficulty for me without getting frustrated. The idea of "I need to go right, so let's give myself the ability to go left and I'll eventually get there" really made me laugh, and felt so satisfying once I got it. 

Honestly wouldn't mind seeing more out of this, even if it were just a level editor. Very fun concept, and I'm sure the difficulty isn't that bad for someone more capable of recognizing wasd is now temporarily wdas X) 

Thank you for such a fun game!

So to my knowledge, I've never really played a resource management game, but now I'm really I to the genre!

This is a great casual game that I ended up playing quite a bit before bed to decompress after work.

I like the idea of turning a hive into a buzzing little factory, and every bee has its purpose. Skimping on any of them can lead to great consequences down the road, like a lack of needed resources, extensions not being built, or even just no bees at all (tip, keep your baby sitter numbers high) 

My only thing is I wish that moving things I had built were possible. Like at the start you just build around you because that's what you've got, but eventually I broke up my hive into areas so all of my map rooms and exits are in one space, also next to the pollen storage for easy drop offs, and the factories are on the other side. But to do that it meant demolishing and rebuilding things, which isn't bad, but I wish it were easier. I think I loose resources by doing it as I'm now loosing a storage unit full of pollen so I can move it across the hive. 

It's very relaxing, but I probably won't change hives in the future as I now know what all I need and want to build a little bee society 😁🐝

Very fun title! I'm still figuring out how to work the "death physics" to propel myself in the right direction, but it's very fun! Another great Takahashi classic!

Very unique game! I love the meta idea of using the actual game window as a puzzle element, I'm a sucker for that kinda stuff. Very quick to pickup and not too difficult to solve. Very glad Itch kept telling me to play it!

Ooooh, okay that makes sense. I was worried I was doing something wrong or my computer glitched it out, haha.

It was a lot of fun! I'm taking a look around your other work now!

A really fun and addictive serving game. I'm still working my way through the mechanics, but I'm still playing it on my channel!

This is a "thus far" review as I only made it to level 3 in my first play of it.

The mechics are tough but fair, and I'm still learning little tricks like how to kick up an order that's hit the ground. Also now that I've taken a look at the page (I prefer to start with blind plays, makes it more fun for me coming in) the hot dogs have quite a bit more use than I gave them credit for! I can't wait to try kicking them back at the bartender!

I'll probably add more as I play, but I will say I did previously work at a bar so I'll say this is pretty close to accurate ;)

You had me at "Relentless Velociraptor Mom" XD

So much fun this game, would totally love to see more levels added to it.

I truly didn't know what to expect when I came in. The art was very well done, I love the design of the mother.

Concept is really fun, I know I did this plenty of times when I was younger and it really brought back fond memories of quietly chopping off a block of cheese for my crackers while my parents watched late night TV in the next room. They were, well, human though.

I feel like the mechanics are pretty well balanced. I'm not sure if I was slower when holding more food, but I feel like I was, which helped me decide if I should do multiple trips or one slow one. Having to time out my breathing when she's near, or drop everything in front of me so I don't lose the lot was really fun. 

There were a handful of bugs but nothing too damaging. I think I did my winning run without distractions (and I never fully figured out how to search?) but they didn't take away any pleasure I had playing.

Hope to see more of this in the future! I had a great time, thank you for the title!

Such a cute game. Had a good time playing!

A very unique art style and I got a kick out of the quirky humor. The hidden "blue screen of death" joke really got me. I feel like this is how I act and talk when I'm sleep deprived. 

Thank you for the game!

So I had already played this before, but wanted to give it another try as I had figured out a better method. Not really a speed run guy but this was addictive enough to try!

I don't know if there's a leaderboard or a community thread for scores, but my best is now 14.3 tasks per hour, and finishing before my wife messages me she's going to bed 😁

Thank you again for such a fun game!!

Haha, I'm curious now what some of the intended answers are and how many I made way more difficult for myself X) 

It actually was the windows version, but not a worry. I did take a screen capture to send to my partner tonight :)

Very fun little puzzle game! Was wanting to play a holiday themed game and was so glad I found one with these sorts of physics.

I'm not sure if I did all the levels with the proper answers, but I thought it was clever how the snowflakes are the ornaments' favorite thing, but also not required to be collected, and if it falls out of their vision they go for the next one. Makes for some shockingly challenging puzzles.

Wouldnt mind seeing more levels added to this at some point, it was a lot of fun to play! 

Also, I did look it up and I'm amazed I've never heard of a new years tree. I might do one next year (if my cats let me)

Thank you E1e5en for the game!

Very cute little title. Short, but a good story with great visuals. I had played the demo for "bigger than me" and was excited to see what looked like the lead character of that game in this.

Very heartfelt in the end. I'm curious if there's more to the conversations that I missed? I messed with it a little off camera and felt like there was more puzzle to them but can't quite figure it out.

Very fun game! Simple mechanics, easy to pick up, and just enough of a challenge to be addictive without being frustrating.

TTwo things to admit for those who don't watch the video: 1. I chose hard mode because *insert good reason later* and 2. I think half of the video is level 1-6. It should be a testimint to the game that I was stuck playing that level over and over but having such a great time anyways that I kept pushing the end of the video just to see it through.

I kept launching myself somehow, I'm hoping I can review the footage and find out because it's so funny and fun to do that I want to learn to do it on purpose.

Other than that, I got a little lost in the menu, but that might be my fault, I don't use my ps4 controller that often so was never fully sure what button I was clicking. The gameplay is great and a total blast, and I want to gather some friends to play it with me!

Cant wait for the full release! Thanks for the game!