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This is such a fun and unique way to show the summoning for a great beast. Loved the gameplay once I figured it out. 

So the gameplay at first was a little confusing, but after one or two plays I got the hang of it, and now it's a really fun rush I do every now and then in my downtime. 

I've got someone in my home who is a real Lovecraft fan girl so this was a fun one to try out and show her. The graphics are so great, and the difficulty level is absolutely perfect for the ritual. 

I've played some d&d in my day, and this feels very similar to some puzzles and skill checks I've had to do for roleplays, so much that I'm showing it to my usual DM to use as a tool for someone who needs to cast a similar ritual X) 

Thank you for the fun time!


Hello, nice video you did there, it's was fun seeing you playing and trying to grasp the game. We're really pleased you enjoyed it that much and knowing our little experience made it to table-top RPG is really icing on the cake. :)