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Nameless XIII

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Hello, nice video you did there, it's was fun seeing you playing and trying to grasp the game. We're really pleased you enjoyed it that much and knowing our little experience made it to table-top RPG is really icing on the cake. :)

Thanks for your comments, it's always good to have some insight on players' feeling about the gameplay/mechanics.  You're right about the icon's order on the card, it would have been an improvement. As for time constraint, it was removed as the game is evolving more in a deck-building roguelite.

Hello, we're happy to see you liked the game. We're currently working on expanding the core idea, if you want to check on our discord. Or you could wait a bit, we should push a new version on Itch soon.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

Thanks! And we adore game jam too, it's such a pleasant way to create games!

Hello FelinaLain !
The music actually comes from an asset pack (that we paid for and have the rights to use without credits), called "Ultimate Game Music Collection", by John Leonard French. You can find the concerned song here :
The music in Supraland must come from that asset pack too. 
But you're right, we should've credited it anyway, so here we go ! 

Have a good day. 

Thanks for your video man ! 


It feels awesome to see so much dedication in our game, that's great ! <3 We are currently working on a more advanced version and a new alpha should arrive in the beginning of next year, if you would like to participate in early testing you can join us on Discord here : ! Thanks again <3 

Thanks a lot ! Good job, that's awesome <3

Thank you birb <3 

You did very good ! Thank you for testing !

Thanks a lot ! <3 

Thank you ! 

Thank you, we're happy you loved it ! 

Thanks a lot bro ! It means a lot. And we're not done yet !

Thanks a lot my friend ! It was great to do and I'm happy you liked it. Maybe we will update it more later on !