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Thanks, this is awesome!

Just as I wondered how one could combine documentaries + games, I stumbled across this. Thanks for the beautiful game :D

Kind of in the same boat as pyjam, tho the sound effects were nice,

I died but had an "oh wait!" moment just before I chose my option. Short but good job with the effects and such, set the atmosphere nicely!

no worries, thanks for giving it a look! Will figure out how to support you Linux (probably?) fellas in the future

I almost managed 200m, but ye it's pretty hard.

I discovered the backflip completely by accident haha, but tbh it's cool to find out that way


Really cool to watch you play it! :D

How do you install/play this?

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Aspiring to be a backflip master 😎 Pretty bad at it rn but it's fun to play around and figure out the physics.

I played this game on my brother's keyboard (which I despise) so it was extra frustrating. At least I seem to be better at typing on this cursed thing now :')

Thank you <3

Lol this either triggered ptsd or made me nostalgic for the years I spent DMing, not sure which. Really fun!

thank ya

I thought I fixed that bug but it slipped through anyways, oof. Next game jam I'll definitely try to add sounds cuz they really add a lot!

I really wanted some more depth to the balancing between factions buuut scope creep and getting carried away programming some unnecessary things hehe. Thanks for trying it :D

Yeah I wanted to make more card effects/challenge but I underestimated how long that would take lol. Thanks for the feedback!

Cool concept, spamming bullets made it easy but I really like the idea behind it.

Heckin' cute that trying again is the character getting up after dying. Sad about the fake chests though

Really cool aesthetic + game concept. The song is super sick

The game got me hyped but it was hard to follow what was going on or whether I was doing anything right. Did the number on the dice/ball do anything?

I didn't realise that I could pick up and spend the dice at first but the game is pretty cool. The town actions changing every turn was a nice touch too

Thanks for giving it a go! Yup, some cards we're spawning in the walls or falling through the floor :s. The dice are the one thing I didn't make, got them from void1gaming.

Cool concept, I could see it getting fleshed out more and the visuals were clean

Playing without a numpad so it took me a bit to get the hang of it but I was surprised by how fun it was.  Could imagine seeing people master it and moving really fast

Holy crap this is really fun and super polished

It's really cool! Knowing the enemy's intention adds strategy and I agree with littlebattler on it being expanded

GJ guys! It looks quite polished for your first gamejam :D. If I've learned anything it's that I should not go gambling. Ever.

Super fun and creative! I tried really hard to roll myself into a 6 before realising being slow is a total death sentence :S