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That was a lot of fun! I struggled to get past the 2nd wave until I discovered the unholy AXEMAN STRAT! I eventually had so many axemen on the screen, the game was lagging too hard to play, and because of the somewhat exponential nature of it, I could have continued to snowball indefinitely. I had a great laugh at that. Really charming game, cute sountrack, and well implemented. I appreciate the time you spent on the main menu and tutorial screen. Well done!

You already know the game doesn't load, but I did go and listen to the music, so I gave you a rating for the audio. Well done!

You already know the game doesn't load, but I did go and listen to the music, so I gave you a rating for the audio. Well done!

Well done! You should be really proud of managing to submit a game! I don't really think I can give you any advice you don't already know. There's a lot more work to do, but you're on the right path, I think. Cheers!

Please don't submit stuff like this. It takes of space from people who are really trying.

Very good game! It had a ton of polish and reminded me of Raptor which is one of my favorite games in this kind of genre. I honestly have a hard time believe you made this game from scratch in 6 days, though. I see that you submitted it a full day early. However, I am going to take you at your word and give you a good rating. I'm very impressed!

That was a pretty cool idea. The cube and camera movement felt really good, however, I think the game needed a bit more explanation. I was a bit unclear as to what the effect and behaviour of the different cubes were. Well done!

That was pretty fun. I was impressed by the pathfinding algorithm, but I will say you get to the point where there are like 12+ apes following you around, and it gets very clunky to move. While I like the audio, there could have definitely been some variation. That cymbal crash got a bit tired after a while. Really cool visuals, good implementation of the theme, and overall really fun! Well done!

I've been getting that a lot. Thank you very much for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

Thank you very much for the feedback! The biggest takeaway for me here was that the game was unintuitive. A lot of people have said that. I think it's easy to forget that when the game is your idea and you've spend hours and hours programming and testing it, things that seem obvious to you might not be apparent to others. Thanks again for the feedback!

You're very welcome!

I was honestly super impressed with what you DID manage to do with the view cones. That's a bigger programming challenge than I would have wanted to take on for a 7-day jam, so kudos for getting what you got in there. Also, the art really adds a lot to the game. I think overall I would have been better off spending less time on art and more on programming, but your art gives your game a really nice polish that makes the game feel much more "complete" and not like something made in 7 days :)

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I think barriers could be one way. Unloading the enemies if you move far enough away or despawning the bullets after they leave the screen could also work. Depending on the game and style, locking the player in the boss room also comes to mind. Level design was pretty cool, by the way. I found it kinda maze-y, but not frustratingly so. I didn't have to backtrack a mile if I went the wrong way, but I DID have to do a bit of exploring to make progress.

Your game has been one of my favorites so far. The enemy pathfinding shouldn't be too hard to fix. I could easily see you expanding the game if you were interested in doing so. You've got a pretty good foundation here.

It's been nice to share with you! Keep up the good work. I think you've definitely got some talent here!

Really fun game! Has a lot of polish to it! I The soundtrack is good and the gameplay is a lot of fun! I guess nothing says "Stronger together" like amassing an army of knights, right? Well done!

Really well done! Great idea and implementation of the theme. Music was really pleasant, too. Great job!

This game was fantastic! I really enjoyed the concept and the puzzles! I think the control scheme could be improved as it was a bit clunky at times and I found myself accidentally running into lasers, but that could also just be a personal thing. Great game!

Pretty cool game! The music and the art were really nice, actually! The voice was a bit repetitive, but for a short game, it wasn't too bad. Well done!

That was pretty fun, and neat twist on the theme. I found you could just get spotted and kite the waiters around and get them stuck on the tables and stuff to escape, which turned the stealth game into a fun, chaotic run around the restaurant. Not a whole lot of criticism other than I think the vision cones were a bit inaccurate at times. I was getting spotted when I was outside of their FOV, but it was pretty minor. Well done implementing checkpoints, by the way! And also that was a lot of art for such a short amount of time! Fantastic!

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Wow! Very impressed! The theme of the jam as well as the game's theme (the elements) were both really well implemented and manifested themselves not only in the gameplay, but also in the art. Great job with the audio and the scene transitions as well! I didn't manage to find any significant bugs except that the enemies have a tendency to get stuck to the wall, which was pretty exploitable. Also, really clever to have the character's design and the menu design match. That was subtle, but nice. Great job! This is my highest rated game yet!

(edit) I forgot to mention that I would highly recommend remapping the rotate keys to Q and E as opposed to Z and X. That was pretty uncomfortable. Still, well done!

This was the most complete and fully-realized game I've played so far in the jam. Congratulations! The art is well done, the theme fits the prompt, I found the intro text funny, and the overall gameplay was pretty solid! A few criticisms would be that the character defaulting to the down position is pretty annoying. That may have been a design choice, but given that the cursor is a crosshair, it feels like you had a different aiming system in mind. Also, the game is pretty exploitable. I found that I could get to the boss and move back a few areas and pelt him offscreen with practically no threat. Honestly, these are really nitpicky, though, considering how much you two managed to do in 7 days, so well done! That was a lot of fun!

I really like the idea behind it! I think that anxiety is a really compelling game concept, and if the game were more fully-realized it would have been a lot of fun! You are probably already aware of the criticisms I have - The buttons are a bit broken, the text is not properly formatted for all screens, no audio, etc. but still you should be happy with what you made. Well done!

I would recommend that the piano be more accurate to a real piano with the keys laid out properly. Also, it's probably a good idea to have the example melody and the piano be in the same octave for players who are not musicians. Well done!

I would recommend that the piano be more accurate to a real piano with the keys laid out properly. Also, it's probably a good idea to have the example melody and the piano be in the same octave for players who are not musicians. Well done!

I really like the art and style here. Obviously with more time, I could see this being quite a beautiful game. The character design and sword sprite are way more than I would expect from a game made in only a week. I do however feel like you could have spent less time on the visuals and more on the audio and gameplay. Managing time between these different aspects of the game was the thing that I struggled with in my attempt at this game, and this jam was my first as well, so it's probably a good lesson for both of us to learn :). Really neat idea, though. Well done!

Thank you for the feedback! I am primarily a musician who has only in the last couple of years gotten into programming, so I'm glad to hear you liked the music :)

Thank you for the feedback! I will definitely check your game out. Cheers!

Thank you so much for trying it out! I definitely learned a lot, not only about game dev, but also how much you really have to focus to get the game done in time for the jam. I'll be a lot better prepared next time!

I had the exact same problem in my game so that's how I knew about it ;)

Cool game! I like the sound track and the sfx, but I really like the soundtrack! Really impressed if you did that yourself. Sounds great. Also, I really like the snakey enemy. That's a really tough movement pattern to account for, especially in the beginning when you shoot so slowly. Shame you only had a little bit to work on it. I think it could really be special with some more time. Well done!

Cool take on the Pikmin idea. You really managed a lot of polish considering the length of the game and the time you had. Would have liked some music during the actual gameplay, but the menu theme was nice. Also, the Kaplyas wouldn't pick up the button surrounded by the saws for some reason. Well done!

I like the idea and the style. Might be a good idea to put a frictionless physics material on the walls so you don't get stuck on them, unless that was your intention. I see that you mention music being made by your friend, but I wasn't getting any audio at all unfortunately. Well done!

Great implementation of theme, I though. That was a really clever idea and was executed quite well. The soundtrack was good, but started to get repetitive which is absolutely to be expected from a game made in such a short amount of time. I really liked the character designs and that you managed to get different enemy types in there and the revive mechanic was great as it allowed you to keep playing and having fun. Every now and then the characters would switch without me doing anything and it was unclear as to why that was happening. Not sure if that is a bug or if some enemy effect or something. Overall, really well done!

Neat idea and fun casual gameplay. My advice would be to add audio (of course) and some way for the game to ramp up in difficulty. Well done! 

Thanks for trying it out! I'll pay more attention to making the intention more clear next time. I appreciate the feedback!

I absolutely will! I plan on playing everyone's game who leaves me feedback on mine, plus some random ones. I'll see you on your page!

Thank you very much! I was upset to find a few bugs like this myself after I had already submitted the game. Thanks so much for the feedback!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I rewrote the guide on the menu screen a few times to try and make it clear what to do, but it could definitely use some work still. Thanks a ton!