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Oh, cool! Thanks for explaining :)

I really liked the idea! Honestly with just a very tiny bit of extra work (a little bit of polish, and maybe a score system based on how long you survived as well as the already existing system) I can imagine this being a really, really addicting game. Good job!

However I can't help but notice the game's called "one bullet v2" but I can't find v1 in your profile... Honestly just a minor nitpick tho :)



I just downloaded it. It seemed pretty good! The resolution is extremely small (800x600) tho and it actually changed my screen resolution, and it wouldn't close. I had to go to Settings to change it back to 1920x1080. Other than that? It was pretty similar to mine (although you did use the actual, legit DVD logo, which was super cool. I used a generic rectangle because I was scared of copyright haha)

Hello! Could you please link it? I'd love to see it!

Honestly really fun! I know I'm not supposed to crash into the cars, but I really liked the physics. The game in general looks really good. Really the only thing I notice that was off is that when I lost the fuel meter said "-0", but that's just a nitpick.

Really fun! I get mobile game vibes from it, which is nice

This game made me feel like I actually knew how to do simple maths. It's also really fun

Oh my god.

This is amazing

Thanks for your comment! The tutorial was actually a very last minute addition, so I can see why it could be misleading.

You can play the final game with WASD, and there's even a secret in it! Maybe I should've said that somewhere in the game. Oops!

i only play real games