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Nice game. 

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Cool game, unique, fun, good game design. Background noise was a bit annoying but the other sounds was nice. Good job.

Well done. 

Interesting take on tower defense, cool game, good music.

lol i'm glad that I played this game, such a funny and fun game. The hamster is real!

That's brilliant, good game design, original idea and mechanics, calming audio, nice art. Well done.

Nice. The stars was moving with me, probably they are child of the player. Good job.

Nice game. Needs a bit of polish but has potential.


My pleasure. Jam is a good place to try things out.

Wow, such a weird fun game. Well done. 

Cool game, I liked the environment.

Good job. Took me a while to understand how to move and how to work the attack mechanics.

Trippy %)

Nice concept, I enjoyed playing it. Could be polished a bit. 
I have 2 suggestions:
1. Keep the bubbles after reset (r) - Or maybe just the ghost - it will make it easier to keep track of the bubbles positions.
2. Don't tell me how to solve the puzzle - let me find the solution by myself (things like "Right Here!" or "Red lies").

Well done;

Thanks. Maybe with a little more polish the controls will work better.

Wow, impressive. The troll footsteps that warns you, the environment, the camera angles are all very well done. You can add a little story, more content, some polishing and get a full game out of it.

It is partially intentional to add a bit difficulty - but I did try to make it "controllable". From my tests, after a short while you find the right sensitivity for the controls. 


(There's a bug with the audio - it shouldn't be position based)

Original idea. Cool game. I really liked the UI mechanics, although it was a bit blurry.

I love pinball games. Physics is good. Theme interpertation is good. Usually pinball games have a lot of "noise", that is missing in your game.

I didn't understand what is the game about, I suppose it's an exploration game. The idea is nice, the environment is nice. I was missing a purpose and maybe a bit more animations and VFX to make it more "alive". Good job.

Nice game, took me few seonds to understand what I need to do. Good interpretation of the theme.

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Well done, very nice game. Reminded me "fireboy and watergirl".

Very nice. Took me 2 seonds to find the "start" button. It looks aestetic, interesting mechanics. 

Well done!

Nice. A bit hard to control though.

Nice. I couldn't figure how to sew Manilo's finger.

Thanks. I'm glad you saved the patient and enjoyed the game. During the development playtest I came to a conclusion that is best not to have an option to brake entirely. But you can slow down using the "back" key (s or arrow-down), maybe I should've display the keyboard mapping to the player or something. 

Cool game. Lovely environment settings.

Well done. 

Cool game. Face expressions is a great.
I'll love to see more of that.

Good theme interpretation. I was missing effects (visual, like bubble pop fx), obstacles and polish. Good job.

Cheers! I don't have plans to continue with it. Maybe a little bit fixing & polish but nothing more.

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Good game. Theme interpretation is original. Good story and idea. Art & Audio are nice. Menu is part of the game. Checkpoints is a good addition. Enemies a bit week & stupid. Level is a bit dull. Boss fight was fun.
It can grow to a full game imo.

I gave up quickly :)
It has a nice art style and a minimalist UI (good thing).

Thanks for the feedback! Lesson learned :)

Good job! fun and addicting game, creative idea and game design. 

Nice game once you get the hang of it,
I wasn't sure how to play at start and it was quite hard.
But it's a good game.