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I think I used chrome, but now I checked again on firefox on ubuntu and still no sound.

Very nice! the art style is cool and and gameplay is pretty fun, I didn't hear any music nor SFX, not sure why. I liked the dash mechanics, but I think it should be more resopnsive, sometimes it didn't work when I pressed the shift button, and it only works with LShift, it didn't feel comfortable for me, maybe add support to RShift to do the same effect., good work, keep it up!

Nice job!
I think the game is passing the message pretty well, it makes you feel nervous and anxious in some parts and strangely relief on other parts.

This is my take on the classic PONG game, more details inside the game's page.

haha nice one! for me the left one always wins.



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:) that being said, did you enjoy the game? And what bug was your favorite? ;)

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Prehistorik Punk.
Fight robotic dinosaurs and dino bots in a steampunk world where you play as a prehistorik steampunk man!

Man!! that was intense!! Got 'he shivers!

10x! it's glitchy I know, because I developed it on my spare time and joined a bit late, so not enough time for tests.

Yes, I see no such option, 10x.

It will be nice for teams to have that option for game-jams.

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How can I create a team in 

and How can I invite people to join my "team"?