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What a great game, I failed multiple times but continued to played, that's a good sign for a good game, well done.

Nice concept. Good luck.

Thank *You*!

Wow, what a unique take for the theme through the game's core mechanic, that's very cool. Well done. Could definitely turn into a full game.

:D Cheers. Yes the game is short (lack of time ;), but it has a full cycle to it :)

Good theme interpretation and fun gameplay, well done. 

Thank you!

Cute portal-like game. Good job.

Well done, fun interesting game.

Cool game.

Very interesting concept, well done.


Original concept,  definitely. I would add an ability to pee on the fire hydrant, that will be cool. Good job.  

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed. Thank you also for noticing me about FF.

I love these type of games. It was fun playing it, I played it several times, my best score was 282, is that good? I could play more if had more free time. Well done.

Thank you for your input, I appreciate that. I had many things that I wanted to add, like pictures for each ending and music, but I didn't had the time (wink wink), it was fun making this game, i'm happy that I was able to finish it, even without all the features that I wanted to have for this game.

Well done, very nice and interesting game.


Good game, I didn't finish it but I had fun playing.

Brilliant! Fun little game, the theme interpretation is original and the concept is unique, good job!

Thank you!
I appreciate that.


Sorry to hear that the game didn't start for you, maybe try a different browser idk.

Great job!
It's like Overcooked but enchanted.

Very nice, fun little game, I didn't had the time to finish it, but probably i'll come back to it later. Good execution.

Interesting story, it was a bit hard for me to read, i'm a slow reader, I also liked the art. Good job!

:D That makes me happy, thanks man!


Very nice! I really liked the concept.

Good job.

I managed to survive the all 60s.

Nice interpretation.

Nice game. 

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Cool game, unique, fun, good game design. Background noise was a bit annoying but the other sounds was nice. Good job.

Well done. 

Interesting take on tower defense, cool game, good music.

lol i'm glad that I played this game, such a funny and fun game. The hamster is real!

That's brilliant, good game design, original idea and mechanics, calming audio, nice art. Well done.

Nice. The stars was moving with me, probably they are child of the player. Good job.

Nice game. Needs a bit of polish but has potential.