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There is romance, but this is not a dating sim.

Ader's sprite update happened exactly last year, haha.

I have a bit too much on my hands now to think about ports, but maybe later down the road :)

It's a common bug since the gallery code I found and used wasn't very complete, haven't found a way to fix it permanently yet, but rolling back generally fixes it :(

I'll be switching to a different thing once Chapter 3 rolls out, sorry for the inconvenience!

Sadly due to how Ren'py works, that takes a really, really long time: I have to edit the line, regenerate its code in a spreadsheet, find the voice file and rename it with this code so the program knows where it has to be attached and recheck it plays properly. Same process to change it in translations as well.

There's only about 4-5 little mistakes like those in the whole game so far, so it'll have to wait for now. I'd rather spend my time more productively :<

Ahaha, perfect, as she should!

Thank you for spotting it!! I must have typoed something in the hyperlink that takes you directly to the encyclopaedia there!

Good day, everyone!

My name is Sandra Molina, and I'm a Spanish 2D Artist and Voice Director! I've worked as a colorist as well for the better part of a decade, working for American companies such as Blizzard and DC comics, and yet I have never set foot on the USA because there is no way I could afford the journey... less so the tickets to GDC.

Every year when GDC comes around, I have to watch all my friends talk about how great it is and how many cool people they've met. Many devs have told me over and over that if your game isn't in the indie booth at GDC you just can't make it, and that's a bit of a downer even if I know it's not true. My project hardly fits in per se with the style of most gaming conventions, however, so it always hits a bit too close to home.

So, since we're celebrating those of us who have to stay at home and watch the cool stuff happen from afar, I thought I'd pitch in and show off a little this year as well!

I've been working on my game The Hayseed Knight all on my own for two years now! It's a fully voice acted comedy Visual Novel about the misadventures of a deer that wants to become a knight! ...Even though he's a peasant. And poor. And lacking anything resembling a plan. But that's hardly going to stop him!

So hey, it'd mean the world to me if you checked it out!

Best luck with your own projects, and hope we have the chance to hang out in some convention that's definitely not GDC!

Thank you! I'll make sure to pass the compliments to his VA!

Thank you so much, James! But I'm afraid everyone gets paid with money, that's my number 1 rule :>

I'm working on chapter 3 at full speed, hope to have news soon!

Ahaha, yeah! I've always wanted this game to reflect my progression as an artist, and to use it as an excuse to improve too! It's one of the best things of making it all on my own, I get to experiment with the game

Ader was bulky for the first three versions, but he was changed back in mid 2018 for a veeeeeeeeeeeery long list of reasons. You can read a very quick TL;DR about it here: His VA changed too, by the way!

Can you specify which one you're referring to, please? I've remade the whole art 4 times now in the two years I've been developing it :,>

Then I know exactly what it is, haha. The wall picture displays the last picture of her you stumbled upon (depending on the choice you made, it's one expression or another). I probably forgot to make some pic the right size to fit in the gallery :I

Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

And WHOA I haven't run into that crash! So sorry to hear! Did it happen upon entering the gallery in general, or after clicking? (Apparently the image size I used for the thumbnails caused glitches so it'd be two very different bugs, haha)

I did the first, but the problem is that renpy rolls back save-dependent variables and the encyclopaedia I'm using is save-dependent, rendering that option unfeasible.

The rest relies on actually figuring out code, but I'm using this encyclopaedia framework .

The safest option would be simply to use hidden entries that get "unlocked", but I'm trying to keep the actual number of entries hidden :)

Some are commissioned, some come from

They're all listed in the credits in-game if you're interested!

Hey! Thanks a lot for your thoughts, I'll try to get a few more songs in future updates :)

Thank you!! Ader's dialogue and voice acting are completely new as well, hope you like it!

Hi Iseph! Thank you very much for the thoughts!
The images uploaded actually weren't finished, but, as a great example, the bottom left picture was Ader being "dumbfounded/clueless", so you can see how the old pic didn't represent that image very well, haha!

The update will be ready either late this week or early next, depending on when I can finish all the art + finish directing and editing the voice acting that needs to be rerecorded since there was a recast of Ader's VA. I will not be adding a way to toggle old art as it simply does not fit the story that I set out to tell, and I want people to really understand so (especially given that some went as far as to harass me for it on social media! Better cut the cord with all that.)

Ader's arms are comically oversized on purpose, since he's supposed to look like he has shovels for hands! The point is that he lost a lot of weight due to an ongoing famine in the city where they live, so he starts out in a worsened state (playing through chapter 2 you'll see flashbacks of how he looked in the past). Sep's arms hadn't quite been shaded in the image presented above.

Thanks a lot once more!

It's 100% safe for work :)

Ahaha, too hot for the clown he's supposed to be.

All good though there's a few more good boys that are yet to be introduced :>

Even if you ask for it not to be changed, the redesign has been up for months on twitter. I understand your feelings, and there's nothing wrong with having your own preference, but both the story and the potential public it can reach will benefit from this change and I need to think of that first always :)

Thank you!

Beyond inspiring, 11/10, made me cry tears of joy.

I've got my twitter account and I've gone to a few cons but that's it, I don't really have the funds to pay the voice actors and market, sadly, so I rely on people telling others about it for now :/

Why, thank you! You're getting into a comedy with multiple POVs (and all of them are a bunch of dorks!)

Oh wow, that's really weird, never heard of it happening before! Could it be that you skipped all the way to the credits, or just left the game skipping for a while and a bug happened?

It'd be really helpful if you could let me know your system specifications so I can look into it either way!
Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the info!! I'll add it right away to the description!

Thank you so much! And thanks for making this possible with!

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Not at GDC today, as I'm sitting across the pond working on my visual novel, The Hayseed Knight! The next chapter will be released this Friday, and I just can't wait to share it with the fantastic community of!

It's the first time I post here, but I've been lurking for a while now. Many times I've felt in the past that, since I'm making a visual novel all on my own, with nothing but my own money to go by, it didn't really count as a true "game", nor was I a dev consequently, but the people I've stumbled upon here have made me feel nothing but welcome! Hopefully I'll have a chance to meet y'all in person in GDC one day!

Awesome! Looking forward to your reply then! <3

Hey there! Thanks a lot for your kind words and for reaching out, here are the answers!

-It's meant to be interactive, though I'll be the first to admit that the first chapter gives off the impression of quite a linear VN. From the second chapter on, there are bigger changes in the plot, and I intend for a genre shift in chapter 4 with bigger chances for a non-linear plot (aka node-based exploration and stat rasing, but don't take my word for it yet, that's months ahead in development, haha)

-Romance isn't the main focus, so that's why I'm abstaining from commenting on it :,D I'd rather players discover the protagonists' sexuality as they (both the characters and the player) get to know themselves better. The first chapter focuses on straight romance option, though it doesn't quite count as such in-universe (can't explain without getting into spoilery territory, sorry! It's all addressed in-game :>)

-Waiting to have more tangible info on everything ever to make a proper page, with a cool trailer and everything, another of those chores that piles up on my development list. But yeah, it'd be lacking a romance list since the game is a lot more about meeting every character and learning their stories than romancing them per se.

-I'm Spanish, but it was written in English from the start! I did give it quite a flowery, XVIIth century-esque tone in Castilian Spanish, so if your vocabulary is advanced enough there (Spanish players thought some words were made-up, beware!) I'd recommend playing it that way. The only voice acting available is the English one for now, so it shouldn't be a problem either way!

Let me know if you have any more questions, hope you enjoy the game! <3

In a month and something, I'll spend February moving so I had to push back the deadline ;w;

I'm glad you like it!

And that sounds like it may have been a connection issue ^^

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Hey there! Thank you so much, I love watching gameplays!

If you would like to support me, please add a link to my patreon and my twitter account in the video or video description.

Hope you'll like it! And just one last recommendation — play with voices on, I'm more proud about the voice acting than the art <3

Thanks again!

Thanks! I hope I can make something in the future that you'll enjoy to the fullest too! :D

Good afternoon, thank you for your extended review. Here are my thoughts in exchange. I want to make sure that this doesn't come off as arguing; I think that your thoughts are valid, but I'm trying to share my own view about the project.

My intended audience, thankfully, has shown great interest in the game as is. I always think of my audience, of course, and what my intended demographic IS composed of: "16-30, likely male, most likely a fantasy and comedy reader (ideally a discworld fan), enjoys comics and/or animation and isn't bothered by furry art or is furry. Would enjoy text-rich novels and heavy lore as a byproduct of the fantasy reader part." I seek criticism from these people all the time, and make adjustments based on their reactions.

If you get tired by reading a lot and look for something more dynamic, you're objectively outside of the part of the audience that I intend to reach, and there's nothing wrong with that! But what it means is that this game is made with someone different in mind. You're the first person to bring up any of this, but there will surely be more in years to come. In this case, you're a very small fraction of the playing base.

The point is, what you require isn't the same as what most of my audience requires and the game isn't tailored to suit your likes for that reason, hence my previous post. Changing the gameplay would alienate the people that I make the game for, and I honestly wouldn't care for it either. I suggested the games I suggested because I enjoyed them, but I wanted to make a point that I didn't want my game to look anything close to either of them at the end of the day.

On another tangent, I never said my story is "good for one minute" but that it is meant to be a story —a novel— from minute one. And it's written to be obvious in its way of tarting with a narrator that presents a text heavy introduction. This is meant to be a book with complements, not a story heavy game. "Effort", as you mentioned, has been put into making it so; three months, just me, taking care of everything day by day. And I honestly love the result, it's all I ever wanted it to be.

If after this you still think that I'm being selfish or shielding myself, I do apologize. If not, I'd be thankful for having you around in future developments.

Once more, thank you very much!

Let me stop you for a bit there: this is not a harem. The aim of this game is to meet every character and learn their stories, from your boss to the guard who hangs out around the market, not to collect girls.

My intention isn't really amusing anyone but myself, hence why it's free, and sharing a story with all of you which I personally enjoy. The highlight of this game for me is its superb voice acting, for I couldn't be prouder of them, and anything else I can offer with my art and writing being a single person taking care of everything.

My story is just that, a story. And very focused on being a story from minute 1. If you wish for more interactive visual novels, there's a huge range from something more novel-like such as Telltale's work, or something more heavy on gameplay such as Bioware's games. If you want it to be specifically furry, may I suggest Stories: The Path of Destinies? It was really good and imaginative!

But basing most of your review on "I get bored reading, make it more amusing" is complaining about something that simply isn't suited to your tastes nor targeted at you as a potential demographic.

Have a good day, and thanks for the review!

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Hey, watching it right now! In the meantime, it'd be awesome if you could link to my twitter account and patreon :D

Ahaha, honoring your username I see!