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Thank you, glad you liked the game!

I'd love to learn about that strat because ~95k is truly an insane score! 

Thanks, glad you liked the game!
I totally agree about the instant-shooting enemies, they annoyed me while testing a lot as well. That is of the few things we couldn't polish in time :)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Glad you liked it, thanks!

Btw I think it would be cool to have a discord server, I'd really love to follow the games progression there (that is if it gets improved further).

Hey, glad you liked it! I loved your game too and everything you told here I can definitely say for your game :)

Thank you for the feedback! More complex maps are definitely something to consider. Glad you liked the game :)

Ok, got it working! 
I liked the gameoverall. It could do better with some music too. SFX was nice, I liked shooting and destroying enemies. The game was kind of too easy. I've made it around 20k twice. I couldn't type my name to the leaderboard because I don't know the controlls for that though. I am called "ZAAAAA" and "AAAAAA" currently lol. The visual style is cohesive and nice, especially the GUI I liked. It was kind of hard to see enemy projectiles (that is if they survive more than 3 seconds).

Nice work overall :) 

Great and unique take on the theme! Not sure about the ending though hahah, definitely got me.

Thank you! 

Glad you liked it!

Last time the game had not run, now it opened up but I can't press any buttons. I've tried, space, mouse, enter, wasd, directional arrows, tab and some random keys. There also is no sound which might be normal. Any specific questions you got I can try to answer them to help out.

All we need is a forced ad every time one loses and A LOT of ad popups everywhere!

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Great style, if it was a darker I'd call this a horror game without a doubt. That cow sounds...

Glad you liked it! It is good to hear about slippery movement feeling good because I was worried people may not like it :)

Thank you!
Also it is great to see another challenge enjoyer around!

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Truly underrated! I will probably be #1 on the leaderboard soon, loved it!
My only critic would be that different enemies with different movement types should be more clear and easy to notice/distinguish. I know they have different models and all but it is hard to notice in the game-flow :)

Edit: I got the #1 and it was much harder than I thought it would. I am pretty sure my previous confusion about enemy models etc might be because the "horse" enemy is not playing any animations, likely a bug. I'd love to play more of this!

With respect, this is the games page below. And when you said "I invite you to check "How to play"" I've gone looking for the exact title. My bad.  Cheers.

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

Glad you like it! Our Audio guy Palm really did an excellent job :)

One of the biggest differences between editor and builds can often be FPS, so if your movement related code is somewhat dependent on FPS the issue might be related to that. But no worries it isn't a huge problem, it can be seen as just a slight difficulty increase haha.

Oh, yeah my bad. The "?" button ingame explains it somewhat, not sure about "How to play" though, couldn't find it, might be me just being a blind person tho. I had thought "?" would be something else and hadn't tried it :)

It is visible on the gif and is included in controls but yeah, controls etc should also be included in the game ideally. Another nice point :)

Can I be your student? You MUST be a code wizard, teach me the way sensei! 
Jokes aside my mind can't comprehend doing something like this in 24-ish hours, huge respect :)

Glad you like it!

Glad you liked it, we sure did get sucked into it :)

Hahah, first time hearing them getting called cats, but now you said so, they really look like a cat. I also farm shotgun (cat) enemies, it is probably the meta :)

Ammo and teleportation uses energy bar which fill primarly from enemy bullets exiting the game arena. Yeah you are right about it being unclear, should probably have informed the player about it in a way :) 
Glad you liked it overall!

Neat stuff you got there! Art style is consistent, game is quite lightweight (the way it opens up etc).

So some critics from me:
1- More information when hovering over build/repair items would be nice, I had no idea what the items were and had to buy/figure out what they were.
2- A building selling/moving feature would be neat, I had an o2 gen misplaced so its left was blocked, so I couldn't use it.
3- The first 10 second of the game is kind of just waiting around which is not ideal.
4- Every RTS must have the character grouping feature! Like "control + 1" when our guys are chosen to set them an hotkey so we can select them back with "1" later on.

Meanwhile I may have many critics, I enjoyed the game more than most games on this jam. Also must say it feels nicely polished. Overall good game!

Hahah! Probably I will have soon. I am at about 70 currently, almost there :)

Sounds like a nice idea :)

Thank you, also don't worry, the game is supposed to be hard :)

Couldn't get it running.

Chill vibes are over the top. Great game man!

I ahree that art style is so nice. It is quite hard to see the gray items because they are almost the same color as the ground but that might be a design choice. Quite nice game overall.

Very nice game. The first level is too hard for a first level though. Still good work.

Nice game, a little confusing in my opinion though, but nothing a guide could not handle. Pretty uniuqe take for the jam though, good work!

I kept healing myself and loosing all my money often lol. Very solid game, extremely expandable. Liked it.

Solid game. But either enemies are too fast or we might be too slow, I had difficulties dodging them a lot. Nice game overall. (Purple spell is the best one imo btw)

Yeah, I was about to say the exactly the same. It is just OP.