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What a nice review! Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot for the review! I'm going to watch it right now.

SURE! That would be great! Keep me updated so i can "like and share" 8p

I've so much to learn from a UI/UX point of view from this! Great variety of weapon/armour/stats/enemy and the levels are very nicely generated [loved that you can change height only in some place].

Too bad we had to meet at the 7drl celebration to find out about this game! But no surprise you got second place!


Yeah, i know that in Chrome the game seems quite unoptimized. In Firefox it seems it runs way better. Also on my macbook air it struggle a lot while on my gameing pc [from 4/5 years ago] runs way better.

I'll keep it in mind if and when i'm going to turn it in a finished game [i'd like to also re-implement the spellcrafting way better because there are a lot of other runes i didn't have time to add and some i could not add]. Let's say that this version has been made in 7 days so i'm not worrying too much about optimization, but you're definitly right!

Thanks for the feedback!

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I've played some games and leave some feedback, these are very good in my opinion: //a little bit more balance could make it a gem //very nice machanic //not quite a rl, more of a puzzle, but super polished //a little slow on movement, but quite interesting //well .... this is my entry, but from the review it seem quite good. Completly revamped spellsystem

Forgot to mention, i can't wait to play this: the graphics totally got my eyes

Thanks, i'm glad you liked it!

I'll try to pay more attention to the text for my next entries, but i can't modify the engine for this.

Thanks for review! As per your points they seems all quick and quite easy to implement so i think i'll publish a new version soon.

The Rune of Proliferation proliferate an elemental ailment, the only base runes that apply an ailment are fire [ignite enemies] and ice [freeze eneies], i'll add it in the rune description. All other runes have different special effect that cant be proliferated [like ealing, recouping mana, teleport, ...]

The only point i can not implement is the last one, combining base rune, because ... that's part of the game [NO SPOILER]. That could be a nice addition for a full game where the main quest is different.

The gameplay is not deep but that makes it easy to pickup. On the other side, the graphics and the musics are great!

Oh my god the graphics! Love it!

Basically you can pick any 168 consecutive hours in the windows that goes from March 6 to March 14.

Let's say you start at 0.00 on March 6, your deadline is 23.59 March 13. If you start after 0.00 March 8 you'll have less than 7 days [or less than 168 hours] because March 14 deadline is the end of the challenge anyway.

I think that "cower" card is unbalanced cause i can play it every turn and basically "permastun" the opponent. Also it seems i can't recruit anyone even with 100% chance. Not much a roguelike, but i like this idea ... maybe added to a real roguelike as the combat mechanic.

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Nice take on the roguelike genere, a little bit slow on the playout after you place the cards, but the puzzles feel balanced.

Also, tune a little bit down the sound ot give an option/slider because it's quite loud.

This is a great entry, polished and quite well balanced. The only thing i could ask for is a way to move faster [le'ts say a longer "slinger" line which i can adapt better when needed].

Nice work!

Very good game, very good hacking system, good monsters variety ... 10 out of 10, would play again! The only strange thing i found is that at some point i could not hack another bot, it seems, for some turns but i didn't find any explanation for it.

Can't make more than 4 points ... LOL! I find it a little bit too hard, but that aside: very nice graphics and the sounds are a nice addition but a little bit too loud. Also, it being your first rl it's a great accomplishment!

The fire ritual mechanic could be good, but ... you just have to press 2-1-kill a dwarf and repeat until all dwarf are dead. Maybe add some cooldown/map with cover for the dwarves. Also some additional levels with more dwarves could be cool.

That's quite good for your first solo game ... also in 7 days! A little bit too easy, but better easy and beatable then too hard and unbeatable 8p

Nice work!

At first i didn't quite catch that the first ability you get it's "wait a turn", maybe highlight it better at the start of the game because it made my first few runs a little frustrating. After giving a try to the ZZZ ability the game felt way better, nicely done!

Nice mechanic, planning ahead for the return makes it way challenging.

Very nice and polished game! The only thing "off", IMHO, it's the structure pricing, mainly the town upgrades.

Day 7:

As with all my 7drl, days have passed code has been written and the daily updates have been forgotten!

I'm sorry, but having to work a full day and code in the evening leave not much time to post updates.

Anyway! I managed to finish Runemaster yesterday night with some help testing it from my gf. I will upload it today as soon as i can and try to write down some words about the development.

It's been exausting but FUN AS HELL!

Hey! Nice game, it seems a bit random but I had not much time to focus on the rules. As per yout points:

1 - 4 at first, but i've to play more

2 - traps if you're forced to step on them 8pp

3 - maybe an endgame?

Ok, thanks!

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I've seen your post and yes, our two 7drl will be eavly focused on magic! At first i had an hearth attack seen someone wanted to experiment on the same idea i had, but after reading your post i realized our games will be pretty differnt. I'm very corious to see yours!!!

ps: i had an hearth attack because the idea about this twist on the magic system has been around in my head for a month, i could not throw it all away 8p

Hi all, is it ok to spread the development  over 168 hours in more the 7 days instead of 168 hours in 7 consecutive days?

I'm asking this because over the day i'm a full time developer and i can work on my 7drl just in the evening [i'm basically targeting 116 hours in 9 days].

HI! Runemaster will be my sixth [or seventh?] entry in the 7drl challenge.

This time around i've an engine i made in the past months which handle basic roguelike stuff [like movement, pickup, combat, map generation, los, pathfinding, ...] so i can focus on the core concept of the game.

Speaking of core concept: Runemaster will be a spellcasting game, where you combine runes to create your own spells. The basic spell is based on your "class": fire/ice/thunder/earth/air/void/holy and each element has its own special effect. During the game you will find support runes that change the behaviour of your basic spell.

I'll try to keep you updated on the development, but no promises as in my past 7drl i where too focused on the game 8p


I'm all in to see those sexy green 'o' ! 8)))))

Hi! I'm not a Godot fan, but there are infinite soruces/articles/examples/blog posts that talks about roguelikes and their algorithm.

Look here: which has a link to this tutorial on Godot:

Or there: which is a super good start to learn about roguelikes genre and algorithms without focusing on languages/tool/engine

Or over there:

If you want to understand canvas, maybe it's better to start with something not obfuscated. Something like: it's quite a good start and has simple examples.

try using this source, it's a little better to understand and has configurable width and height at the top. Unfortunately it's not 551 byte anymore 8p

<canvas id="c" width="532" height="500"><script>
 for(y=b-1; y<b+2; y++){
  for(x=a-1; x<a+2; x++){
for(y=0; y<height+2; y++){g[y]=Array(width).fill('#000')};
for(y=1; y<height; y+=2){
 for(x=1; x<width; x+=2){

Super nice graphics

WOW! Great job!

Yep, but after a while you'll go out of bounds ... think of it as a black hole.

WOW ... Also 476 byte! GREAT JOB, THANKS!

Nice one! Congrats

550, you can add new feature 8ppppppppppp

<body onload="c=a.getContext`2d`;z=a.height=300;l=260;k=j=s=f=0;with(c){C=e=>{k=40+Math.random()*l;j=40+Math.random()*l};p=(e,q)=>{beginPath();arc(e,q,5,0,.1,1);fill()};t=e=>{fillStyle=e};d=e=>{t`#00B`;fillRect(0,0,z,l);t`#0C0`;fillRect(0,l,z,40);t`red`;p(k,j)}}d();C();onclick=e=>{if(f)return 0;f++;v=7;y=l;x=0;with(Math){n=atan2(e.y-z,e.x);h=v*cos(n);I=setInterval(e=>{r=v*sin(n);x+=h;y+=r;d();t`#FFF`;p(x,y);if((x-k)*(x-k)+(y-j)*(y-j)<100)C(),s++;r+=0.1;n=atan2(r,h);v=sqrt(r*r+h*h);if(x<0||x>z||y>z){clearInterval(I);f=0}},10)}};"><canvas id=a>

(1 edit)

563 char without touching anything, i just removed some ';', optimized an 'if' and wrote '0.1' as '.1', ENJOY! Searching for the last 3 char to remove ...

<body onload="c=a.getContext`2d`;z=a.height=300;l=260;k=j=s=f=0;with(c){C=e=>{k=40+Math.random()*l;j=40+Math.random()*l};p=(e,q)=>{beginPath();arc(e,q,5,0,.1,1);fill()};t=e=>{fillStyle=e};d=e=>{t`#00B`;fillRect(0,0,z,l);t`#0C0`;fillRect(0,l,z,40);t`red`;p(k,j)};}d();C();onclick=e=>{if(f)return 0;f++;v=7;y=l;x=0;with(Math){n=atan2(e.clientY-z,e.clientX);h=v*cos(n);I=setInterval(e=>{r=v*sin(n);x+=h;y+=r;d();t`#FFF`;p(x,y);if((x-k)*(x-k)+(y-j)*(y-j)<100)C(),s++;r+=0.1;n=atan2(r,h);v=sqrt(r*r+h*h);if(x<0||x>z||y>z){clearInterval(I);f=0}},10)}};"><canvas id=a>

A little bit too easy, but good nevertheless. Maybe point the 'enemy' directly toward the player?