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Super nice graphics

WOW! Great job!

Yep, but after a while you'll go out of bounds ... think of it as a black hole.

WOW ... Also 476 byte! GREAT JOB, THANKS!

Nice one! Congrats

550, you can add new feature 8ppppppppppp

<body onload="c=a.getContext`2d`;z=a.height=300;l=260;k=j=s=f=0;with(c){C=e=>{k=40+Math.random()*l;j=40+Math.random()*l};p=(e,q)=>{beginPath();arc(e,q,5,0,.1,1);fill()};t=e=>{fillStyle=e};d=e=>{t`#00B`;fillRect(0,0,z,l);t`#0C0`;fillRect(0,l,z,40);t`red`;p(k,j)}}d();C();onclick=e=>{if(f)return 0;f++;v=7;y=l;x=0;with(Math){n=atan2(e.y-z,e.x);h=v*cos(n);I=setInterval(e=>{r=v*sin(n);x+=h;y+=r;d();t`#FFF`;p(x,y);if((x-k)*(x-k)+(y-j)*(y-j)<100)C(),s++;r+=0.1;n=atan2(r,h);v=sqrt(r*r+h*h);if(x<0||x>z||y>z){clearInterval(I);f=0}},10)}};"><canvas id=a>

(1 edit)

563 char without touching anything, i just removed some ';', optimized an 'if' and wrote '0.1' as '.1', ENJOY! Searching for the last 3 char to remove ...

<body onload="c=a.getContext`2d`;z=a.height=300;l=260;k=j=s=f=0;with(c){C=e=>{k=40+Math.random()*l;j=40+Math.random()*l};p=(e,q)=>{beginPath();arc(e,q,5,0,.1,1);fill()};t=e=>{fillStyle=e};d=e=>{t`#00B`;fillRect(0,0,z,l);t`#0C0`;fillRect(0,l,z,40);t`red`;p(k,j)};}d();C();onclick=e=>{if(f)return 0;f++;v=7;y=l;x=0;with(Math){n=atan2(e.clientY-z,e.clientX);h=v*cos(n);I=setInterval(e=>{r=v*sin(n);x+=h;y+=r;d();t`#FFF`;p(x,y);if((x-k)*(x-k)+(y-j)*(y-j)<100)C(),s++;r+=0.1;n=atan2(r,h);v=sqrt(r*r+h*h);if(x<0||x>z||y>z){clearInterval(I);f=0}},10)}};"><canvas id=a>

A little bit too easy, but good nevertheless. Maybe point the 'enemy' directly toward the player?

Very nice! The controls are a little bit strange form me but that's a great idea ... SOLO PONG!

(2 edits)

Thanks! Also the with(object) is pretty good, you can omit the object in object.method() [you can save like 5/7 byte in your setinterval if you start it with(c) and then omit all c. ]

JS is quite good to write spaghetti code 8) Also you can use online tools to shrink your code, i don't like them because they remove all the fun but they are quite good.


They just want hugs! 8ppp

HEY! I made it! YAY!

Hope everyone had/is having a good time working on his/her entry, can't wait to see play them.

I worked on the project from the night of friday 28/01 to the night of thursday 05/02, but just 3/4 hours a day. I just didn't have time yesterday night to submit it.

The main focus of this year where:

  • easy of play
  • level sharing

Easy of play

I think this objective has been fully reached, but i may be completly wrong 8p We will see from the comment and the judgement.

Level sharing

For this objective i had some problem, basically tech things not working locally and/or working differently on, but in the end i managed to find a solution. The game read the parameters passed to the page and, if present, use the level variable to setup the random number generator to a value [a level it's just composed by two letters and two numbers + a simple CRC] derived from that value. This way, you can share levels with friends, get help if you get stuck and ... well ... point me to bugs 8p Upon completing a level, a new level is generated, this time randomly so everyone get a different level progression.

Despite the game not being a fully flagged roguelike, i consider it a success. That's just the way it went this year ... but i like the result. 

No, i wrote a mekefile that put all the source in one file and pack the image as a base64 so i don't have to mess with external file on Maybe i'll take a look into that, but for the 7drl it worked quite nicely.

Nice concept! Congratulations!

Are you trying to cheat? 8))))))) Just kidding!

The source code can be viewed directly in your browser by right clicking on the page and selecting "view source". I can upload the page and mark it as downloadable so you can have an offline version if you like.

Yes, that's it. I didn't realize it happen only at level start

Nice one, but i don't understan the movement scheme ... Sometime i can't go down.

It could be nice to have the game teleport [or move] you to the next level without having to move to the stair.

(1 edit)

First of all, thanks a lot!

About your last point ... i had it work differently until a day before the submisson: if you ended your turn in a tile adjacent to an enemy they would spot you. This mechanincs alone redefine the whole game and you had to think twice before move. A friend tested it, didn't understand it and kept asking "why do enemy spot me even in shadow?" ... that's solid and i could not come up with a better solution then to remove it. It's easy, but that's not as bad as i though 8p.

Someone mentioned difficulty levels, i'm thinking about a future release where the "one tile spot" could be in maximum difficulty.

YEAH! Have fun!

You have to know how to play chess, then it's quite simple

WOW! Nice one! Very intersting game memechanics even if the "controls" are not that intuitive at first. It could have been better to just play the card and then move on the board.

Anyway, again, NICE ONE!

Hope you'll manage to get it to work. Keep me updated so i can fix any issue you find

I can say i don't have any other report of a catastrophic failure on all major browser 8)

The game use a canvas, an image and js without any library or any external tool/thing/beemoth.

You can download the page (better the game iframe) and play offline or mess with the code. It's that easy i swear 8p

(1 edit)

I'm playing right now with chrome and i used chrome for the whole development ... that's quite strange!

I see the page below, just click in the green highlighted area and then use the keyboard. Does that work?

I also modified the page background to dark gray, now you should see way better where "the game box is", click in it and the use the keyboard.

It seems that the embedding frame does not get the inout unless you click on it ... try clicking at the top "image" as it is the game, not an image 8ppp

Changed the key to return, should be fine now. Thanks again!

2019 7drl about ninja, stealth, revenge and blood

OPS! i'll try to change it to Return tomorrow!! Sorry about that 8p

Could work ... i can also scale down enemy strength by the difficulty level! Thanks a lot, will certainly add it if i'll continue developing it.

I know it may be hard at the start, but after some playtrough it should feel less and less hard. At the end you'll find it a little bit too easy ... tust me 8)

I'm thinking about something to make it easier but i can't find a way to not make it trivial ... any suggestion? As a full game it could help to have a tutorial level where samurai do not attack you, but i don't think i'll have time to implement it.

I just made my entry public and marked it as a success ... FEELS GOOD MAN!

First, keep coding your own entry, after the jam take a look at it and let me know what you think!

Have fun and good luck everyone!