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it says don't steal others content do if it's not your own characters than probably no

thanks gonna love this jam

Hi just wondering if I could use construct 3

If you did haven't already finish drawing would you mind adding a retro throwback theme because it's a new decade or something

Hello my game is a first person shooter where you play as a little kid destroying everything at an art museum with various weapons please share your game ideas here too.

great game and the idea of a legend of zelda plattformer is great but just be a little more clear on what buttons you press to do certain things but it's a lot better than the cdi seiries platformer

it would be fun to share Ideas guys

great game 

pretty cool game but could use some more content

really fun just a bit too hard towards the end

good idea i might put more thought into it

My idea is you are death and are trying to hunt down a secret agent so you must solve puzzles to get to him and kill him

a small one called construct 3

thank you so exited for the jam

I'm pretty sure I can but just wondering if I can use any engine