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Hey. i recently got the game and was wondering if you could put forward some guidelines or rules for building custom armies as far as giving them abilites and stats?

Oh for heavens

This game is actually a lot of fun. Nice work

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Hi everyone! I have officially gotten a team together, and, we have begun working on Cat Tastrophe. I want to be open with everyone up front that it is not going to be anything very out of the box and is mainly a project to help us get settled, get used to working as a team, and get our roles set. We have plans for bigger projects in the future if we can pull this off so please show us here at Shattered Pixel Games your support. We will keep you updated on the games progress here and we are open to questions about the game.

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Hello! I am new to game development in general but h I have been tinkering with various engines for a while. Im mainly an artist. Been looking for months for a programmer to help me get going. Every time I post on a forum though, the post asking for help is usually deleted and in things like discord im usually just ignored so...

Hello there! I am new to game development and am looking for help to make a first small game. I am looking to make a puzzle game using the Godot game engine. If you have experience with that, please reply here and let me know.