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very neat game gives me mario galaxy vibes!

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Hi i just recently released my new game Fight Knight.

What is the game about

Fight Knight is a 2D local pvp game where the goal is to shoot at each other play trough 4 randomly selected stages where  the player that did the most damage to the other wins! Each  round is 30 seconds so you have to act quickly.

Hopefully you could give the game a try be sure to give some feedback! You can download the game  here.


Thanks for leaving a comment. Hopefully you had fun playing the game. The game is in its early stages so there are still bugs i need to fix.

Wow i think this is a step in the right direction the characters have more personality to them good job!

This game is awesome good job!!

Hey there!

I think you’re game is very cool the mechanics work and they feel quite nice. I think you could improve the game by making the graphics the same size they now don’t fit together making the background a higher resolution could fix the problem.

hopefully this could help the development of you’re game. I’m excited to see what you would do in the future

cool game you made good use of the unity FPS assets.

the game is very fun to play but I hope in the future it will get some textures to make the gameplay look more interesting.

this game is a visual masterpiece 

hey there!

Thanks again for playing my game and giving some feedback. I think its a great idea to give a visual representation of how many jumps you have i will also be looking at the backgrounds. Do you have that problem with all backgrounds or only the one on the image?  and ill be looking at the moving platforms it could be pretty boring to wait so changing the speed or starting direction could fix the problem.

Thanks again for the feedback and hopefully you could give feedback in the next update. :)

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Hey there!

I just updated my game and im asking if you could check it out and give some feedback i changed the levels added new enemies and fixed some bugs. Im still looking for ways to add fun mechanics if you have any ideas it would be great to hear.

Hey there!

Thanks again for giving some feedback. The candy powerup is definitely bugged at the moment and i will fix it as soon as possible. I’m not sure if i want the player to take the powerup to the next level yet. I will also change the part where the 2 enemies are very close to each other. I wil also be working on the character controller adding a jump height value and maybe wall jumping. I really want to make the game stand out from other platformers in its design and gameplay. I will be working on some new mechanics that are candy based maybe like eating you’re way trough objects.

I Want to thank you once again for you’re support you’re helping me make the game as best as possible. Hopefully you could give more feedback in the future.


Sorry for the late reply i played with my friend trough the whole game. We liked the first world the most. Had only one more issue i have if one of the characters dies but the other completes the level it wouldn't load to the next level and will lock the game forcing you to restart i think it would be an easy fix.

I also updated my game yesterday fixing some of the issue's you had.


Thanks for the feedback! I will surely make some improvements to the character controller and adding conntroller support to the game. I really appriciate the feedback and i hope you could give some feedback again in the next update.

Fun game! its a great co-op to play with a friend I like the way you have to communicate with each other while playing the game. I only had one minor issue sometimes when i open the game its in windowed mode. I had a fun time playing the game and im excited to see what you will do with this game in the future :)

Hey there! 

Thanks you for playing my game and taking the time for the feedback. I will try to fix the things you were talking about. I really appriciate that you took the time and affort to give me this feedback. I hope you will play my game again after the update. It would be nice if you would give me some feedback then again. 

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Hi there im looking for some feedback for my new game its in its prototype stages and i want to make it as good as i can.

Here is a little description about my game:

Gumball in candyland is a little 2D platformer game where you play as a little gumball trough verious delicious looking different levels.

you cand download the game here.

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Gumball in candyland is a delicious 2D platformer game with a cute looking pixelart art style you play as a little red gumball trough verious delicious levels.

This Game is stil in its very early stages everyting could change in the feature feedback is always wanted.

Download the game here: