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Hi, to make sure I'm reading the rules correctly: Late submissions will still be accepted up until the deadline time on March 18th ? Thanks for the help

lol makes sense! Thanks for explaining further

Sounds good, thanks for the reply! :)

Hello! Could someone explain the "Metroidn't" theme to me? Is it like a subversion of Metroid or Metroidvanias? I'm sure the themes are open to interpretation, but didn't really get that one

I liked it a lot! Writing is solid and funny. And I don't know if it was intentional or due to the time constraint, but the mismatched / lofi art is very charming. For the font, I wish there was less space between the letters, sort of hard to read for me. I hope you work more on the game, would love to play more :)

Music's really strong, good moody / mysterious vibe. Wish the story didn't end so abruptly though lol, interesting start

Great work, I really liked the atmosphere and exploring the world. Very neat backgrounds/ visual design. The movement is precise, which is good, but your top speed for running is maybe too fast. I am grateful for the instant respawn when you fall, because I died like 30 times in the cave lol. Would love to play more if you keep working on it :)

Original idea for a puzzle game and the presentation is really relaxing, great work! I also like that the 'colors' also have their own shapes, makes it more readable

I really like the idea, reminds me of the old Escape Velocity games. I do wish you could get from point to point faster at first though, since there aren't other ships or anything to look at while you're traveling. I liked seeing each new planet, and I enjoyed accidentally flying into a black hole lol

Great idea and cute presentation, almost wished the movement was a little faster though. Good work :)

Really rad concept for delivering the story. Music and font choices are spot-on

A fun title / concept and I really like the art style, great work

The intro / overall presentation is really cute. Love the world map

Dead simple in a good way. The ball moves like you'd expect and it feels great when you hole-in-one it. I also really liked the lunar lander sprites and the other vehicles, nice touch

Very neat idea and I appreciated the generous grab range of your character. Appropriately floaty and low-grav feel

Great look and feel, the aesthetic's perfect

Vert satisfying, I liked the different bullet upgrades and the ducks are a fun idea