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Thank you :)

I will probably add ladders in a little update, had more people asking for it.

I'm also working on something new containing tons of new monsters (with animations) in this style. Will probably post an update about that soon on my Twitter!

Appreciate it a ton!


Hey everyone!

I just released my 'Huge 16x16 Asset Pack' here on Itch!

It includes:
- 750+ tiles
- Animated character
- 7 Fully animated monsters
- A collection of large assets

I would appreciate it a lot if you'd check it out!

Thanks! I hope you will like it :)


Thanks a lot for buying! Appreciate it :)

Not entirely sure what you mean with 'not atlas'. Could you be more specific?

Thanks again!

Hey everyone!

I just released my 16x16 RPG Icon Pack here on!

The pack features 850+ Sprites of which 400+ are Unique! I will also be making future updates to the pack!

You can check out the pack here:

Thanks alot for checking it out, this is my first project and im very excited to finally release this :)