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Love the style of this!

Hey there!

My new asset pack: '280+ MORE 16x16 RPG Items' is OUT NOW!

The pack features over 280 items over which 145 are unique!

The pack is a continuation of one of my other packs: '275+ 16x16 RPG Items' which can be bought in a bundle with this pack for a discount!

Thanks for reading and your support! I appreciate it a ton :)


I might if people are looking for that in this style!

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I've added some more specificity to the contents! I've also added a new image showcasing everything :)

Heres ours! Would love feedback

Our game's about building a physics tower with frogs!

Would love feedback!

Would love to here your feedback on ours!

Thanks! And yea, a little tutorial addition might be nice if we decide to further work on it!

Would love it if you played ours!

Physics tower-building puzzle game!

Wonky physics game with frogs!

Critical feedback welcome!

Would love to hear what you think!

Really digged the art style, especially the starting room had me intrigued. It was kind of hard to see what was happening in the dark room though, especially project tiles. 

Had kind of trouble finding the theme but its definitely well made! Had to get past the near insta death at the start though

Straight forward but fun nonetheless! I liked how fluid and fast the gameplay was, made it pleasant to play. Also alot of levels!

Thanks for your feedback! Appreciated! You can press arrow key down to let the blocks fall faster!

Our game is a physics tower building game with frogs! Would love it if you tried it and tell us what you think

Would love it if you played ours!

Would love to see you test our game! Its a physics tower building game with frogs!

Puzzle game about building a tower with physics and frogs!

Puzzle game about frogs building towers!

Damn, really polished and nice gameplay. Played with my bro and it was really fun, especially 1v1 against eachother. When we played against the enemy team they did do some weird stuff, like fail their server. Still super good looking!

Really clean game! Felt really good to play and the music was great! It would be even better if you also went faster the more you grew, making it a bit more difficult. Still, super polished and clean looking!

Managed to become quite a chonker

Thanks, glad you liked it! Will check it out in a bit!

To progress after the tower you could have it intentionally fall horizontaly, save your solidify and then use it once its fully horizontal, essentially creating a big new build space area.

We just thought of this, but it sounds nearly impossible :P

Damn we've never seen such a stable building. It didnt even shake when you put on the tower, very impressive.

The tower is kind of a 'soft end' right now, but we kept the blocks going for the real hardcore players. But yea, reaching 50 meters is the main goal for the version in the Gamejam!

Hey thanks for your elaborate feedback!

- Yea there might be a bug where you can still get the propellor after you already obtained it. We saw this later!

- You can actually press R to sacrifice 2 life and respawn yourself!

- Yep, the stabilizing part is a big physics thing. Its hard to stabilize when things get wonky. Here you can partly use the solidify power-up to make a little wall for example that holds your tower somewhat together. Still you are very right on this and its probably the biggest issue. Alot of tweaking with the gravity + mass of the blocks in Unity might help this issue if we continue with the game. Theres definitely alot to improve on and add content.

Thanks again for your feedback, we do really appreciate it, and thanks for playing!

Thanks! Appreciated

Very unique premise! I think you used the assets super creatively and you really brought them to life! Loved the little story :)

Would love to hear feedback and get rated!


Hey we made a game about building a tower with physics and frogs!

Hey, we made a physics game where you build a tall tower for a frog to climb on. Control both the blocks and the frog!



hey hey, we made a fun puzzle game where you build a tower for some frogs!

Hey, we made a fun tower-building game with frogs and physics!

Thanks! Appreciated. And thanks for using my pack, Im going to check out your game in a bit!

Thanks alot!

Thanks! Yep we are thinking about thing as we might continue with the game. Valid point!

Theme is very well resembled in this one. I wouldve liked it if bullets werent piercing, since they take out my zombies very fast, making it not much of an actual shield. Overall nice idea.