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Thanks for playing! We had a lot of fun kicking around ideas for what the weapons and enemies should be. Wrenches being enemies would be a great fit, too!

I love this, and my friend made it. 10/10

You can tell right away that a ton of work went into this. It's got a really solid base for an RPG for sure! Can't wait to see more of this!

I could slide these pieces around all day. I love the sounds and the puzzle idea. I did run out of bread though. Probably cuz I was dealing out those sammies TOO FAST. Seriously though, great game. :)

I really like how goopy it feels. Cool movement idea too! How does the chain work?

This game is adorable. Little hard to aim but also really satisfying when you hit something. Great work :D

man, this thing is LOADED with podcast references! That's awesome! I actually listened to the "tech debt" episode the other day! Great concept and cool implementation! I'd love to get good at this.

I love how hectic it is right when you start it up! It was fun to just kinda slide around and learn how to play. I arrested so many slimes!

Great work! It's super simple and still there's a way to get super good at it. Really cute too! I remember you posting progress stuff about it on Discord! Awesome to actually see it in action.

I really like all of the little things that are in here. The way the enemies sneak up on you and hide under the tables, and the way you light source changes to a cone whenever you're attacking, really nice subtle touches. Great work! :D

This is awesome! The visuals and sound fit perfectly, and the game feels really good to play. It's super hard but also makes you want to keep getting higher than you did before. Twitter integration is an awesome touch. Great job!

Great job! There are so many movement options for such a short period of dev time. Loved seeing your screenshots in the Discord :D