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I think this is a good prototype. However, there are some issues:

  • enemies that shoot outside of the screen
  • there isn't a feeback when you hit or miss an enemy
  • Considering that this is a prototype, the performances are not the main focus, but there are fps drops when shields get destroyed

This prototype has the potential to become an interesting full game.


Thank you for the comment and suggestions, I really appreciate it!

I agree with you about the sound, there is a rework to do with it.

Thanks you!

Thank you for the in-depth comment and suggestions!

As you said, due to lack of time, I couldn't implement all the features that I wanted, but you have suggested some cool ideas wich I hadn't think about it (i.e. the movement of the boss).
Thank you so much!

Thanks you!

A bit hard for me, but an interesting idea! It seems a game made for speedrunners!

Interesting concept and well-implemented!

One suggestion: a basic tutorial (an image or a label is enough) should help to understand the controls (it took me almost a minute to understand that with the mouse you move the hourglass).

Good job!

Such a relaxing experience! Good job!

It was fun to play!

At first, I didn't understand that the game continues only when you move the player, and it was a big surprise! Notifications and upgrades are also well implemented!

Only one thing: if you try to speak with your "past me" with the first die, the game freezes (at least on Firefox).

Good job!

Good concept! There is a strange "flickering" effect for the player, but the gameplay is well done!

Thank you for the feedback!

Yeah, this works!

I like the gameplay, it's smooth and it has a good variety of enemies (also different spawn patterns that contribute to the overall experience).

Good job!

Thank you for the feedback!

About the corner, unfortunately I knew it. This could be avoided with different types of enemies, but I didn’t have enough time to add a variety of enemies and patterns. In a possible future update I will take that in consideration.


Great idea! The gunplay reminds me Enter the Gungeon!

I think it's a bit difficult to notice all the stuff implemented (what it change when you are younger in respect to when you are older), so a good tutorial should be a nice-to-have feature.

Anyway, good job!

Really good game! Controls are smooth, even if it's hard to control the player in the air (for example to do a small jump), but it has nice animations and a high sense of gravity.

The environment can be extended in a bigger story because it's an actual theme. Good job!

I love this graphic style! I think that this game should be converted into a full game, it has a lot of potentials!

Cool concept, fun, and polished game! Congratulations!

I've tried to play it from the browser but it doesn't work (Firefox), is it a known bug?

Amazing transitions and cool UI, I think that these parts are ready for a full game!

Cool concept!

Really hard game, cool transitions, and an interesting story!

Interesting concept and nice effect for the time portal!

As a suggestion, I think that it's a little bit confusing in some situations (I got stuck in a hole without any "you loose" screen or similar), but it's overall good!

Thank you! 

Classic concept, but fun!

Nice graphic! The water effect is amazing!

Good game with nice graphic!

Interesting concept, I like it! More polish, more levels and it can be a hit!

Good game! I like the surprise in the title screen when you see the light for the first time. Some suggestions:

  • the player collision area is too large (usually is better if it is smaller than the sprite)
  • sometimes when you die, it seems a little unfair because you can't understand why you died (adding an "alert" sprite or label can resolve this issue for example)

Really interesting concept, excellent implementation. It's really polished, it's ready to become a full game! Good job!

The idea is cool, it reminds me some mini-games that I played when I was a child.

However, the controls are really strange and the player speed is too high for me.

Personal tip for next game jams: try to polish a bit more the game, it's quite "raw" as it is now.

Nice idea! I think that this concept can be extended to a full game!

Thank you for the suggestion! I will take it into consideration for the next update!

I wrote a devlog on how I did the black and white shader in Godot:

It's really straightforward, but for me, this was a big problem because I didn't have any type of experience with shaders (this was my first time using them, and I have understood that they are really powerful). For this reason, the first thing that I did for the game was this shader, and I have started to do the game only after it worked properly.

It's quite difficult! Anyway, the controls are really good and the tutorial is well implemented. Good game!

So polished! Animations and transitions are amazing! The concept is really interesting, controls are simple and the player is well-introduced to the game mechanics. Good job!

I like the undo feature (really useful), black holes (they add some differentiation in the levels), and the possibility to resolve a puzzle in different ways!

Really cool graphics and sound effects! The dithering effect is perfect.

Not knowing where enemies will spawn is a bit unfair. Anyway, the concept is cool and can be deepened.

I can't go further than the first lesson (called "Lesson 10"), I think that there is a bug...

On the browser, it doesn't work for me...