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Thank you!

Thank you!

It's really polished, it has a cool style and it's an original puzzle game! Good job!

The player's movement is solid, but the camera is too high and "zoomed in" with respect to the player's position on screen (you don't know where you will land a lot of the time).

Anyway, the art is stylish and the game is fun, good job!

Cool gameplay and good art! It's a bit buggy (e.g. the Main Menu button which doesn't work, at least for me on HTML5) but it's a good game!

Cute arts and fun gameplay! Good job!

Great arts and controls! The sound is a bit too high, but the game is fun!

Really good game! Great bonuses are the full interactive tutorial and the remappable controls!

A very original idea! Good job!

Thank you!

Thank you! I've thought about it, but to don't create too much confusion I chose to make the player the only environment destroyer inside the game!

Thank you! Using better the concept of destructible environments was my original plan, but I ended up with not so much time and I have dedicated the majority of the level design's time to the tutorial map!

Thank you for the feedback! I totally agree with your suggestions!

Thanks! Yes, it would be a nice addition (at least the possibility to set it in the settings)!

Thank you!

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Thanks! I agree with you about the progress bars (but I didn't have time for it, unfortunately)!

Thank you! I haven't noticed that bug, thanks to report it!

Thanks! It was intended, but at least I could have added in the settings the possibility to hold down the mouse to shoot.


Thanks for the feedback! I didn't know that the cursor doesn't scale with high-res monitors like the other parts of the game, good to know! And yes, about the issue with the bullets I have noticed it too.

Thank you!

Great art and cool background music. It's a really hard game: a suggestion is to add a "health" to the player, instead of a one-shot kill. I think it would improve a lot with this small change.

Anyway good job!

It's a really original game, which seems almost like a board game with its push-your-luck mechanic. I appreciate the "help" button during the gameplay, but for me, it was difficult to really understand what I was doing. Another type of tutorial or explanation could help a lot!

Anyway, really good art!

The idea is good and it looks great, but it's hard to understand what each action really does. A tutorial, even a really short one, could have improved by a lot the experience.

Anyway good job!

Really good idea! Good art and sound too!

A suggestion: I think that the tutorial could be improved by doing it "interactively" instead of static instructions, but it requires time and in a game jam there are other priorities.

Good job!

You're right, I haven't thought about those settings, they would have improved the experience!

Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback, I agree with you!


Thank you!


A ton of accessibility options, good graphics and music! Good game!

Great idea with cool sounds! It's not easy to don't get a "meh", but I know that I'm bad at rhythm games. The possibility to remap the keys is a great plus!

One note: it would be nice to be able to use only the keyboard for the entire game, even for the choices before the battles, and also to pause the game (or at least to change the settings after the initial screen)!

Anyway, good job!

Great idea with beautiful art and sounds!

The only side note is the readability of the text in the menu, but it's not the most important thing in a game jam!

Good job!

A really polished game! The art and the sound are very beautiful. Also, the great amount of enemy variety is a big plus.

A leaderboard or a scoring system would fit perfectly in this game!

I think this is a good prototype. However, there are some issues:

  • enemies that shoot outside of the screen
  • there isn't a feeback when you hit or miss an enemy
  • Considering that this is a prototype, the performances are not the main focus, but there are fps drops when shields get destroyed

This prototype has the potential to become an interesting full game.


Thank you for the comment and suggestions, I really appreciate it!

I agree with you about the sound, there is a rework to do with it.

Thanks you!

Thank you for the in-depth comment and suggestions!

As you said, due to lack of time, I couldn't implement all the features that I wanted, but you have suggested some cool ideas wich I hadn't think about it (i.e. the movement of the boss).
Thank you so much!

Thanks you!

A bit hard for me, but an interesting idea! It seems a game made for speedrunners!

Interesting concept and well-implemented!

One suggestion: a basic tutorial (an image or a label is enough) should help to understand the controls (it took me almost a minute to understand that with the mouse you move the hourglass).

Good job!

Such a relaxing experience! Good job!