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Good game with nice graphic!

Interesting concept, I like it! More polish, more levels and it can be a hit!

Good game! I like the surprise in the title screen when you see the light for the first time. Some suggestions:

  • the player collision area is too large (usually is better if it is smaller than the sprite)
  • sometimes when you die, it seems a little unfair because you can't understand why you died (adding an "alert" sprite or label can resolve this issue for example)

Really interesting concept, excellent implementation. It's really polished, it's ready to become a full game! Good job!

The idea is cool, it reminds me some mini-games that I played when I was a child.

However, the controls are really strange and the player speed is too high for me.

Personal tip for next game jams: try to polish a bit more the game, it's quite "raw" as it is now.

Nice idea! I think that this concept can be extended to a full game!

Thank you for the suggestion! I will take it into consideration for the next update!

I wrote a devlog on how I did the black and white shader in Godot:

It's really straightforward, but for me, this was a big problem because I didn't have any type of experience with shaders (this was my first time using them, and I have understood that they are really powerful). For this reason, the first thing that I did for the game was this shader, and I have started to do the game only after it worked properly.

It's quite difficult! Anyway, the controls are really good and the tutorial is well implemented. Good game!

So polished! Animations and transitions are amazing! The concept is really interesting, controls are simple and the player is well-introduced to the game mechanics. Good job!

I like the undo feature (really useful), black holes (they add some differentiation in the levels), and the possibility to resolve a puzzle in different ways!

Really cool graphics and sound effects! The dithering effect is perfect.

Not knowing where enemies will spawn is a bit unfair. Anyway, the concept is cool and can be deepened.

I can't go further than the first lesson (called "Lesson 10"), I think that there is a bug...

On the browser, it doesn't work for me...

Unluckily it doesn't launch on the browser for me...

This should be shown in a lesson of game design on how gratification in a game means everything. Although this was done intentionally, this brings to a boring game... but the idea is good.

Really cool graphic style, with a lot of glitch effects!

Thank you for checking out my game!

Cool transitions between scenes! I love Picross games and this is quite polished. I think that you can improve the settings menu (changing the default theme for the buttons) and add a little tutorial on how to play (and I really miss the possibility to mark a cell with a cross). Anyway good game!

I like it! I think I have encountered a bug because there were 6 flowers on the screens that couldn't be hit and that didn't shoot.

Anyway the performances are solid, the shooting is satisfactory and the game is well-balanced (I tried Possible difficulty). Good game!

Good game! Some personal advice:

  • Add more feedback when you get hit
  • The final boss kills you with one hit only (is it intentional or is it a bug?)
  • Waves that only spawn enemies at the begin are too much easy, think about adding more complex waves

Anyway I think it's a good starting point!

Really cool style, and some great ideas!

Great idea and nice graphic! I think that controls can be improved.

I think it's a little confusing. The map is big and it's not clear what to do. Maybe you can try to add a parallel background (or something similar) to help the player to orientate better in the world.

Anyway, it's a good starting point!

I like the concept of using only one touch to perform all the actions, it is really suitable for the mobile (also if a UI improvement for the menu and HUD is needed).


Really nice concept!

I have appreciated the tutorial and the map that is part of the physics, along with the graphics!

The only thing that I don't like is the player control, I think is way too difficult to control (I know it should be, but I think that easier controls can improve the overall experience).

Nice concept and graphic, great!

I suggest to change the music (because it loops with an annoying fade-in-out effect).

Congrats! It's a really nice modernization of classic snake games!

Thank you!

Yeah, I agree with you. The sprites of the asteroids and the spaceships could be changed in something better! I’m not a good artist, so I decided to make the graphic as simple as possible.

Thank you for the feedback, I’ll take it into consideration if I will do an update!

Hi! This was my first game jam, I hope you like it!

Really nice! Cool concept.