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Very good and creative entry. I'm very bad at it because I'm the kind of person always doing microcorrections so I couldn't get past level 7, but it was fun.

This game is severely missing audiovisual feedback when one animal kills another. Other than that, I don't really have much to complain about. It's a very clever use of the theme and I didn't think the puzzles got too had too quickly. I couldn't figure out what was the goal in the 4th puzzle (It apparently wasn't to change the side of each group of animals?)

Nice game. Often there are a lot more mirrors than necessary making the puzzles too easy. It would also be helpful to have a kind of preview where the shot will go as it can be quite tedious to find out where exactly you need to stand on the diagonal shots (maybe a chessboard tiles floor would have been helpful there)

This is beautiful to look at! Unfortunately the theme is more considered as a narrative point instead of a mechanical, which kind of is not the point of the jam. But if you plan to make more games with those visuals, count me in!

Good UI, solid gameplay loop. I'm missing an indicator where the asteroids are, as it is now it feels a bit unfair being hit by something you didn't even see, but I get you only have so much time in a jam situation. For some reason I found the controls to very unintuitive, but I don't out why, so I'm afraid that's not an overly constructive critique...

As the other comment pointed out, I also don't think this game changed enough of the base formula of the genre to stand out as having a "one" theme. But it's a pretty polished entry given the amount of content and time restraints :)

Sorry you didn't make it time. What was the intended goal? Something like a 1st person flappy bird with nicer graphics?

Level design in general is quite good, as is the learning curve. But the timing of the moving parts needs a lot of work. There always is so much unnecessary waiting time, especially in the beginning of the levels because the platforms move in a way that you just can't make it and have to wait a full cycle (web version, I assume the movement speed of the character is independent of my browser).

I love the character design and especially the cute jump animation :)

Whenever I try to move left or right while on the ground the game freezes until I release the button, then teleports me to where I would be if I moved normally. It's unplayable that way. This bug report is for the web version. Other people seem to not have the problem, so that's just a heads up, will not vote negatively :)

It's a solid entry for your first jam, especially if you did this on your own. It took me a long time to figure out the E/Q keys. Maybe I missed something in the first room, but that is one of your core principals and should be very central in the beginning. Unfortunately I think the core mechanic is more annoying than fun and at times I felt like playing 1st person Space Invaders: Move left and right and attack. On the plus side, the different weapons for the colors are a really nice touch :)