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Good UI, solid gameplay loop. I'm missing an indicator where the asteroids are, as it is now it feels a bit unfair being hit by something you didn't even see, but I get you only have so much time in a jam situation. For some reason I found the controls to very unintuitive, but I don't out why, so I'm afraid that's not an overly constructive critique...

As the other comment pointed out, I also don't think this game changed enough of the base formula of the genre to stand out as having a "one" theme. But it's a pretty polished entry given the amount of content and time restraints :)

The indicator for off screen items was definitely on the list of things I wanted to implement but didn't have time.   And looking back, I should have just implemented mouse controls - it would have made things a  lot more intuitive. Lesson learned.  Thanks for the feedback!