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I'll not finish the entire map, but just finish Portland, there are a lot of unfinished areas in my demake.

I now have a bit more experience with car physics thanks to other side projects. I think the main things I need to do is lower the center of gravity with a few tweaks on the car's acceleration, and make the wheels less slippery.

I think when I'll have a bit more free time I'll fix everything and finish the map in a big update, to at least have a fun and playable demake.

Thanks !

Yeah I didn't have time to finish the map. I really want to finish it when I'll get some free time.

And yes the car physic is horrible in this game since I never made cars before. That's something I also want improve in an update.

Thanks !

Always glad to make people's days with my stupid jokes.

As always you can be sure I'll enter the next Pizza Jam.

Thanks !

Yeah I found these bug during development but since they are not game breaking I left them in the game.

The game have been updated. Now the game is playable and can be completed.

Hope you will try again and change the ratings you might have given, have fun !

Yes, I forgot to remove a variable that triggers the end of the game. I'm trying to contact ComputerJames to upload a fix.

Hi, the controls are explained on the page of the game here :

Glad you found a solution to this problem !

Thanks ! I've been thinking about correcting the game and finishing it, especially car physics (which is horrible). When I'll have more time I think I'll work on that.

No problem. I'm always happy to help. I want everyone to play my games in the best conditions.

I tried a few times the x86_64 launcher and I didn't have this problem (I'm on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS).

I also tried the x86 launcher and this time I had a black screen problem (I should stop uploading x86 launcher on Linux, it never worked).

What Linux distribution are you using ? And are you sure you didn't launch the x86 launcher by accident (it happened to me) ?

Thanks !

I also found this bug with the jump button, I know what causes this bug but I couldn't correct it before the end of the jam.

I should definitely make a pause menu for my games. I always use the ESC button to return to the main menu and quit the game while testing but I always forget to add a pause menu.

The text color was intentional. It looks better and it forces the player to look up, since the text is supposed to be a voice coming from the hole in the center of the temple I thought it was a good idea. But yeah, it also makes it hard to read, I should have added a shadow to the text or something to make it more visible.

I finished the game by finding out that I can infinite jump (by spamming the jump button), so I just spent the whole game flying over the obstacles.

The idea is well made and original, but it's really frustrating, which is the goal of the game, but it's really annoying for the player.

Thanks !

I really wanted an animated intro that feels like older Tomb Raiders. I didn't think about Serious Sam but it also works.

The slide jump was the initial plan, but I couldn't make it work properly So I decided to put the next platform closer to let the player jump on it easily.

That was a fun game to play, and a little bit scary.

Wow, I didn't expect this kind of proposition for one of my games.

I might be interested, tell me where we could talk in private (email, Twitter or something else).

Thanks !

That was the idea, with a bit of inspiration from Ridiculous Fishing.

Really cool game ! I got the same idea of a fishing game without a fishing rod but yours is way better than mine ! Congrats !

Nice game ! The physics is wierd but it's fun to play !

Really nice game !

It's way too difficult but I like the idea.

Thanks !

Thanks ! It's my first attempt at pixel art, but I'm quite happy with the result !

Damn this one is so good ! I love the PSX feel, really nice demake !

Thanks !

Thanks !

When I was testing the game I was fooling around in the city, I lost quite some time because of that ^^

Really nice demake ! That's impressive !

Huge work on graphics, epic soundtrack, nice gameplay, best game of the jam !

The gameplay should be more dynamic, and the bird is a little bit too big, but for a 6h game it's pretty good !

Good job, it's a nice demake !

I though I would be the only one crazy enough to demake a GTA game.

I was also wondering about free assets, thanks for details.

Ok, thanks for the reply.

Hi, I wanted to know if we are allowed to use assets from the game we have chosen.

In my case the game has a background noise of a city (so just wind, train, ...) and it would be annoying (and impossible for me) to make it by myself. It is not a music and I guess it has no copyrights, it's just some city noise.

And if we are not allowed, are we allowed to use assets if we modify them ? For example, changing a sprite, changing a sound effect to sound older.

Thanks !

Great video, but it seems like you didn't try to move the camera, it would have been way better.

Thanks !

Thanks !

Amazing comment/10

Thanks !

Yeah I didn't have time for sound and music, with that the game would have even better !

The aesthetic is really great, and the idea is cool. Animations are a little bit stiff and the game is repetitive. But making a game that looks that great in 48h is quite impressive !

Thanks !

Katamari was one of the inspirations, I also love this game ^^

I really like the music, it's so relaxing! The only complains I have is that the camera is too close, so we don't see far enough, and the silkworm is a little bit too slow, but it's normal it's a silkworm.

It's a little bit repetitive, with more interaction in the maze it would have been better.

Otherwise the music and the draw distance made this game kind of scary, well done !