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Thank you for the extremely kind words!

Nice game, the music and visuals are super slick!

Very cool game, that soundtrack is bumpin'!

A downloadable has been added to the itch page.  If you run into any issues with it feel free to let me know!

I haven't checked to see if the game is stable with GMS 2.3 but if I can I'll try to get one posted tonight.

I love the aesthetic of this game!  very simple visuals yet extremely appealing to look at.  Wandering around the twisting paths through the woods make it easy to get lost but I felt that getting lost was just part of the fun.

Great job!

First of all, thank you for playing!

This game was made a jam submission so we didn't have time for a traditional final boss as we would have liked.  You get a score at the end based on your remaining health, oil, and sanity which all deal "damage" to the skull.  Your total score across all runs should be visible in the starting room after you have completed a single run.

Once again, thank you so much for playing!  Great work at beating the game!

A very easy to understand and fun game.  The 3rd level is tough!

Interesting idea of having you not be able to directly control your units but the CTRL key has some issues with being used in controls, especially for web games.  For example, CTRL-W closes the tab on chrome which is a bit annoying when playing a game.

Very interesting idea!  Some of the UI stuff is a little unclear at first but once you get how to play the game text like "Not Blocked" makes sense.  The idea of controlling what characters don't do is pretty unique.  I'm not sure I've seen it before in a turn based RPG setting.

Pretty fun but also very short.  Could be cool with some specific level layouts or perhaps a scoring system based on how many rocks you place or how long it takes you to win.  Overall I liked it!

Thank you for the feedback, another user expressed similar concerns which is why the fullscreen button is enabled despite not having great support for fullscreen play.

One suggestion I have is if you press control and scroll up or down (In Chrome, not sure about other browsers) you can zoom the window to make the game screen smaller so it can be played on your monitor.

Thank you for playing!  I really appreciate the feedback!

Ack!  Of course a typo like that gets through.  I'll have to fix it if I get the time to create an update.

The lamp kills all enemies and lights all torches on its path after you throw it.  Originally the plan was to have an AOE tied to it but this went along with some other ideas we had to cut and didn't end up making it into the final product.

You gain more sanity than you lose oil when you light a torch.  I think the main issue is how fast you lose oil as you play.  When you hit zero sanity the blue ghost appears and begins pursuing you.  Its not a definite death sentence but you are forced to play much faster than you'd like to.

The blue ghost isn't killable but you can push him away with a lantern throw though you probably aren't getting it back at that point.

I agree that the game is a bit difficult in its current form.  Because it was made for a jam, we did not have too much time for balance testing unfortunately!  Originally you were going to have to choose between regaining oil or sanity in between levels with no pickups to be found on the floors.  Thankfully we decided against that!

Throwing the lamp was meant to be a high risk and high reward as its the only way to kill multiple enemies in one action.  Getting blocked by enemies is definitely a frustrating way to die.  The pathfinding was a bit of a rush job since our programmer had to write an A* algorithm from scratch which ended up being more trouble than we anticipated.

Thank you for playing and giving your feedback!

Thank you for your kind words!  This game was originally made for a game jam so its definitely far from being a complete project.  I am very proud of what we were able to make though!

I'm glad you had fun!  Thanks for playing!

Huh, weird.  I see what you mean when I reduce my window size how the banner overlaps the screen area.  I've enabled the full screen button but the game has no rescaling built in so it will go to the top right of your window and probably not take up the whole screen.  It should be good otherwise though and I'll look into getting it working properly in full screen.  Thanks for the heads up and thank you for playing!

Thank you so much for doing this!

Thanks for playing!

A bit of a red herring but there are a lot of silly interactions you can do with the box like wearing it!  

Even though you can't effectively open it, you may be able to get some useful verbs off of it.

Thank you!

I'm glad you're having fun with it!  The editing process may be a bit messy at parts since the game was made during a game jam.  If you want to email your file to, I can give it a look and try to fix things on our end.

Double quotes may actually cause an issue with gamemaker since it loads the text file into an array when the game starts.  Something that didn't come up in testing unfortunately.  Try putting a \ character before the quote since that's the gamemaker escape character.  If that doesn't work for you I can give it a look tonight!

I'm glad you had fun!  Thank you for the kind words!

Very cool!  The music was nice and it felt pretty frantic trying to remember how to mix the slimes while being swarmed by them.  Nice work!


I'm glad you liked it!

Amazing quality!  Had fun the whole time!  Moving through projectiles took a bit of getting used to but once you get it it felt really good.

That's always the trouble with puzzle games.  A good amount of testing could help with that but jams rarely have enough time for testing.

Very cool!  Its a nice and simple puzzle game yet it did stump me quite a few times.  Level 10 is rough!

Thank you for your kind words!

Cutting content is an unfortunate part of game jams but it at least helps prevent the dreaded feature creep that I would deal with otherwise!

The art is beautiful but I can't see whats happening too often because of the screen size!  Please consider uploading one at a higher scale!

Really fun!  Making the buttons for restarting the level and resetting the level 1 and 2 made my have to move my hand a bit awkwardly while trying levels.  Otherwise a really solid game!

I had some trouble figuring out the controls but once I did it was pretty fun.  Nice visuals!  The explosion animation in combat was very cool.

Very cool idea.  This is the kind of game that I could actually see on a phone.  Good for short bursts of fun!

Fun!  It took me a moment to figure out what I had to do but was doing well up until the game got way harder towards the end of the tune.

I wandered around a lot and found key 1!  The map is very large and spread out which sometimes makes exploration feel like a chore instead of a reward for unlocking an area.  I did have fun though!  Great job!

The game definitely isn't in a place where I would call it "Finished".  There are a lot of systems I had to cut to make the deadline.  I'm not sure how much you played but there is a bit of progression in the game.  As you catch more souls, you begin to catch ones which reward more points and you also receive emails which progress the narrative.

Either way, thank you for playing my game!

Yeah, I took a bunch of time to make the transition then realized it was a bit lengthy while testing but didn't have time to go back and work on it.  I'm glad you liked the writing!  Thanks for the feedback!

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Very fun!  I liked how it would switch from vertical to horizontal at times.  A very charming game all around!  Please check out my game if you get a chance!

Really nice project!  Maybe consider making it so if you collect a heart while you have 3 hearts for the game to give you bonus points.