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Rogue One

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I am deeply confused and I love it.

Love the effects, love the music, love the concept. So simple yet so perfect

Very interesting, it does evoke feelings with its ambient (and a bit of stress). The style rocks as well :D

Maybe the difficulty escalates too fast?

Very fun, love the style. All the stats on the same bar or value is the same concept of our game, love the way you interpreted it.

Very interesting puzzle game, feels polished and fun, and gets difficult very smoothly.

So much fun to play, very intuitive yet deep to have fun across all levels. BTW there are so much levels. Feels well polished as well, its just awesome!

Love the references, and the game itself its pretty fun to play, with the One catchphrase.  

Quite fun! reminds me of our game. Beautiful artstyle, fun to play, perhaps the melee isn't quite as potent as I would expect for the risk-revenue that comes to get close to the enemy. Also, check our game, which has the same premise (roguelike with one value ) Its Rogue One