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Hello! I've loved your work for many years and love this program, and I have fun with it pretty frequently, and I was wondering if there is any update on the newer version of the program (the one with the new LISP), and whether it would be available for download on sometime soon and not just available as a web version. 

Thank you for your response!

Thank you!! That’s definitely one of the first problems I’ll fix in future versions as it’s the most annoying to me, along with adjusting difficulty at certain levels.

Thank you, and that’s a great score! Also your game is amazing!

Thank you! That’s honestly my biggest problem with the game (and why I included 5 lives instead of 3), I originally was going to add a system that helps prevent that from occurring, but as you mentioned I pretty quickly realized it would take too long haha, glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! Also, you lose a life if the blocks fall off the screen so that's probably what happened, I should have clarified that better in the instructions!

Yes!! A Pico-8 game won!! and An amazing one at that :) Great work!!

Thank you! It’s always fun trying out new ideas, and it’s very interesting what time pressure can do to help creativity. Since I started a few hours before the jam ended, I couldn’t do the other idea I had which was way bigger so I thought, “what’s an interesting idea that I code in this short time,” and this idea was born! That’s what I’ve been loving about this jam, not trying to make perfect games but just having fun and testing new ideas and seeing what people think :)   

Thank you! Wasn't able to get it as "polished" as my previous games and definitely great rooms for improvement but it was really fun to design!

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Thanks for the reply! And that could be the way to go, although not sure if that portion is interpreted in that way for code as well, since I don’t normally consider code to be an asset (I interpreted that rule to seem more related to art, music, etc. and interpreted it as being that all raw code needed to be completely new every time).

Either way, always better to be on the transparent side! Although if that’s the case then probably worth just rewriting the tool code brand new for each jam to not get a lower rating even though it’s identical each time lol

Yes!! You got first in visuals, I called it! :D

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Hello! I have participated in the last 2 Trijams, and the experience has been amazing! 

I use Pico-8 to develop games, and in TriJam #118 I completed all the code from scratch even though a few portions of code were similar to my TriJam #117 submission. However, Pico-8 development can be quite a bit time intensive when doing everything from scratch since, unlike a standard engine, there is a lot of functionality and sort of "tool" functions you need to manually code in every time for most games. So, to help meet the 3 hour recommended deadline, I am wondering what is the policy on using snippets of code from a previous submission, when it would save a bit of time (e.g., a collision function I coded that basically stays the same between games). 

If it is allowed for me to use bits of code I created previously, then I will also set my own policy to only use code that I have used in previous TriJams, as opposed to using bits of code I have written generally in the past but not submitted as part of a TriJam game (this self-policy just feels like it will be more fun). However, if using snippets of code I wrote in previous TriJams is not allowed, then I will continue to write all code from scratch even if it adds quite a bit to the time.

Thank you in advance for answering this question, and I look forward to taking part in every TriJam for the foreseeable future!

Thank you! And yes! I’m glad someone noticed that haha, Quiet Land is an infinite area so I thought I would up the ante and make the experience feel more intense, but I wonder if the increased intensity of the music actually makes it seem more difficult even though the gameplay doesn’t change

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Thank you!! And the purple potion is a random potion that gives a random positive or negative effect, so a bit of a gamble, and there is a new world every 20 points of the score. But I like the idea of having certain key-objects, maybe "collectible" objects you can only collect in a certain "world" to gain extra points hmmm

Thank you!! This made my day!

Incredible production quality! Nice work!! This will win 1st in art for sure, if not 1st overall :D

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Incredible production quality! Nice work!! This will win 1st in art for sure, if not 1st overall :D

Very fun puzzle! I would just recommend  more integration of the theme but other than that it’s great! Very happy to see someone else also submitting a Pico-8 game :)

Great!! What engine did you use to make this?

This is a great suggestion! Optimally future versions will have more varied keywords, and perhaps also having a real-time graph that shows current sentiment for a company can be another indicator the player needs to refer to before they make a decision. Definitely many areas for improvement!

This game has a nice charm to it, I like it!

This game has elements I really like, although it gets way too fast when reaching 400 points, it gets me just a bit dizzy!  But pretty fun overall!

I saw part of the livestream, many great games you played on there! An I saw you also played my game, Bankruptcy Simulator, thank you for playing it and I'm glad it looks like it was enjoyable!

Nice choice for the music! Definitely fits the tense tone of the game!

Thank you, that was the intention haha! :D

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Sorry for the late reply! The keys are shown in the "Help Menu," and they should be: the left and right arrow keys (for highlighting the buy or sell button, for example if the "buy" button is highlighted currently then click the right arrow button on the keyboard in order to  highlight the "sell button", the highlighted button will have a yellow and white flashing border around it), the 'X' key (for selecting the currently highlighted button, which is either the sell or buy button), and the 'Z' key (not really needed but this is used to "skip" a turn without buying or selling).

I hope this helps!

Wow that’s very nice especially for doing all that on your first day! Also, not sure if you’ve heard of Pico-8, but it’s a Lua-based “engine” (technically a fantasy console) that’s also on option, if you still want to try Lua. Also, very nice job with your Aseprite graphics, it’s a great program that I have, but I really should use it more often...

Hi! I know it’s a bit late to reply to this introduction post, but I figured I would anyways! It’s a bit long, but any feedback or advice will be immensely appreciated :)

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?
For my game development presence, I’m known as Rodulane, a name I came up with a while back for the game Wyvern, but I plan on using it as my alias for my “professional” game projects.

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?
I have never participated in a game jam before (this is my first), and my reason for joining is to motivate myself to make a game by being part of an event like this. I’ve wanted to work on making games for a while and have recently been learning to develop through Pico-8, and it’s been a very great experience so far! (As such, I plan on developing through Pico-8 for this jam).

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own? 

My favorites (which I highly recommend) are Hollow Knight, Celeste, Stardew Valley, Fran Bow, Oxenfree, Circa Infinity, Circle Affinity, Ecco the Dolphin, Terraria, Wuppo, A Dark Room, Wyvern, Data Wing, Thumper, Severed, Bastion, Wave Wave, Million Onion Hotel, Vignettes, Atomik: RungunJumpgun, Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery,  Continue?9876543210, Oquonie, Rule with an Iron Fish, and Rymdkapsel.

Each one of these games receives my highest recommendations, especially Celeste which is what introduced me to Pico-8 development. Each game mentioned has influenced me in its own unique way, specifically making me lean toward game development in the minimalist yet psychedelic game genre. I’d like to make something that catches people’s eyes but still has a rich story that is open to be interpreted but that doesn’t have to be interpreted in order to be draw into it.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?
I have minimal experience in game development. I have much experience in coding and storytelling  but lack much experience in artwork and music. 
Over the past week or so, I’ve worked on learning how to use Pico-8, my current engine of choice. The restricted environment it provides really helps me not feel overwhelmed by the game development process, and the community surrounding it is undoubtedly one of the best communities I’ve ever been a part of.   My goal with development for Pico-8 is to test many, many smaller ideas and then once something worthwhile sticks, I plan on using another engine to expand the game’s capabilities for it to reach its potential. By developing through Pico-8, I think it’s easier to not accidentally “overdevelop” the games, just because there’s so many restrictions.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about! 

I love “relics of the past!” Although these things are out of my era (i.e. I didn’t grow up with these things since they fell out of widespread use way before me), I’m very passionate about things like Typewriters, VHS, BetaCam, etc. I also love classic bands like the Beatles and Pink Floyd and sort of wish I was alive during those times (but the time we live in now isn’t terrible either!) 

Part of what I’m currently studying in university is electrical engineering and product design, and I really enjoy thinking about how I can incorporate “old technologies” into newer ideas. Perhaps this passion will incorporate itself into my development of games as well.

6. What are your goals for this game jam?

To make something! Doesn’t have to be the greatest thing in the world, but something that gets me to work on my game development skills and inspire me to keep on creating. And if I meet a few other aspiring game developers too that support me along the way, that’s a great bonus too!

10. Bonus: Got any question suggestions? Let us know for next year!

Maybe ask something fun like “if you had to replace one item that you use regularly with something that was used regularly ‘back in the old days,’ what item would you switch with what?”

Looking forward to being part of the marmalade jam!