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Saw you on Alpha Beta Gamer's channel a while back, so I just had to try this game, first things first I know this game was made for a game jam a year ago so this game is a old project but I genuinely did enjoy your game for what it had especially the maze-like structure of the map, it just made me a bit stressed out, that demon who came chasing after me had me on my best efforts to just finish the game (That dude just freaks me out), the atmosphere just makes me feel uneasy and kinda on my toes throughout the whole gameplay all in all I think this would be one of my most favorite indie horror games, I would like to see more of your future projects so I'm going to give you a follow.

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I will definitely check out your game when it releases! I really did thought your game was inspired by Outlast but either way no problem, I enjoyed your game (BTW I just checked your profile out and I just noticed that you were the creator of Forgotten School, never got to make a video on that, but just wanted to let you know, that it was a nice game as well).

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Well took me long enough to make a video, I played this yesterday but I couldn't get the good ending, I was up to the keycard door, I entered but I didn't see anything until today I realized there was a ladder leading to outside, I'm stupid lmao (Thanks to Alpha Beta Gamer). Either way nice game loved the outlast aesthetic, not common to see a game like yours. I wish there was at least a tiny cutscene when you escape the sewers but I know this game only took you a few weeks to make. Overall great game, gonna give you a follow hope to see more great content btw I got both endings.

No problem and I will check out your other games.

I know I'm a bit late to this game but you know I still tried it, this game really had one purpose and that is to relive the youtube video by controlling the mannequin, I thought it was a pretty simple game in it's own way, overall nice game and btw you should make more games I would definitely play them.

No problem and there were also a few other bugs but I'm pretty sure you fixed them as well in the Update.

Nice game, the jumpscares were suprisingly good, the character models could be a bit improved, the sensitivity while look around is a bit slow while trying to turn on the lights overall great game hope to see more games from you!

Great for a short horror game, found a bug in your game where the monster or whatever it is, doesn't attack me but understandable since you just made this in 4 days. Hope to see more from you, and Hope you enjoy the New Year!

Ok, I will check out your twitter page and btw no problem, I enjoyed playing your game!

Nice game,I got Granny vibes while playing this, the low-poly graphics make this game look way better and more unique. I still wonder why the Mom still tries to catch me under the table although she doesn't see me? You may want to fix that as well as the bug where I kinda float while walking down the stairs. Overall nice game, I would love to play the full game when It gets released, best of luck to you and your project!

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No problem and yes I for sure did enjoy the game!

Nice game, I enjoyed it!

As promised, I came to deliver. This game really did have the aesthetics of a creepypasta overall in Gameplay and Choices of Dialogue. The gameplay was amazing especially with the jumpscares, that part where the bald mf came running at me, that sent chills throughout my whole body and the inability to move around during some parts of the game  really helped the scary factor of the game, the dialogue was great, good job Scruncho and ScottishGreek! overall for the cost of a dollar this game isn't that bad, I loved it, Hope to see more great content in the future!

Hey, nice short horror game you got here, although it was pretty easy to beat, it left me satisfied. Merry Christmas to whoever is reading this and especially the developers!

Loved the game, gave me the best Puppet Combo vibes in a while. Had some funny moments with Santa in my gameplay, the ambience and atmosphere was pretty good overall nice game, hope to see you on the trending page and Happy Extremely Early Merry Christmas!

Nice and you're welcome btw I still hope your family recovers, stay strong!

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Nice game, loved the P.T style implemented into this game made the game a lot more scarier. Don't even get me started with the dude that was chasing me, got my heart pumping. Overall nice game, I think adding more content to this game would be a great decision especially in the storyline and possibly changing the cover of the game would be great looks a little bland if i'm being honest.

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Yeah lmao and no problem!

Nice game, loved the vhs aesthetic really made the game a lot more compelling. The charcter model for the TV guy was really well made overall great game, hope to see more of your content!

Played your game as promised, came here to deliver, I am saddened by what your family is suffering from, hope they recover and live a strong life. This game was great, hope to see more games from you.

No problem!

Why did this comment make me laugh lmao

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Reminded me of Stanley's death in It: Chapter Two. Loved it, it was nice and simple of a game, laying on a bathtub filled with blood feels great (jk), the short story of a family going through problems means a lot to people that are going through the same issue so thumbs up for that. This game does not any work added to it, overall nice game, hope to see you on the main page of some day.

Nice game, the puzzles were a bit frustrating but I then realized, it was not that hard. Great back story/plot twist, that shit was interesting asf overall great ending, wasn't expecting that and good luck on your future projects.

This game had so many good horror game elements from the creepy atmosphere to the ambient background music, I will definitely have to check out your other game "Theater Unrest" overall love the ending and keep the great work!

No problem! I enjoyed playing your game and I'm glad I caught all major pieces of information hehe.

Nice game but the graphics were a bit too high is there a way to adjust the quality? (Ik you said that you need a decent PC but is there still a way) anyways story was a bit confusing didn't really get it, but the mechanics in this game are pretty unique and amazing overall nice game and I could see potential in this becoming a full game.

Nice game, loved the visuals, reminds me of the moth meme only with a terrifying twist, played your other game "Lost Player" fantastic game and so is this one overall Imma give you a follow and hope you make more games like this, good luck!

No problem!

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Nice game, it was pretty fun having to get the different endings, the images that were popping up were not that scary, atmosphere was pretty damn creepy overall nice game you got here hope to see more from you! (BTW if anyone wants to know the endings, here it is(not sure if they're all the endings)

This is a really intriguing and eye-catching game from the graphics to the plot of the game, pretty short game wished there was more content but I guess I will just have to wait. Overall great game, gonna give you follow to be notified of the upcoming added content, good luck and great work.

Nice game you got here, it was definitely fun to play although I never got to finish the game because I suck. Keep up the good work!

Nice , can't wait!

No problem, keep up the great work!


You're welcome, I enjoyed your game!

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Loved the game, the nice creepy aesthetic and atmosphere this game has to it is just the best. We need more games like this honestly (Short and gets right on to the point). Overall nice game hope to see more of your future projects btw I got both of the endings.

Great short horror game, I didn't really get it but after I read the description it sorta makes sense to me, no jumpscares all atmosphere overall nice enjoyable game you got here hope to see more from you.

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Sorry for not replying earlier, thanks for the suggestion I will check out "Boofie's Bunker" and you're welcome for the video.

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Nice game you got here, couldn't really find the meaning behind the game, liked the creepy atmosphere, Is there an ending to this game? Just wondering. Overall it was a really intriguing game at first but delivered a moderate attempt at being a Japanese Horror Game.