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Carthanc | Dread X Collection

Explore the ruins of an ancient society in this horror platformer · By Scythe Dev Team

Played the game, it was great.

A topic by rodteabaggins created 74 days ago Views: 79 Replies: 2
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Got the Dread X collection early and I am so grateful for that ( Thanks Dread) because there is just so much content in one single game like this one which was made in just 7 DAYS, gotta say I am quite impressed. The Indiana Jones inspiration was put to really great use in this game,  the experience was decent, the puzzles were a bit tough but that's what games are all about "a challenge", Camera flashes used as a flashlight isn't really my thing but that might just be me overall great game and hope to see you guys continue with the series from Happy's Humble Burger Barn! For anyone who enjoys Indie Horror Games and is willing to spend $7, highly suggest you to spend it on the Dread X Collection ($2 go to Doctors Without Borders).


Thanks so much for playing, rodteabaggins! We're glad to see you've checked out Carthanc! This is also in the same universe as HHBB, but HHBB will likely get a direct continuation, like we did with the Northbury Grove trilogy.

Scythe Dev Team


No problem and I can't wait to see the continuation to the HHBB series!