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Thanks for playing, dobsy!

We just dropped a new patch today that addresses many things, in addition to adding another checkpoint. The killer will always lurk within the vicinity of the player, so the key is to run away when his back is turned and keep moving! Hiding might seem like a good strategy but it's really about constantly moving and using the environment to create distance.

Rocks do no damage, just sound distractions.

Thanks for playing, Rozay! LEGEND.

Let us know what you think of the series when you get through it! 

Thanks for playing! The Slasher actually captures you and puts you back in the cage, which is why you restart every time.

Descend into the eerie world of Northbury Grove once more! Our heart-pounding horror adventure, Return to Northbury Grove, is now available on Venture through ominous woods and decrepit buildings as you unravel the grim tale that haunts this forsaken town.

Experience a nerve-wracking blend of atmospheric storytelling and relentless terror. With every step, the dread of the unknown will shadow you, leading towards a climax filled with grotesque revelations. The blood-soaked soil of Northbury Grove is waiting... do you have the nerve to return?

Grab your copy now on and delve into a chilling tale of horror that will haunt your dreams.

Love, Scythe Dev Team

Coming very soon!!

Maybe some day...
Senile Showdown: VR

Thanks for playing, and for checking out the ARG websites in your playthrough, markermus_prime!

Thanks for playing, Jeddalo! Whoop whoop

Slasher houses those Wheaties. Cardio of a god

Thanks for playing!


Congrats on surviving Northbury Grove, hope you enjoyed your stay!
You GOTTA play the rest now!

Ruth is a tough cookie to crack, for sure...unless you're into analytics. 

Thanks for playing!

We wouldn't expect less, wings! Thanks for playing 

Thanks for playing, hydraxsx!

Sorry to hear you're having trouble. What are your PC specs? Are you playing it standalone or opening from the Dread X Collection launcher?


Phenomenal. You guys did a great job. We can't stop playing this!

Hey guys, one of our programmers recently created this open-source tool, we wanted to share it here as well in hopes it can make accessibility, well, more accessible for developers :P

You can read more about it and download HERE


EPIC LP, KeesperTEC! Thanks for sharing with us! Always nice to see people still visiting our first game a few years on!

Scythe Dev

Yea, "a joke." ;)

Thanks for playing and sharing your LP with us, sammywolfgx!

Scythe Dev

Perma-death is punishing with the speed of the Slasher. Best bet to lose him is to run in circles on the second floor, the music will stinger it's way out once he's lost sight of you.

Scythe Dev

So happy to see you revisit Northbury Grove, markermus_prime! Glad to see people still giving this ol' lump o' coal a chance!

Scythe Dev

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Thanks so much for playing, and glad to hear you enjoyed, CartoonHeadGeorge!

(There are sequels if you want to see more of the story! Originally this game was supposed to encompass King's Comfort and Walls Closing In, as well!)

Scythe Dev

Midnight Mode is only activated from midnight to 1 AM.

Thanks Karl Drinkwater, glad to hear you enjoyed King's Comfort! Interesting it worked in Linux.

Scythe Dev Team

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A good strategy is to keep looking back at him when spotted, and listen for the music cues that signify he has lost sight of you.

Good luck!

Download the original version (under the 2021 update) and it should work. The Steam version was a slight update as well, there are slight differences between the 2020, 2021, and Steam versions. (Super fans will probably get a lot out of playing the 2021 Update and Steam version updates, then removing and sticking with the original version for an unmolested Endless Mode.)

Scythe Dev Team

Yes, they're the exact same.

Thanks for playing, RandomPlanet!

Currently got other burgers on the grill, too busy to participate, but we wish you luck in your game jam!


Yup. Go buy it!

Try out the Steam version, it has slight optimization work done. It is also free.

Thanks so much for playing and for your extensive thoughts! We appreciate you sharing them, and your playthrough, with us!

Scythe Dev Team

Thanks so much for playing Burger Barn, MadBenVR! Badass helmet, BTW, waiting for that Daft Punk-esque electronic EP to drop!

Scythe Dev Team

Thanks so much for playing Entity, boodabeats! (We're still not sure why all the weirdos in the sewer were booty naked, BTW)

Scythe Dev Team

You'll do fine! You got this!

You should have no issues completing Barn!

Bro, ok bro.