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I liked the concept of the game but it sure was a very short demo, hope to see more content development in this game!

Thanks a lot! :) It sure was. I started this game in december for a jam and just happened to kind of stumble upon the haunted ps1 community while working on it. When they delayed the submission deadline for the demo disc, I worked a overtime to get something done in time. So I absolutley agree with you that it is very short, but it was important to me to show what the gameplay will feel like in the final game. I am now in the process of flashing everything out a bit more and will make sure that the next demo is a proper introduction into the final vision of the game. 

It's nice to hear the timeline in how the whole project started, brings out the background a bit more. Either way I hope to see that new demo pretty soon!

Me too honestly, however it might still take a bit of time. I will try to post some updates along the way though :) 

Ok, best of luck to you and your project!

Thanks a lot! :)