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Northbury Grove: Walls Closing In

At the tattered ends of trauma...can you survive the Butcher of Northbury Grove one last time? · By Scythe Dev Team

Gameplay / Review 2020

A topic by rodteabaggins created 60 days ago Views: 57 Replies: 3
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I loved the game I barely got halfway through, it was just to difficult for me. ( I tried completing it over 7 times, yes I suck) but I plan on coming back to it in the future cause like I really wanna make it one of my milestone specials but 200 subs, just doesn't feel right (I might not even be able to make a 200 sub special due to the whole COVID-19 situation and just a ton of high school work.)

P.S - I did watch some gameplays on Walls Closing In and I loved the soundtrack on the final part of the game.


Thanks so much for playing, rodteabaggins! No shame in giving Grace a little break before she completes her escape from the slasher. Keep at it and you'll break 200 subs in no time, if anything people are watching more content online than ever.

Scythe Dev Team


Thanks and btw I surpassed 200 subs.


See? That was fast. Crushing it!