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A topic by rodteabaggins created 73 days ago Views: 44 Replies: 1
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To be honest, it wasn't as good as the first game but it was still fun and enjoyable, though I did notice that there was a bug in the game (the Killer was stuck in the room) but that wouldn't matter since this is an old project anyways. Overall great game, can't wait to play Northbury Grove: Walls Closing In for my 200 sub special.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for checking out King's Comfort! It's definitely a different vibe, and a shorter experience. The first game had the whole "silence" and "fear of the unknown" that ramped up slowly as you progress, peaking when the killer finally emerges. This game, it's more like a 1 - 10 as he's in "stalker" mode. (Still amped up from chasing the character in the first game.)

A preemptive congrats on 200 subs! You're almost there. And hope you enjoy Walls Closing In! Fun fact, originally all 3 games would've been in one massive project, but we decided to split them into a trilogy. Northbury Grove took around 6 months, King's Comfort was a 1 month self-imposed game jam, and Walls Closing In took about a year.