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Yeah, if playing first time, please go through the tutorial, the control system is fun if you master it!


I never mention it on my own Facebook, but there's a Patreon page to help us finish the project :

So here's a little update... still working on the Combat System. Tricks and Combos Fill the Energy tank, Super Power attacks depletes them, and Combos increase the Power Gauge, which increase attack power.

You can also very quickly refill the energy bar using Evade Moves and Grinds.

There are 2 types of Evade moves :

- The normal evade, with long duration, longer iFrames, long recovery and overall high amount of vulnerable time.

- The hyper evade, pressed when getting hit, with short duration but full iFrames, and you can immediately evade again, with cool electric explosion.

Everything is still work in progress, but it feels better and better with each update.

NeonTail ProgressPreview85 Battle Mission

Hi! Things are getting difficult financially, so I'm on my last sprint for my project Neon Tail , this last effort will be all about one big epic battle mission.

For this week's #screenshotsaturday , I've been working on a new AI which is heavily inspired from EDF's spiders. They jump around and punch you if you're close enough.

Still a ton of work to do, like tying the Tricks and Combos to the combat system, along with the energy management, I'll also add invasion pods and another couple of new creatures. Then finally I'll start crafting my last mission.

The project will not be stopped by any means, I just need to stabilize my wallet. Not sure yet how, but the project will probably need to pause for a while, unless I somehow get very lucky.

Anyway, have a nice week end! 🙂

NeonTail ProgressPreview84 New Skies

Hi guys, a little #screenshotsaturday of my project Neon Tail , highlighting a couple of new skies!

I've also added a menu when taking a nap that allows you to choose the sky you want.

There's a bug with her legs inside the couch though, but I'm on it.

Have a nice week end! 🙃

NeonTail ProgressPreview83 -  Skating With Friends

Hi guys! Here's a new #screenshotsaturday of my project Neon Tail showing a bit of the new update freshly uploaded to the steam early access build.

It's been a long time, but it's quite a big update too, beside new cosmetics, shops, cutscenes, portraits, animations, the main thing is I added 11 new plot missions, some feedback I had were telling me that the game finally felt a bit more like an RPG and that they started to want to know more about the story. This is exactly what I want, and hopefully more feedbacks will confirm this!

Have a nice weekend everybody! 🙂🙃

NeonTail ProgressPreview82 Combat Progress

Hi guys, it's been a while! For this #screenshotsaturday about my project Neon Tail I'd like to show some progress with the combat system. I've set up Navmeshes, a spawning system, updated some AI codes, added animations, effects, made the recovery hop direction controlled by player, added momentum to its ending to allow a smoother escape from hordes, and improved the aerial hadoken, adding a directed double jump at the end of it for easier horde escape.

Times are hard lately, I hope I'll be able to finish this project.

Have a nice week end!

Coolest roller skating game :D 

NeonTail_ProgressPreview80 - Black Cat Ruby

Hi guys! This week's #screenshotsaturday for my project Neon Tail , I failed to provide night time lights and spent the whole week debugging.

However, rejoice, because wiggling cat tail!

Will probably follow with many sorts of tails, wings, and other jiggling cosmetics!

Have a nice week end! 🙂

NeonTail Devlog08

NeonTail ProgressPreview79 - Combat system update! Ruby Finger Snaps better than Thanos!

This might surprise many of you, but there's a reason why the Trick system isn't as complicated nor as deep as a Tony Hawk.

There's an invasion coming, and Super Powers are needed.

Doing Tricks won't save Blue Pulse City, and in order to balance it all, the complexity removed from the Tricks System is actually meant for the Combat System.

Basic ground melee attack was made.

The basic AI system was written.

Many animations and special effects, sounds and new strange characters were added.

The combat now is starting to feel good, but there's still a lot to do to make it feel great, unique and stylish!

Tricks will serve the Combat, and the Combat will absolutely need Tricks!

I've also added and reworked all the story missions leading to this big change in Ruby.

Everything is still work in progress, but without the monthly upload build, progress is a lot faster.

Please bear with us, this polish phase should resolve soon.

Thank you for your patience!

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NeonTail ProgressPreview78 - MONO Monologue

Hi, it's been a very long time since I posted any #screenshotsaturday !

I've been polishing the first chapter of my project Neon Tail for a while now, trying to improve what's already in the game any way I could. Which includes reordering and completely reworking my missions to improve the learning curve.

Meanwhile, I've also been adding mini cutscenes.

Character development is often under developed in indie games in my opinion. Many Final Fantasy games spend ton of play time on them and that's also what I've decided to do. I'm adding plenty of tiny cutscenes, maybe meaningless by themselves, but over time (hopefully) will help the players connect to the characters.

Have a nice week end! 🙂

NeonTail ProgressPreview77 - a mini cutscene the first time the player meet some characters

Hey guys, a little #screenshotsaturday of my project Neon Tail where I did a mini cutscene the first time the player meet some characters.

I'll probably populate the plot missions with that kind of mini cutscenes, hopefully bringing some life and personality to my characters while keeping the production time cost low.

Have a nice week end! 🙂

NeonTail ProgressPreview76 - the first dream scene 

Hi guys!

It's been a while since last time I posted a #screenshotsaturday for my project Neon Tail!

I've been hard at work polishing the first chapter of my game.

Map system, total rework of the tutorials, added mini cutscenes, debugged and polished many small things.

Here in this video, the first dream the heroine of my game has was redesigned and is now feeling way more like a mini adventure rather than just a weird linear game sequence.

Things are advancing, I have big hopes for my project.

Cheers, have a nice week end! 🙂

NeonTail ProgressPreview75

Hello! I haven't posted anything here for a while now.

For this #screenshotsaturday on my project Neon Tail

I've been working on a new combat system, I've just finished implementing backward skating ground kicks.

The idea is that as long as you keep pressing attack you'd deploy some kind of mist as you skate around.

The moment you stop attacking she'd snap her fingers and any enemy caught in the mist would explode.

My game is about skating around so I don't want the combat system to stop my momentum, and as you might guess, there aren't many other games sharing this problem, so I'm kind of exploring new territories.

Also skating forward are slaps and skating backward are kicks that are slower but stronger, chaining them into combos is an interesting idea but it's a bit meh in practice for now.

Hopefully this will lead to something really good.

Have a nice week end! 🙂

What did we do this week? (August 9th 2020)

NeonTail ProgressPreview74

Hi guys! This week's #screenshotsaturday on my project Neon Tail , I've managed to create a revealing effect to the secret hidden door tied to the plot. I have to admit i don't know how to write shaders, I googled and copy pasted a dissolve shader's code, but it was an unlit shader. To make it back to a Standard shader with normal map, metallic map and additional emissive that isn't used for the “cut“ effect, I pretty much trialed and errored my way out of this one. It took forever but it's working.
Happy with the visual result, hope it won't be too performance heavy.
Wish you guys a nice week end! 🙂

Thank you :D 

So please try it ~~


Thank you :D

Try it please ~~

NeonTail ProgressPreview73

Hello, for this week's #screenshotsaturday on my project Neon Tail , I don't have much to show beside the new (in game) Donation system. To keep it simple, you are a Skate Idol and you stream your skating skills, the more tricks and combos you do and the more viewers you get. Once you get to a very high number which is where I start here in this video, you get a high chance of getting donations. If you stop doing Tricks for too long, your viewer count will start to drop.
This is designed as an incentive to perform Tricks and Combos during missions, and I think it works well, at least for me and my friends.
Also another anecdote, the (in game) donators are all named from our (In Real Life) supporters on Patreon / direct donations. Thanks to them a thousand times!
Wishing you guys a nice week end! :)

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Thank you, we'll finish chapter 1 before 2021 Apr. and start to polish game!

Thank you Tea_Baggins!


It's been a while since my last #screenshotsaturday 
Since last time on my project Neon Tail , a lot has been done.
- I added a Donation system (ingame, not a real one), where whenever you perform enough tricks and acquire enough audience, there's a chance someone will give you a donation, giving the player incentive to perform Tricks and Combos all the time.
- The game has been translated to French and Chinese. I really want the game to be translated in Japanese, but I don't speak it, so that will have to wait.
- I drew many 2D anime style Portraits for the dialogs.
- Added 2 Main Plot missions.
- Added a backpack to delivery jobs
- Added more secret collectibles.
- Added a few animations, and a lot of Debugs.
I'm wishing everybody a waaay better 2021, and a Happy New Year!

NeonTail ProgressPreview70

Hi, this week's #screenshotsaturday on my project Neon Tail I've added the ability to pet doggos and kitties.
I've finally made the skybox-swap-to-night-time feature work properly too, the reflection probes used to not refresh and kept the daytime reflections. So now that everything is properly darker, I've added a flashlight to the camera.
I've also implemented a new important story character, his vest's physics are quite a challenge, and he's lacking his own animations. But he won't be playable for a while so it's alright.
Next step, advancing the plot!
Have a nice week end! :D

NeonTail ProgressPreview69

Hi, this week's #screenshotsaturday for my project Neon Tail I'm advancing the main plot, slowly getting into the action part of the game.
This week I was animating this cutscene, then implementing it in game, adding post processing effects, adjusting the time scale, the gravity, tweaking the ghost shader and the Alien material. Not sure about the alien eyes color yet, it looks like a missing shader in Unity right now. XD
Also note the ponytail physics, I gave up on writing it myself and bought the Dynamic Bone script. It's a bit expensive but we'll be able to have plenty of new cool cosmetics now.
Also I started sculpting a new NPC that will appear soon.
Wishing you guys a nice week end! See you next week! ;)

Thank you :D

NeonTail ProgressPreview67

Hi guys, it's been a while since my last #screenshotsaturday for my project Neon Tail, I've been very busy with life, but still working hard on the game.
I've created a new environment for the new dream sequence, giant alien brambles and plants, trees, rocks and grass.
The main plot is slowly advancing, I've also modeled a huge Alien creature, sculpted the high poly on stream. It was unwrapped, textured, rigged and skinned, but I have yet to animate it then implement it in the game. Maybe next week?
This plot mission is also waiting for the Slums District to be ready, it's supposed to happen in some shady place.
So things are shaping up, still very Work In Progress as you can see, but it's advancing!
I wish you all a Happy Halloween! :)

Hi Electropop1

Sorry , now we don't have mac, so we can't build and no time to test it, thank you for liking our working :D

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NeonTail Devlog04

Hi, for this week's #screenshotsaturday about my project Neon Tail , I'd like to share my latest devlog.
It's a bit silly, but I do wonder if trying to be funny in my devlogs can help marketing the game.
I mean, that direction is probably a fool's errand, I'm no youtuber nor comedian but I'm trying things I guess.
Also I'm having fun so that's what matters the most in the end. 🙂
I just read a super sad story of an ambitious indie game project (the game Waking), like other people said, indie game developing is really like throwing a dice and hoping for a nat 20.
Well, if I'm going to fail hard, which might happen, I should at least try to have fun on the way.
I wish you all success with your projects, guys!
Have a nice week end! :)

NeonTail ProgressPreview67

This week's #screenshotsaturday shows some fun debug tools I've added for my project Neon Tail , which consists of spawning whatever I want in front of me so I can stress test performance.

Another cool usage is that it can be a little surprise for my next live debugging session. 🙂

Other than that, I've formatted the localization workflow, as it might be wise to slowly start translating the game.

I've also added a Reset function to the street races that allows the player to spawn back to the last checkpoint they touched. There's still the option to abandon the whole race.

Moving on to advancing the plot!

Have a nice week end! 🙂

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NeonTail ProgressPreview66

Hi, for this week's #screenshotsaturday for my project Neon Tail I'm skating around, shopping, and racing.
Lots of updates this month, dialogs have new animations, added many new moves to the unlockable characters, I finally fixed the turn around at the end of a rail during a grind bug, and I did a big optimization overhaul for better resource and memory management.
I discovered the "Addressable" system Unity had for a while that I wasn't aware of. It kind of resolved some problems I had.
Anyway, I did a lot of very various things, a lot more coming soon, have a nice week end!

Thanks for the replying, and your advices is great and we're now adding plot mission now and design the "new-hardcore-cop"(now side mission "race challenges" are like this feature ) !

NeonTail ProgressPreview64

Hi, I didn't post anything for a month now, but I've been quite busy on my project Neon Tail nonetheless. I've spent some time brainstorming some plot points that used to be weak, now we're solidly good to go.
I've reworked the plot related dream prologue, with new environment and props, and I am currently creating a real introduction cinematic. This is still in progress, so maybe that's what I'll post next Saturday.

Meanwhile for this #screenshotsaturday , I'll just show some new animations on the other playable characters. The way they play and feel now starts to really split away from each others and reinforce their personality.

Anyway, have a nice week end, stay safe! :)

Thank you:D

NeonTail ProgressPreview63

Hi guys! This week's #screenshotsaturday on my project Neon Tail I've done the dude's skating animations. He's supposed to be a bit less agile and slower than the main character, so I hope the animations shows that a little.

He's still missing a manual animation (which is the main character's for now, very feminine haha) and I'll probably add some Selfie poses if I can. I also would like to change the forward jump.

Anyway, I can refine a lot of course, and that goes for all playable characters, but as usual, I'm racing against the schedules.
Also sorry for the abrupt ending of the video, I ran out of disk space. :P

Have a nice week end! :)

NeonTail ProgressPreview62

Slowly but surely, some progress! This week's #screenshotsaturday on my project Neon Tail , I'm showing the first race of a match against the Acid Frogs. As usual, new side missions, new items, new plot missions, lots of debugs, tweaking, balance, and I also added a convenient way for me to switch character anytime on the fly.

This year is not an easy one, both mentally and physically draining with all the crazy news... so don't forget to relax and have fun!
Have a nice week end! 😉

NeonTail ProgressPreview61

Hi, this week's #screenshotsaturday for my project Neon Tail I finally finished my Training Facilities. It has some collision bugs and I want to rework the screen menus, but at least the facilities are operational.
There's always a kind of tension between advancing the whole project, reworking the existing feature and polishing / debugging what's already done.
There's also that perpetual lack of satisfaction with my own work. I wouldn't be where I am without it, doing so many different things like art and coding, but I never feel... well satisfied neither.
I guess I just need to keep going until the project is finished. And either ignore or schedule super tightly all the polish gnawing at the sides of my focus, else the project will never finish. :o
Sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not! I'm just talking about some difficulties I face during game dev. I'm doing exactly what I want and I'll crush my project! :P

Anyway, have a nice week end!

NeonTail ProgressPreview60

Hi, for this week's #screenshotsaturday for my project Neon Tail I made unlockable abilities that are now properly implemented in the game.
I finished implementing a workshop where you can get a "battery" installed on your roller blades. Each battery has a different amount of energy you will need to use abilities. Each battery also have a different amount of slots to plug modules in. Modules can change your base stats, such as speed, grip, and balance, but more importantly enable abilities such as Spin boosts, Rush boosts, magnetic jumps and wallrides.
Here's a video of me skating around with those abilities installed.

Lately I've been building up stress more than I should and found myself getting angry quite easily. I'll need to find some ways to deal with this, I'm sure this is a quite common thing among indie game devs (actually probably everybody...) stay healthy guys!

Have a nice week end!