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Thanks for your feedback, I won't be working the controls and camera toward what you suggested for many reasons, but I do have many plans for everything overall. Without going into details, the game will have both triggers often pushed and released, much work has to be done for the game design to be set toward this goal, but I'm on it. Hopefully it will work out in the end, I do believe in the potential of my plans, and I don't really want to create a THPS or JSR clone.

I will increase the glowing rail's hitbox as you suggested. Thanks again! :)

Thanks for playing and giving feedback!
We fixed the bugs you found and yes the second bug happens once the first bug happened. Good catch! ;)

Thanks for the kind words! Your quirks have been noted, I'll see what I can do to improve those points, thanks for the feedbacks!

Sorry I should add a message saying the longer you press the higher you go, taking a little momentum helps too. Will add that on the next update.

Wow thanks for playing, recording, and giving useful feedback!

1. We will tweak both the grinding collisions width and air control, we don't want this to be too easy neither but maybe right now it is adjusted to our own level, (people who plays the game everyday to work on it) making it very hard to normal new players.

2. Yes, the keyboard and mouse was a bit neglected and it is my own fault. I did not and still don't have a clear vision on how to make it feel good, but I'll keep thinking on what I can do about that.

3. Well, I did put this secret input Lt+Rt (rmb+lmb) when going faster than 15km/h. However I think braking by orienting yourself 90 degrees is the real way to go, both in style and game feel, but maybe this is more a subjective opinion than I thought. I will also increase slightly air control, as mentionned on 1. Thanks for your input there. :)

4. Yeah, we'll work on that. Tiny team, big project, no fundings, but we'll make it. :)

5. Yes you found that too. This is the unfinished Drone menu. The camera is actually a drone following you everywhere that you can customize and upgrade. The code is ready but the features aren't implemented yet. I feel a bit sorry to put so much unfinished things, but as the message on the bottom of the screen reads,  everything is still work in progress. I'll fix that soon.

In any case, thank you for the help, I welcome all criticism that explains why, like the ones you give. It is very helpful. ;)

Haha thanks for playing and recording, here have my sub! :)

I'll see what I can do about the keyboard mouse controls. ;)

Thank you for your feedback! I'm sorry in advance for the long answer, you don't have to read everything if this bores you. You can just go all the way down and just read the TLDR. :P

I understand the point of view about reverting all the controls to existing layout such as Jet Set Radio or Tony Hawk in order to get into a familiar way of playing. On the other hand there is 2 reasons I'm not doing that.

First, well, making the game play and feel the same way as another kind of destroy the point of making a new game with a new IP and a new gameplay that I believe is better for roller skating while needs a little time to get used to. On the other hand, I'm all for a new THPS or JSR to be made!

Now the second reason is yet to come : the overall design for this specific control mapping is not showing nor complete yet, and I am aware that one way or another, I will need to harmonize a player's positive experience, friendly learning curve, and solid understanding of the control layout, all with level design. Not an easy task.

Let me elaborate the design: the triggers are used to skate forward or backward. You usually see that kind of input mapping in driving simulations, like on cars, tanks, or boats. 
Somehow I find it even more legitimate to have this in a roller skating game. You see, in driving games, 90% of the time, you'll be pressing the right trigger, braking or driving backward just happens less frequently.
In Neon Tail, going backward goes exactly as fast as going forward, you just got the direction reversed. So what's the point of going backward since it's harder to control? Well performing combos of course. So there's a high probability that new players will be pressing right trigger most of the time. But over time with the combo system, I expect players to be switching between forward and backward skating all the time, in order to perform combos.
The more combos you perform in the streets under the awestruck gazes of pedestrians, the more reputation you will gain.
The more reputation you have, the more things you can do, but this is another subject. The point is, there's an ongoing incentive to perform combos all the time.

Right now the combo system is yet to be done.
I will create a list of combos, that are fixed orders of actions, each with a different amount of reputation point gain. For example, a combo named 180 grind to grind would be performed by being grinding in the first place, jumping, turning around then landing on rails again. Each character will have their own set of combos.
Skating backward will usually be more rewarded than the forward counterpart, to balance the difficulty of having the controls inverted.
I think this system might prove good enough to keep the players performing combos as much as they can, while make use of this new control layout in a good , challenging  and fun way. You can see that playing this way making use of the separated input of Lt and Rt all the time makes sense. Although the worst thing a player can do is to never release Rt, and this is where I'll need to craft good level design and tutorial.

The left stick is used to rotate the character toward a direction. Do take note that I'm separating the action of rotation and the final direction.
Whenever the player uses the left stick, a blue arrow will show the direct input of the player, putting a visual to the player's intention.
Depending on the alignment of the roller blades, the direction in which the player is moving, its speed, the character's weight and the gravity, physics will decide how the character will act while trying to go toward the direction of the player's input.
Our main character is quite light and agile so it is almost unnoticeable at first. But give her more speed, or more weight, and the difference will be felt. This physics based control makes it even more important for the player to play with both trigger's analogic input with subtlety and skills and that is where I think the fun resides in this control layout.

TLDR : I think the control mapping right now feels good but is very new. I understand people who wants a new Jet Set Radio or THPS will just want exactly that, but I'm not making a sequel of those very good games. I have plans of my own and if you give me a chance I hope it will prove to be a positive experience in the end.

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for the bad experience, I will borrow a PS4 controller and work on it. I will also try to optimize the keyboard-mouse input. Your post is very helpful although I hope it didn't ruined your opinion on my game forever.

There's a ton of work to do on it, but I'm a hard worker, I hope you'll appreciate future updates as I improve everything.

Thanks for playing! We actually learned quite a lot watching your video, we will fix the bugs, and try to design a clearer and smarter tutorial. We need to make the player understand how going along with the physics instead of against it is how the game will provide the player the best sensations. I did made a video a long time ago on the game's prototype to explain this (link below), but I think I will need to create a better tutorial for the players to take it in. I don't intend to copy Tony Hawk's games skating system, as I have very different designs in mind for later. I do like THPS a lot though! Anyway, pressing X near the spheres hit them, the fact that you missed the message entirely shows how bad our tutorials are. Your video helps a lot, we'll try to fix all the problems! Thanks again!

Hope you'll have fun playing this demo, it is still all a work in progress, so we'll work hard to improve it all the way! :)

No, sorry, we don't have a mac to build and debug with... :/

Neon Tail - Devlog 18

Hi, it's been a long time since I posted a #screenshotsaturday !
But I've got good news to people who wants to try the game, however much the game is a work in progress.
A demo will be available on November 1st, I will post more about it then.
This #screenshotsaturday doesn't show much new features, but mostly everything that is already there has been polished.
Added 2 languages, french and chinese (traditional and simplified), fixed many bugs, added this and that logo...
Started to code in a new tricks & combos system.
And started to make real devlogs, going in depth into game design. More later. :)

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Neon Tail - Devlog 17

Hi, this #screenshotsaturday is almost wrapping up a presentable mini demo of our progress.
The demo is really short but it's something. \(o_o)/
Not public for now, sorry, but that should be feasible some time later. Smiley
Added a loading screen, fixed many collisions, added a secret level, fixed many small bugs, added objective panels, tutorial messages, pedestrian bugs, dialogs, sounds, fonts, lights, UI, optimization, etc...
Really a big bunch of tiny things in the end.
For now I just don't like the cheering sound when a game is won but meh... will change it later :p
Have a nice week end! :3

Neon Tail - Devlog 16

Hi, this week's #screenshotsaturday is of a lesser gameplay quality, I'm exhausted so excuse the missed jumps and such. Tongue
- Added temporarily a free music, recorded some grinding sounds, and created and integrated a bunch of new sounds.
- Made groovy grandma dance, made her into a talking NPC.
- Added the guy who'll let you in the game.
- Added small badges to collect mini quest.
- Fixed wallrun and grinding physics.
- Other dozen small stuff.

To do for next week :
- new bug appeared : Cutscene's ponytail goes crazy.
- VR Challenges and Tutorial.
- polish demo.

I'm exhausted, but like this week, many 4 hours nights are scheduled next week. Have a nice week end! Smiley

Neon Tail -  DevLog 15

For this week's #screenshotsaturday a lot has been done, while a lot of sleep were lost. Also a lot of retries for this video haha.
- Environment update
- Hitting Goal cutscene (missing FX, WIP)
- Intro and outro added (WIP)
- Created and placeholding textured dummy pedestrians
- Animated many moves the pedestrians can do, like watching smartphone, lean on wall, sit on ground, sit on chair with without smartphone, party hard, evade, getting angry, getting hit hard, etc...
- Wrote the Pedestrian Manager, optimizing spawn amount and activities based on distance to player and camera visibility
- Integrated interactions with pedestrians
- Added pushable props physics
- Added secrets in the streets with good precision skills required (hence my many retries)

I'm looking for some electro pop music that are very dynamic, if possible with female vocals in. Something like "Fusq - Perfume" or "She - Coloris" would fit.
I don't have budget for now but arrangements can be made. Or if I really love the tracks I'll sell a kidney or something. ;)

Anyway, I'll keep rushing. Have a nice week end, see you next week!

Neon Tail -  DevLog 14

This week's #screenshotsaturday shows steady progress :
- Environment update.
- Re positioned Spheres and rails.
- Created the game rules, simple timer, score, scoreboard.
- Added the "Style Tracker System", tracking jumps, grinds, wallruns, on beat grind and turn around. When a sphere game starts, style combos adds time to the timer.
- Added entering proving ground cutscene.
- Found a funny bug. See the end of the video! :3

Next week I'll add hitting goal animation, sphere game ending cutscene, environment props and start working on pedestrians.
Have a nice week end

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Neon Tail -  DevLog 13

Hi, this week's  #screenshotsaturday got me working quite hard :

- Added and implemented sphere slapping animation backward and aerial, as well as big sphere's jump and stand on it loop.
- Worked on this demo level a bit more with the materials and spheres placements, the grinding rail setting took me forever, and the collisions are mostly done, but still WIP.
- Fixed many invisible bugs.

Things are slowly coming together for this level. Still a lot to do, pedestrians, destructible objects, NPCs, Game Rules, points and timer, goal animations, pedestrian interactions, pedestrian animations, etc...
Made this video quite in a rush, but it's still saturday so it's all good.
See you next week :)

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Neon Tail -  DevLog 12

This week's #screenshotsaturday I did a lot of small fixes.
- Fixed many bugs tied to the slapping of green spheres. The code behind it was a bit sloppy, now it is quite solid. Mainly been about a satisfying input feel, allowing the transition anywhere between the start of an attack to a little while after its ending, while keeping a smooth transition.
- Created a very primitive physics for the ponytail, it's missing the usage of mass and I'm hacking some fake gravity in it for now as time flies and I really need to move on. It will do for now, will come back at it later.
- Created a mockup level for a demo build, as the people who will play it will have never played the game, and as previous tests showed, people would mainly hit walls for 10 minutes, not knowing where to go this level is designed to be less opened to choices, with one large road to test the movement, introducing this dynamic city with many pedestrians and fantasy sci fi, including some basic skating, grinding and introducing the sphere slapping game at the end : hitting the spheres to gather points then unleash it all at the goal at the end of the wall, scoring enough before the timer goes out. Some AI and traps will try to stop you.
To do :
- Air attacks, backward combo and goal shooting animations and implementation.
- Big spheres are special, they hold more points, and I'll have to think of a cool animation where you end up standing on top of it, on the metallic circles around it, from where you can jump again. They can be used as platforms to access higher locations.

NeonTail_DevLog10 (August 18th, 2018)

This week on#screenshotsaturday I finally started working on the gameplay, hitting those energy spheres to gather as much points as possible before shooting them all in a goal.
The winner is the one who shoots the most points in the goal. There are bigger versions of these spheres, that contains more points, that have their own bigger animations, and are climbable.
This week I've just created some sphere hitting animations and started coding the implementation. Tons of bugs for now, but it's kind of functional.
The update to Unity 2018 broke my UI, as well as the hair physics, but also revealed why I struggled so much with it.
By default Unity can have good physics handling with thing that have bigger scales, like planes tanks and car.
The ponytail is too small for the physics to work except if I made my character as big as Godzilla. I did tests, it's kind of funny as she looks gigantic.
Only 2 solutions : Either scale up EVERYTHING so that my ponytail is as big as a bridge, or code my own physics.
I'll do that later as either way it's quite a big amount of work.
That's it for this week, have a nice week end!

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Hi, this week's  #screenshotsaturday is a sort of concept art that can be used as poster, cover, or presentation visual.
In short I've just been drawing for the last 3 weeks, this isn't my main thing and I learned too late some techniques I could try and experiment to shorten the production time for my future drawings. Drawing everything in clean line then painting over in crazy resolution wasn't that smart of me but meh it's something .
If some of you artists have general tips or critiques I would be happy to hear them, I will take note for later, but I have to move on for now as my schedule is pressing me on.
Have a nice week end!

NeonTail_DevLog10 (July 22th, 2018)

Hi, this week is just 2 new characters. I added a groovy grandma, still wondering what to put on her T-Shirt, maybe a hippie color pattern or some fictional rock rap or metal band. She will be a shopkeeper, although I leave open the possibility to play with her as a character. Leaving that for later.

I did "extracted" a shirtless dude from the work I did on the other male model, as it didn't take much time. That actually means I duplicated it and quick tweaked it, that lacks design work, but I don't think it's that bad, I'll just need more different characters in the future and I really gotta move on now.

See you next update!

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NeonTail_DevLog09 (July 14th, 2018)

Hi, for this week' #screenshotsaturday I got 2 new characters, one is made from another character base and the other a remodeling of style. I'd like to add a big flashy plastic belt to the new girl but I keep on wanting stuff and time is rolling, so I'll see that later.
Other than that invisible bugs fixed, again on wallruns and on landing. Unsurprisingly, new bugs appeared, like when landing the turning animation blend is wrong.
There's also that other animation transition bug from skating to idle that you can see in this video. I'll try to fix those quickly.
Anyway my characters are a bit all samish because I lazily used the same bases to save time, so next week I'll try to model an NPC that will have its own unique look.
A kid, a fat bearded dude, or an old groovy grandma maybe? 

Have a nice week end!

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NeonTail_DevLog08 (June 30th, 2018)

Hi, this week's #screenshotsaturday I've created a hologram menu, and made it so the character would follow the screens as it rotates around.
I've updated both the anatomy and the clothes of the guy to match more with the girl.
I've added a small slide park with frogs, with a big statue with a grindable tongue, but the climbing design sucks as the bar to get up there aren't conveniently placed.
I've also started modeling another character, will try to finish him for next week. :)
Anyway, have a nice week end!

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Neon Tail - Devlog 07(June 16th, 2018)

Hi, my computer broke so I couldn't work for a while, but I'm back on track with this #screenshotsaturday !

I'm sorry the videos all look kind of sameish, but at least the progresses are clearly visible, however small they are.
Right now we're just creating more props, there's a huge amount of work to do, and a lot of visual decisions to think about.
I'll try to work more on the different grounds transitions, and create more of them. I found a bunch of bugs to fix to with the wallriding (again).
This is going to be a busy month.
Have a nice week end!

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Neon Tail - Devlog 06(May 20th, 2018)

This week's #screenshotsaturday is just me skating around to show a couple of new props I did, such as the Doggoshop, a small empty booth, where I can sell smaller props, either fruits, magazines, toys, anything actually.
I also did more level design friendly stairs grounds and ramps.
Ah I also did cool giant speakers and animated them so they bounces to the beat, but I didn't have time to implement them in the game yet, so that's gonna be for next week.
See you next update! :)

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Neon Tail - Devlog 05(May 12th, 2018)

Well, I did some props. I'm taking a little time to try out design ideas on props.
I'd like to add the ability to place the character on either side of the screen for the selfies, will do that later.
I should probably move on to character modeling and animation, there's a lot to do and doing one thing for too long is dangerous for my schedule. I don't want to get entangled in design too long even if I'm not satisfied, since anything can be tweaked forever without improvement, and that will make me come back with fresher eyes.
See you next update! Smiley

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Neon Tail - Devlog 04(April 29th, 2018)

Hi, this week’s devlog shows some progress over the props, slowly but steadily appearing in the environment. Still a long way to go, but I’m on it.
The lighting needs some attention too, I’ll get at it when all the props are created and placed.
Falling from the glass building’s slope sprung me out super far, I wasn’t expecting that… I’ll have to take a look at what happened there when I have the time.
Anyway, one thing at a time, too many things to do, not enough time, I’ll see you next week! :)

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Neon Tail - Devlog 03(April 21th, 2018)

Hi there! I've been busy writing the game's designs, designing workflows, testings, modeling props, adding small animations, writing editor tools, and tweaking small changes to the wallriding code.I'm slowly replacing the mockup geometries with occlusion cullable props.Previously for the prototype, the environment meshes were huge, so no occlusion culling, and we had big pixel ratio problems. It wasn't optimised at all but I knew it, we were simply rushing for a presentation. Now with the LOD and the occlusion culling and a workflow written down, these should allow us way more details and flexibility as we slowly build up our props library.Hopefully I will be able to put up tons of NPCs, destructible objects, fun things etc...

The environment is completely a work in progress, as well as everything actually, but I believe the foundation of everything is ready for the executive work, so it's getting there, one small step at a time.

Have a nice week end!

Neon Tail - Devlog 02  (March 18th, 2018)

I've been poking around level design ideas in the residence area and been figuring out how a giant spill of coffee can serve as a grindable rail from many angles.
Other than that :
- Set up and testing new environment and props workflow.
- Refined mockup, reorganize, updated or modeled environment and props.
- Created a bunch of tilable normal maps.
- Grinding now zooms out on player's left stick input.
- Head follows camera all the time, instead of following only at low speed and looking forward at high speed

Thank you!!

Neon Tail - Devlog 01   (March 10th, 2018)

A lot of things are happening lately. I’ve laid down several courses for the project to take depending on our situation. But beside preparing documents, plannings and other stuff indirectly related to the game content, I improved several basic control details, actually changing a lot to the playing feels.

  • The grinding control, feels and orientation.
  • The jumping has a smart animation selection, avoiding flips when detecting walls.
  • Added slight aerial control, making a tremendous difference in combo difficulty.
  • Wallrides are now separated into 2 states : classic wallride, with gravity pull and no control over direction and Boosting wallride.
  • Added a mockup of the residential area, preparing a whole new environment workflow as given the size of the levels, the usual way won’t make it. (back to the ugly checker environment for now, but we’re working on it!)
  • As usual, lots of miscellaneous bugs fixed.

Thank you for your interest in our game! And yes, we'll customize it :)

Hi, we are Rocket Juice! We are a tiny team of 3 full time Indie Games makers based in Taiwan.

Neon Tail  is an open world roller skating game where you follow a young girl’s adventures and save the streets of Bluepulse City from dimensional disaster. She will meet many colorful characters and explore many fantastic locations of the city, from its various districts (shopping, business, residential etc) to its subways and sewers, to the unknown planes of existence.

The game is inspired by the urban dynamism of Jet Set Radio, the character development, narration, and emotional connections from Life is Strange, and the open world freedom from new gen Batmans.

This is  early prototype video:


  • Plot missions
  • Side Missions
  • Unique roller skating controls
  • Fantastic sci fi city to explore
  • Free roaming activities
  • Explosive soundtracks
  • Memorable characters, playable and NPCs
  • Interesting Collectibles


We will update the progress of Neon Tail  here!

We just freshly created one :

We're in beta state, but the game itself is pretty much finished, we're just chasing the last bugs. This is our first game so we should stumble upon problems we don't know of while releasing.

Hopefully, if nothing goes wrong we should be 2 weeks away from releasing, so feel free to follow us! :)

The release build should include a 100 levels, and a shop (no in-app purchase, you buy with the coins you collect throughout the game)

Hope you will like it!